Sharp Philippines has launched its latest Aquos XLED TV, equipped with both Google TV and Dolby technology, further expanding its innovative product portfolio.

Sharp Philippines presents a groundbreaking addition to its 4K TV lineup, the Aquos XLED 4K TV. It incorporates the superior features of LCD and OLED TVs to craft a vivid and lifelike viewing encounter. The newly launched TV, available in sizes 65-inch and 75-inch, is equipped with pioneering technologies such as Xtreme mini-LED, Deep Chroma Quantum Dot, Dolby Atmos sound system, Google TV, and Dolby Vision IQ.

The Aquos XLED 4K TV stands as a testament to Sharp’s relentless pursuit of innovation in the 4K field. Its unmatched picture and sound quality differentiate it from competitors. One of its table-turning features is its inclusion of over 2,000 backlight dimming zones, assuring unparalleled dynamic color contrast and six times peak brightness compared to standard displays. Accompanied by Deep Chroma Quantum Dot tech, it achieves over 20% more color gamut coverage area, producing devilishly realistic hues. In terms of auditory excellence, it comes loaded with Dolby Atmos and ARSS+ surround speaker system with 11 speakers, conjuring a 3D sound field across all frequencies. Moreover, leveraging Dolby Vision IQ, it optimizes picture quality intelligently based on ambient light and content genre. It goes a step further by amalgamating Google TV, providing access to a rich library of more than 400,000 movies, TV episodes, and live TV channels. Users also have the luxury of employing voice commands for content search, smart home device control, and accessing Google services.

The Aquos XLED 4K TV isn’t just a product of technology, it is aesthetically pleasing too, having bagged the 2023 IF Design Award. Its sleek and elegant design is perfect for any living room decor.

Current prices for the Sharp Aquos XLED 4K TV models are as follows:

Sharp Aquos XLED 4K TV 4T-C75FV1XPHP 299,998PHP 166,998
Sharp Aquos XLED 4K TV 4T-C65FV1XPHP 199,998PHP 106,998

For in-depth knowledge about the Aquos XLED 4K TV and the diverse range of Sharp products, browse through Sharp’s official website or Facebook page. Leading electronics stores in your vicinity also carry these products and the promotional price.

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