Arlott Counter Guide: Strategies in Mobile Legends

Arlott has emerged as a formidable force in Mobile Legends, blessed with a skill set brimming with crowd control (CC) capabilities, significant AOE damage, and impressive self-sustaining healings, such as his notorious Passive – Demon Gaze, Skill 1 – Dauntless Strike, Skill 2 – Vengeance, and his Ultimate – Final Slash. This combination allows him to excel in solo engagements, ganks, and sustaining himself in lanes. However, no hero is without weakness; understanding how to counter Arlott can drastically alter the outcome of your encounters against him.

Heroes That Counter Arlott

Certain heroes are naturally equipped to handle Arlott’s onslaught, mainly through stuns, slows, and superior crowd control. These heroes are known to challenge Arlott effectively:

  • Martis
  • Chou
  • Minsitthar
  • Kaja
  • Thamuz

These champions excel at either immobilizing Arlott long enough to prevent him from unleashing his full potential or outmaneuvering him in ways that make it difficult for Arlott to apply his standard tactics.

Conversely, heroes such as Beatrix, Joy, Natan, Xavier, and Fredrinn tend to struggle against Arlott, mostly due to their lower mobility, susceptibility to his CC, or inability to disrupt his healing.

Essential Items to Counter Arlott

Equipment plays a pivotal role in countering heroes in Mobile Legends, and several key items can diminish Arlott’s effectiveness on the battlefield:

  • Sea Halberd and Necklace of Durance significantly reduce Arlott’s healing capabilities.
  • Dominance Ice not only impacts his healing but also contributes to slowing down his assault.
  • Wind of Nature acts as a protective measure against his physical attacks.
  • The Twilight Armor and Antique Cuirass can be critical in reducing the damage intake from Arlott.
  • Winter Truncheon offers a chance to evade his skillshots, while Corrosion Scythe and Ice Queen Wand slow him down, limiting his engagement potential.
  • To fortify your defense further, consider Brute Force Breastplate, Thunder Belt, Blade Armor, Dominance Ice, and Immortality for increased armor and special effects to hinder Arlott’s effectiveness.
  • In cases where Arlott manages to stun you, having Purify as your battle spell can instantly neutralize his advantage.

Tips for Countering Arlott

Successfully countering Arlott not only relies on choosing the right heroes and items but also on adapting your playstyle to mitigate his strengths and exploit his weaknesses.

  • Prefer engaging with heroes that have strong CC skills to disrupt Arlott’s mobility and attacks.
  • Utilize mobility skills or items like Flicker to maintain distance or escape his damaging abilities.
  • Heroes or items that negate effects of crowd control can be crucial in nullifying Arlott’s passive skill advantage.
  • Prioritize targeting Arlott in team fights to reduce the opposing team’s effectiveness and healing support.
  • Employ smart ganking strategies against Arlott early on to hinder his scaling into the late game.
  • Avoid clustering during team fights as Arlott’s AOE damage and CC can turn the tide against your team.
  • It’s imperative to focus on Arlott’s cooldowns, exploiting his long skill recharge times to engage or withdraw strategically.

Arlott’s dominance in the field can be curtailed with thoughtful hero selection, appropriate item builds, and tactical gameplay adjustments. While his high damage output, advanced mobility, and self-healing make him a daunting opponent, the knowledge and tips provided here can help level the playing field against him in Mobile Legends.

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