Tigreal Counter Mobile Legends

In Mobile Legends, Tigreal stands his ground as a formidable tank, renowned for his exceptional crowd control skills. His potential escalates as the game progresses, making a monumental impact in the late game by providing staunch support for his allies. However, no hero is without vulnerability. To dismantle Tigreal’s defensive glory, adopting specific strategies and choosing the right counters is crucial.

Heroes to Counter Tigreal

To counteract Tigreal’s dominance, your strategy must center around heroes that can block his ultimate and disrupt his control flow. Consider these heroes, selected for their effective win rates against Tigreal:

  • Nana: Her polymorph skill nullifies Tigreal’s crowd control abilities.
  • Odette: Her ultimate can overpower Tigreal’s, especially when he’s gathering enemies together.
  • Eudora: Utilize her stun to interrupt Tigreal’s skill chain.
  • Freya: She can jump out of Tigreal’s ultimate and retaliate fiercely.
  • Karina: Her agility allows her to evade Tigreal’s slow crowd control moves easily.

Heroes at a Disadvantage Against Tigreal

Certain heroes struggle against the might of Tigreal, often falling prey to his strategic crowd control in most phases of the game:

  • Nolan: Lacks agility and clearing abilities as compared to Tigreal.
  • Rafaela: Her supportive nature makes her an easy target for Tigreal’s advances.
  • Zilong: While fast, he can be pinned down quickly by Tigreal’s skills.
  • Layla: Without escape skills, she is highly vulnerable to Tigreal’s attacks.
  • Sun: His clones can be swept away effortlessly by Tigreal’s area control.

Itemization to Counter Tigreal

An effective arsenal against Tigreal includes items that can cut through his defenses and neutralize his sustain.

  • Demon Hunter Sword / Glowing Wand: Deal damage based on a percentage of health to shred through Tigreal’s bulk.
  • Sea Halberd / Necklace of Durance: Reduce Tigreal’s healing abilities to mitigate his longevity in fights.
  • Malefic Roar / Genius Wand / Divine Glaive: Items that penetrate armor or magic resistance are crucial to breaking down Tigreal’s resistances.

Tactical Tips for Countering Tigreal

  • Disruption: Use champions like Eudora or Nana to interrupt Tigreal’s ultimate.
  • Spacing: Maintain distance to avoid his control skills and engage cautiously post-skill usage.
  • Map Awareness: Tigreal’s roaming potential is significant. Signal your team if he’s missing on the map.
  • Divide and Conquer: Tigreal thrives alongside his team. Isolate him to diminish his impact.

Tigreal’s Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Adept initiator for team fights.
  • High survivability and tankiness.
  • Increased mobility as the game reaches later stages.
  • Effective at zoning out enemies.
  • Straightforward gameplay suitable for beginners.
  • Potent AoE crowd control capabilities.


  • Limited agility in the early phases of the game.
  • Prolonged cooldown periods.
  • Reliance on teamwork; effectiveness drops when isolated.
  • Susceptibility to skill interrupts during his ultimate.

Skill Overview

  • Passive (Fearless): Grants a defensive buff to Tigreal.
  • Skill 1 (Attack Wave): Launches an AoE attack that slows enemies.
  • Skill 2 (Sacred Hammer): Offers mobility combined with crowd control.
  • Ultimate (Implosion): Powerful crowd control AoE that can be disrupted.

In Conclusion

successfully countering Tigreal pivots on the synergy between the right choice of heroes, strategic itemization, and tactical gameplay. With these insights in hand, you can transform what seems an impervious shield into a conquerable challenge on the battlefield of Mobile Legends.

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