RYX Skin Clear Bomb Set: A Product Review

The beauty industry is brimming with innovative, results-driven products that pledge to resolve our most pressing skincare concerns. Amongst these, the RYX Skin Clear Bomb Set stands out with its intricate formulation and promising claims of clear, glowing skin. This advanced exfoliating kit aims to accelerate skin cells’ turnover, which often gets hampered due to aging, environmental aggressors or other internal factors. But does it live up to its promise? Let’s scrutinize this skincare kit in detail and explore its features, benefits, pros and cons.

Package Inclusions

The RYX Skin Clear Bomb Set is a comprehensive skincare regimen that comprises four primary products:

  1. Ryx Advanced Exfoliating Soap (135g): Suitable for day and night use, this soap adeptly cleanses while helping remove dead skin cells from the skin surface.
  2. Ryx Advanced Exfoliating Toner (60ml): This toner, also fit for day and night application, purifies your skin by eliminating harmful bacteria that may cause breakouts. It encourages healthier skin cell regeneration and targets dark spots, an uneven complexion, and fine lines.
  3. Ryx Advanced Moisturizing Cream SPF 40 (10g): Used during the day, this cream moisturizes dry and compromised skin, providing protection from wind and cold temperature damage. Its formula is light yet indulgent, ensuring a soft and radiant complexion and using SPF 40 for sun defense.
  4. Ryx Advanced Exfoliating Cream (10g): Intended for night use, this cream feeds the skin overnight with skin-smoothing, glow-boosting ingredients during the skin repair stage, simultaneously removing dead skin cells and impurities.


The RYX Skin Clear Bomb Set is a complete skincare kit composed of four primary products:

  • Advanced Exfoliating Soap: This soap effectively cleanses while gently removing dead skin cells from the surface, promoting clear, fresh skin.
  • Advanced Exfoliating Toner: Acting as a versatile solution, this toner purifies your skin by removing harmful bacteria and promoting healthy skin cell regeneration. It’s especially crafted to target dark spots, fine lines, uneven skin tone and enhance your skin’s overall glow.
  • Advanced Moisturizing Cream (Day): Doubling as a day cream, this product moisturizes dry, flaky and compromised skin, acting as a shield against adverse wind and cold temperatures. This formula ensures smoothness and radiance without feeling greasy.
  • Advanced Exfoliating Cream (Night): This overnight hero is infused with skin-smoothing and glow-boosting ingredients that work wonders during your skin’s night-time repair stage.


RYX Skin Clear Bomb Set comes with an array of benefits:

  • Sheds dead skin cells for a fresh, radiant complexion.
  • Deeply cleanses skin and eradicates embedded dirt.
  • Effectively targets pimples and aids in their removal.
  • Evens out skin tones for a consistent, flawless appearance.
  • Extensively treats blackheads and whiteheads.
  • Reduces wrinkles, enhancing skin elasticity and youthfulness.


  • A comprehensive skincare kit that targets multiple issues.
  • The kit follows a chronological skincare routine – simplifying the process for beginners.
  • Inclusion of an advanced exfoliating soap ensures controlled, gentle exfoliation.
  • The day cream contains UV defense properties, adding a layer of sun protection.
  • The ingredients used are skin-smoothing and glow-boosting, which help to improve skin texture and tone.


  • This set may not be well-suited for those with extremely sensitive skin, considering the exfoliating properties of most products.
  • Though the day cream incorporates UV defense, it’s still advisable to use a separate broad-spectrum sunscreen for holistic sun protection, which adds an extra step to your routine.
  • This set includes multiple products, which might be overwhelming for users seeking a minimalist approach to skincare.
  • The price point may seem high, but considering it’s a complete skincare routine, it could be justified.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions and their answers to provide you with a better understanding of the RYX Skin Clear Bomb Set.

Q1: Is RYX Skin Clear Bomb Set suitable for all skin types?

A: Although the RYX Skin Clear Bomb Set is designed to cater to a wide range of skin types, individual reactions and compatibility may vary. Always conduct a patch test before introducing any new product into your skincare routine.

Q2: Can I use RYX Skin Clear Bomb Set if I have sensitive skin?

A: The RYX Skin Clear Bomb Set contains exfoliating properties, which might not be suitable for all sensitive skin types. If you have sensitive skin, proceed with caution and run a patch test before incorporating the products into your skincare regimen.

Q3: Do I need to use additional sunscreen beside the Advanced Moisturizing Cream SPF 40?

A: While the Advanced Moisturizing Cream includes SPF 40 for sun protection, it’s still advisable to use a separate broad-spectrum sunscreen for all-encompassing sun protection.

Q4: Can I purchase the products in the RYX Skin Clear Bomb Set individually or as a bundle only?

A: The RYX Skin Clear Bomb Set is designed to provide a comprehensive skincare routine and is sold as a bundle. However, you may check with authorized retailers or RYX Skin’s official website for the availability of individual products.

Q5: How long does it take to see results with RYX Skin Clear Bomb Set?

A: The duration to see results may differ from person to person, depending on factors such as individual skin conditions, consistency of usage, and other external variables. Generally, most users experience noticeable improvements within a few weeks of consistent and proper application.

Q6: Can pregnant or nursing women use the RYX Skin Clear Bomb Set?

A: While the RYX Skin Clear Bomb Set doesn’t typically pose any harm to pregnant or nursing mothers, it’s advisable to consult with a healthcare professional before incorporating the set into your skincare routine during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Q7: Are the products in the RYX Skin Clear Bomb Set vegan and cruelty-free?

A: For specific information regarding the vegan and cruelty-free status of the RYX Skin Clear Bomb Set products, refer to the product packaging or consult the official RYX Skin website.

Q8: How can I determine the authenticity of my RYX Skin Clear Bomb Set?

A: To ensure the authenticity of your RYX Skin Clear Bomb Set, it’s best to purchase the product from official RYX Skin outlets, authorized retailers, or the official RYX Skin website. Purchasing from unofficial sources can expose you to counterfeit or inferior quality products.

Final Thoughts

RYX Skin Clear Bomb Set is an ideal option for skincare enthusiasts seeking an all-in-one kit to target several skin concerns concurrently. Its easy-to-follow, day and night schematic approach alleviates the hassle of figuring out which products to use when.

However, it is crucial to note that while the set aims to fit all, individual skin reactions and results can vary. Always do a patch test before incorporating new skincare products into your regimen. Provided it suits your skin type, the RYX Skin Clear Bomb Set definitely holds an impressive promise towards achieving clearer, glowing skin.

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