San Juan, Batangas Leverages PLDT Enterprise Technologies in Pursuit of Smart City Vision

San Juan, a prime municipality in Batangas, has launched its cutting-edge municipal building, showcasing top-tier connectivity and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions from PLDT Enterprise. This initiative marks a crucial step in the municipality’s digital metamorphosis, unfolding its ambition of shaping San Juan into a Smart City that delivers enhanced and more efficient services to its constituents.

Stepping Up As a Leading Smart City

Situated in Batangas, San Juan is a grade-one municipality paving the way for a future-focused urban center. Its Smart City development is grounded on the integration of modern technologies that beef up community life, augment workability, and boost sustainable growth. Anchored upon PLDT Enterprise offerings like Structured Cabling, iGate, PABX, SIP Trunks, and CCTV, the newly-inaugurated municipal building bolsters seamless communication and productivity within the local government units (LGUs). These tech-enabled solutions and centralized voice and data services have been tactically deployed throughout the municipal office.

“Building smart cities rests predominantly on data,” elucidated William Batac, the Enterprise Revenue Group Head at PLDT Enterprise. To enhance the lives of its citizens, the Municipal Government of San Juan is leveraging robust and top-tier technologies from PLDT Enterprise, enabling them to capture, integrate, and manage data efficiently.

Strengthened Interconnectivity and Streamlined Services

Equipped with PLDT Enterprise PABX and SIP Trunks, all LGU offices including the Command Center, enjoy improved interconnectivity, leading to more streamlined communication channels. As part of their innovative overhaul, the Municipal Government of San Juan, Batangas, is all set to roll out its new hotline, #043-SAN JUAN (726 5826), to fine-tune its services for constituents.

Benefiting from PLDT Enterprise’s data assistance, San Juan, Batangas now enjoys a unified, centralized platform for sharing information, making interdepartmental collaborations more flexible and data flow efficient – both significant levers to enhance service delivery.

Powerful Public-Private Collaborations: Driving Digital Transformation

The collaborative relationship that San Juan, Batangas, and PLDT Enterprise foster embodies the significance of public-private alliances in steering local governments towards digital transformation. Such collaborations ensure municipalities leverage the technical prowess and pioneering solutions of PLDT Enterprise to create a connected and agile urban environment.

PLDT Enterprise remains focused on empowering local governments in their digital transition, enabling them to improve services, stimulate economic dynamism, and provide better opportunities for local communities.

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