What Does Wii Yellow Light In Nintendo Mean?

Are you one of the lucky few who still has a Nintendo Wii? Are you ever frustrated that the yellow light comes on when you turn on your console?

If you’re wondering what Wii yellow light means, then this guide is written entirely for you!

What Does Wii Yellow Light Mean?

The yellow light on a Nintendo Wii indicates that the Wii is turned off but WiiConnect24 is on, operating in standby mode. This means that the console is not in use but can still receive notifications and updates. To turn off the yellow light, navigate to the WiiConnect24 settings and turn off the feature. Additionally, the Wii’s disc slot may also glow when in standby mode.

Other Nintendo Power Light

Green – green light that illuminates when the console is powered on.

Red – Despite being turned off, the Wii is still getting power. WiiConnect24* won’t function.

No light – Wii is turned off and no power. WiiConnect24* won’t function.

That’s it on what Wii yellow light in Nintendo means. Hopefully, you now have the answer to this burning question. If you have any doubts, leave a comment and we will be happy to help.

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