Rooms and Exits Furniture Store: A Detailed Guide to Chapter 1, Level 25

Embark on an intriguing journey with this comprehensive guide to Chapter 1, Level 25 of Rooms and Exits. Set within the mystique-laden Furniture Store, this level invites you to delve into a gripping world of hidden gems, enigmatic puzzles, and tantalizing secrets just waiting to be uncovered. As you navigate this mystifying realm, you’ll need to muster your ingenuity, foresight, and perspicacity to escape.

Designed with both seasoned pros and enthusiastic newcomers in mind, this human-written guide offers you a systematic, easy-to-follow roadmap that will serve as your trusty companion throughout the game. With our carefully crafted step-by-step instructions, you’ll power through challenges, unlocking the Furniture Store’s mysteries and triumphing over its obstacles.

So, are you ready to embark on a riveting, intellectually stimulating voyage? Let’s dive into the enthralling world of Rooms and Exits Furniture Store and commence our adventure in Chapter 1, Level 25. Strap in for an unforgettable, mind-bending expedition!

Solving the Puzzles and Finding Items

  1. Collect all the carpet pieces: Underneath the couch located in the bottom right corner, you’ll find a carpet piece. Another piece of carpet sits next to the green couch, and a rolled-up piece is on the grey couch beside the green one. Lastly, you’ll find a piece on the painting in the top right corner. Dismantle the rolled carpet to use it.
  2. Assemble the carpet puzzle: Tap on the carpet piece on the floor and assemble the puzzle using all the collected carpet pieces. Upon completion, a drawer with a golden key will open.
  3. Find the golden heart pendant and torn paper: Use the golden key to unlock the blue box found inside the black cupboard next to the black chair. Collect the golden heart pendant and crumpled paper, then dismantle the paper to obtain torn paper pieces for a pillow.
  4. Obtain the screwdriver: Locate the screwdriver on the red chair next to the black cupboard and tap the blue chair next to flower pot number 9 for another torn paper piece.
  5. Open the white cupboard: Grab the clothes hanger from inside the cupboard, then tap on the table in front to collect the scissors blades, pen, and screw.
  6. Solve the puzzle on the box: Focus on the wall in the middle of the room and tap the lower cupboard. Rotate the three puzzle pieces in the lower right corner, then collect the pliers to combine them with the hanger.
  7. Retrieve the silver key: Remove the screws on the vent above the red chair using the screwdriver. With the hooked hanger, remove the spiderweb from the vent and collect the silver key.
  8. Find more torn paper: Unlock the lock on the brown couch using the silver key and retrieve the chair wheels. Attach them to the black chair underneath the vent, then move the chair to find another torn paper piece.
  9. Solve the cup puzzle: Arrange the cups on the shelves, mimicking the pattern on the painting to the right. To input the correct numeric code, locate the flower pots containing numbers. Enter the code, starting with the tallest pot and ending with the shortest: 395267.
  10. Combine torn paper pages: Open the catalog and stop at the torn pages, then combine them with the ones in your inventory. Make a mental note of the revealed symbols: 5 - half circles, 3 - rays, 2 - chess pattern, 4 - lines, 9 - triangles, 8 - symbol.
  11. Unlock the door: Enter the symbols on the panel next to the brown door and proceed to the next room.
  12. Reorder the chair legs: Inspect the shelves with chairs. Rearrange the chair legs, following the pattern from the painting. Complete this to receive a tangram cat.
  13. Collect tangram pieces: Locate a tangram book on the white shelves and a blank piece of paper at the bottom of the green shelves. Combine the pen and paper to display a number: 12850. Return to the yellow kitchen area, open the upper right cupboard, and collect the clock. Retrieve the scissor handles and merge them with the screw. Use the scissors to cut the tangram book and gather tangram pieces.
  14. Reshape the tangram cat: Place the tangram pieces on the panel in the yellow and white kitchen area. Recreate the tangram cat using the rotating buttons, revealing a mirror. Combine this mirror with the numbered paper, producing the code 02851.
  15. Unlock the yellow drawer: Determine the code for the yellow drawer by examining the white, green, and brown shelves in the room. White represents VI (6), green is IX (9), and brown stands for III (3). Enter this code to open the drawer, then collect the batteries.
  16. Combine batteries and clock: Merge the batteries with the clock to reveal the time 12:08. Enter this time into the oven and press OK. Remember the three moons displayed inside.
  17. Use the register: Input 02851 into the register in the other room, and press the green button. Observe the eight stars that appear on the screen.
  18. Activate the device: Tap on the device on the blue table next to the grey couch. Input the numbers: 3 for the moon photo, 8 for the heart, 1 for the sun, 1 for the wall, and 8 for the stars. The device will provide you with an ID card, which you can use to finally exit the store.

Wrapping Up

And there you have it! You’ve successfully navigated the complexities and solved the intricate puzzles of Chapter 1, Level 25 in the Rooms and Exits Furniture Store. Reflecting back on the journey, it’s clear we’ve faced quite an array of cryptic clues and hidden objects, which called on our wits and pushed our problem-solving skills to the limit. Be it the mysterious carpet puzzle, the hidden codes, or the obscure patterns strewn across the seemingly ordinary furniture store – we’ve tackled them all in stride.

This human-written guide aimed to accompany you throughout the thrilling expedition, providing carefully laid-out directions every step of the way. Whether you’re an old hand at escape room games or just starting out in this world of endless fascination, we hope you found this guide both helpful and easy to follow.

So, what’s next? Keep exploring, keep escaping, keep pushing your limits. With each level, Rooms and Exits continues to provide stimulating puzzles and mind-bending challenges that are sure to captivate your interest. Remember, this is but a single chapter in a much grander adventure. As always, we’re here to guide you in your future endeavors. So, onwards to the next level, as we continue to unfold the enigmatic world of Rooms and Exits!

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