Lolita Counter in Mobile Legends

Facing Lolita in Mobile Legends, the steel elf who bravely defends the fairy forest against invaders, can sometimes feel like an uphill battle due to her offensive and defensive versatility. However, understanding Lolita’s strengths, weaknesses, and effective counters can help you come out on top. Here’s everything you need to know to effectively counter Lolita.

Heroes Counter Lolita

Understanding who Lolita can, and can’t, stand up to is crucial for success. Here are the heroes that strongly counter Lolita, listed based on their win rate against her:

  • Clint
  • Akai
  • Ruby
  • Eudora
  • Balmond

Using these heroes in your game can give you an upper hand against Lolita during most of the game phases.

On the other hand, Lolita shines when pitted against certain heroes. Here are the heroes most susceptible to her abilities:

  • Saber
  • Miya
  • Nana
  • Layla
  • Moskov

Items to Counter Lolita

Strategically choosing your items can greatly undermine Lolita’s impact on the game. Here are the best picks:

  • Sea Halberd
  • Divine Glaive
  • Malefic Roar
  • Necklace of Durance

Tips for Battling Lolita

Playing as a marksman can effectively counter Lolita. By kiting her, you can maintain a safe distance while dealing damage. Additionally, call on your teammates to gang-up on Lolita, dispatching her quickly before getting to use her deadly skills.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Lolita

Identifying Lolita’s weaknesses and leveraging them in battle can be a game-changer. Likewise, it’s important to recognize her strengths to appropriately plan your strategy.


  • Versatile: Lolita can both deal damage and absorb a significant amount of harm, adjusting to offensive or defensive roles as needed.
  • Initiator: She’s a solid hero to lead team fights due to her powerful crowd control ultimate.
  • Surprising: Her abilities can catch enemies off-guard, providing her team with strategic advantages.
  • Late-Game Presence: Lolita is particularly strong during the game’s later phases, demonstrating potent ganking abilities.


  • Limited Mobility: Lolita is relatively slow, making her an easy target, especially for heroes with high mobility or long-range attacks.
  • Avoidable Skills: Her abilities can typically be avoided with fast reflexes or from maintaining a safe distance.
  • Shield Limitations: Her shield cannot block all skills, particularly melee attacks.
  • Dependency on Teamwork: She can’t launch successful attacks on her own, making her susceptible if isolated.
  • Overwhelm Vulnerability: When overwhelmed by the enemy team, Lolita can get easily dispatched.

Understanding Lolita’s Abilities

Knowing how Lolita’s abilities work can also help you craft a better plan against her:

  • Passive: Noumenon Energy Core – The ability grants Lolita a shield to absorb damage.
  • Skill 1: Power Charge – A fantastic strategy to initiate attacks, offering mobility and crowd control.
  • Skill 2: Guardian’s Reflection – This ability deploys a shield and deals significant damage.
  • Ultimate: Noumenon Blast – A high damage area of effect skill offering critical crowd control capabilities.

It’s key to anticipate these abilities and time your attacks or defenses accordingly. With all these aspects taken into account, Lolita, the beloved steel elf, can be effectively tackled on the battleground.

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