Vexana Counter Mobile Legends

Vexana stands out as a formidable mage, notorious for her ability to summon an Undead Knight, deal high area damage, and significantly disrupt enemy lines from afar. Her skills allow her to thrive by controlling the battlefield, poking enemies from distance, and maximizing damage on multiple targets simultaneously. However, like all heroes, Vexana has her Achilles’ heel. This article dives into the strategies, hero matchups, and items that can effectively counter Vexana’s sorcery, ensuring your team’s victory.

Heroes That Counter Vexana

Vexana’s Nemesis:

  • Gusion: His ability to deliver burst damage rapidly can overwhelm Vexana before she reacts.
  • Chou: Chou’s mobility and crowd control can easily disrupt Vexana’s positioning.
  • Natalia: She can silently approach and eliminate Vexana, exploiting her lack of mobility.
  • Freya: With her burst capability, Freya can jump into combat and target Vexana effectively.
  • Kadita: Kadita’s burst magic damage and immunity to crowd control make her a formidable threat to Vexana.

Heroes Vulnerable to Vexana:

  • Layla
  • Clint
  • Johnson
  • Sun
  • Miya

These heroes, with limited mobility or escape mechanisms, are prone to being caught and overwhelmed by Vexana’s abilities.

Items That Counter Vexana

Reducing Vexana’s magic damage and surviving her burst can tilt the fight in your favor.

  • Oracle: Enhances HP regeneration and magic defense.
  • Athena’s Shield: Offers a magical damage-absorbing shield.
  • Radiant Armor: Provides magic damage reduction that increases over time.
  • Cursed Helmet: Deals continuous magic damage to enemies, useful to counter Vexana’s summons.

To escape from Vexana’s clutch:

  • Winter Truncheon: Allows your hero to become invincible for a few seconds, evading critical damage or abilities from Vexana.
  • Purify: Removes all debuffs and prevents new ones, essential to escape from Vexana’s crowd control skills.

Slowing down Vexana:

  • Corrosion Scythe
  • Ice Queen Wand
  • Thunder Belt

These items can reduce Vexana’s movement speed, making her an easy target for your team.

Strategies to Counter Vexana

A tactical approach and teamwork are crucial to counter Vexana effectively:

  • Mana Denial: Steal Vexana’s blue buff early in the game, limiting her ability usage due to her high mana consumption.
  • Close the Distance: Utilize heroes with gap-closing abilities to pressure Vexana, staying out of her comfort range.
  • Avoid Grouping: Vexana thrives on hitting multiple targets. Spread out to mitigate her area of effect damage.
  • Focus Fire: Prioritize eliminating Vexana in team fights to significantly reduce the enemy team’s damage output.
  • Disengage from the Undead Knight: When Vexana summons her ultimate, regroup and wait out the duration, avoiding unnecessary damage.

Vexana’s Skill Set:

  • Passive (Nether Touch): Adds an extra layer of damage to her attacks.
  • Deathly Grasp (Skill 1): Provides crowd control with area of effect damage.
  • Cursed Blast (Skill 2): Another area of effect spell contributing to her poke and wave clear.
  • Eternal Guard (Ultimate): Summons an Undead Knight, enhancing her control and damage in skirmishes.


While Vexana’s abilities and control over the battlefield can seem daunting, understanding her weaknesses and knowing how to exploit them can turn the tide of battle. By employing the right strategies, choosing specific heroes, and arming yourself with the appropriate items, you can mitigate Vexana’s influence and lead your team to victory. Remember, every hero has vulnerabilities; it’s all about playing smart and playing together.

Disclaimer: This article is based on strategies and matchups within the context of Mobile Legends as of its last update and may evolve with future patches and meta shifts.

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