Yi Sun-shin Counter Mobile Legends

Yi Sun-shin, the indomitable admiral, oscillates between melee and ranged attacks in Mobile Legends, boasting an arsenal that allows for high damage, a formidable jungle clearing speed, boosted critical hits, and efficient ganking. But every hero has a counter, and understanding how to mitigate Yi Sun-shin’s prowess is key to claiming victory.

Heroes That Challenge Yi Sun-shin’s Dominance

Adapting your hero selection is a primary method for countering Yi Sun-shin. Opt for heroes known for their mobility and burst damage, which puts them at an advantage throughout the game:

  • Karina: Her ability to evade attacks and burst damage can quickly dismantle Yi Sun-shin.
  • Eudora: With her high burst magic damage, she can eliminate Yi Sun-shin before he has a chance to react.
  • Alucard: His life-steal and burst damage allow him to sustain through duels and eliminate Yi Sun-shin.
  • Hayabusa: His mobility and ability to isolate enemies make him a natural predator to Yi Sun-shin.
  • Fanny: With her unparalleled mobility and burst, Fanny can outmaneuver and take down Yi Sun-shin.

Heroes Vulnerable to Yi Sun-shin

Knowing your enemy’s strengths can be just as critical. These heroes are generally at a disadvantage against Yi Sun-shin:

  • Nana: Her lack of escape mechanisms can spell doom against Yi Sun-shin’s versatility.
  • Chou: Yi Sun-shin can keep his distance and wear down Chou.
  • Zilong: Can be kited and controlled by Yi Sun-shin’s superior range and slow effects.
  • Rafaela: Does not possess the burst damage required to threaten Yi Sun-shin.
  • Sun: Yi Sun-shin can manage Sun’s clones while keeping Sun at bay.

The Arsenal to Curb Yi Sun-shin’s Impact

The right equipment can drastically reduce Yi Sun-shin’s effectiveness. Here’s a selection of items tailored to withstand his onslaught:

Physical Defense Items

  • Twilight Armor: Prevents his heavy burst with its passive effect.
  • Antique Cuirass: Reduces Yi Sun-shin’s overall damage output against you.
  • Blade Armor: Reflects a portion of his physical attack damage back to him.
  • Brute Force Breastplate: Enhances your physical defenses during combat.

Attack Speed Reduction

  • Dominance Ice: Slows down his attack speed and critical hit rate, which is pivotal to his damage.

Temporary Immunity and Avoidance

  • Wind of Nature: Grants a brief respite from his physical damage onslaught.
  • Winter Truncheon: Allows you to evade crucial skills or wait for reinforcement.

Movement Speed Reduction

  • Corrosion Scythe: Reduces his ability to both chase and retreat.
  • Ice Queen Wand: Alongside magic damage, it hampers his kiting ability.
  • Thunder Belt: Its passive can slow Yi Sun-shin while dealing additional damage.

A Second Chance

  • Immortality: Gives you a fighting chance even after a surprise burst from his ultimate.

Tactical Playbook Against Yi Sun-shin

Early Game Caution

  • Approach fights cautiously early on, as Yi Sun-shin’s initial damage can be overwhelming.

Vision Control

  • Secure vision to anticipate his ganking routes and prevent successful ambushes.

Crowd Control Advantage

  • Utilize CC-heavy heroes to lock Yi Sun-shin down, nullifying his mobility.

Disrupt His Farming

  • Ambush him during his jungle phase to set back his item progression and lessen his influence on the game.

Recognizing Yi Sun-shin’s Combat Profile

To effectively neutralize Yi Sun-shin’s threat, it’s essential to comprehend both his strengths and weaknesses:


  • Dominant early-game damage dealer.
  • Effective at ganking unsuspecting targets.
  • Can harass opponents efficiently from a distance.
  • Potent damage output with bleeding effects.
  • Global reach with his ultimate ability.
  • Rapid jungle clearing.


  • Susceptibility to crowd control.
  • Reliance on itemization for peak performance.

Yi Sun-shin’s Skillset Breakdown

Understanding Yi Sun-shin’s combat abilities can give you the upper hand:

  • Passive – Heavenly Vow: Alternates between ranged and melee attacks, with each mode offering unique advantages.
  • Skill 1 – Traceless: Provides mobility and AOE damage, allowing Yi Sun-shin to switch between combat modes.
  • Skill 2 – Blood Floods: An AOE skill that can deal significant damage and apply a bleeding effect.
  • Ultimate – Mountain Shocker: A global range AOE damage ability that strikes all enemy heroes and reveals their position.

By carefully selecting your hero, equipping the right items, staying vigilant with map awareness, and leveraging his weaknesses, you can turn the tide against Yi Sun-shin and secure victory for your team.

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