How Do I Make Alexa Play Exactly the Music I Want?

Music is an absolute must for many of us, and it’s exciting to realize that we can request our favorite tunes with just our voice, thanks to smart speakers like Amazon’s Alexa. Whether you’re a fan of big band swing, 90s grunge, or the latest indie arrivals, chances are Alexa’s got it. But if you’re struggling to get Amazon’s voice assistant to play your preferred playlists, tracks or radio stations, don’t worry – you’re not alone! Here’s a guide to making Alexa play exactly the music you want.

Configuring Your Music Services

Alexa can stream music from Amazon Music right out of the box, but many users wish to connect their preferred music streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and more. Follow these steps to connect your streaming service:

  1. Open your Alexa App: You’ll find the Alexa application on your phone’s app store. If you already have it installed, ensure it’s the latest version.
  2. Access the Settings Menu: In the app, navigate to the More tab located at the bottom right corner of your screen and select Settings.
  3. Connect your Musical Service: Click on Music & Podcasts. Here, you can link a new service by clicking the “+ Link New Service” button. You will have to enter your login details to your music service account.
  4. Set your Default Service: If you have multiple music services linked, you can set your favorite one as default. All you have to do is tap Default Services under Music & Podcasts settings, and choose your preferred service. From now on, any general music request will be played from this service.

Creative with Commands

Alexa’s music-playing capabilities are only as good as the way you command her. Being clear and specific with your instructions makes a big difference. For example, to make Alexa play a specific song from a particular service, you can say, “Alexa, play song name from artist/band name on music service name“.

You can make highly specific requests like “Alexa, play the top rock songs from 2006,” or slightly more vague requests like “Alexa, play something relaxing.” In the latter case, Alexa will choose a playlist or station she thinks you’ll find relaxing.

Playlist Perfection

Creating your playlists on your music service can also enhance your Alexa experience. Once you’ve curated your playlist, say, “Alexa, play my playlist playlist name on music service name,” and she will start playing the music in the playlist.

Recommendation and Discovery

Alexa can suggest music based on your listening history or popular trends. You can ask, “Alexa, what should I listen to?” or “Alexa, play popular music,” to explore new music.

Voice-controlled Volume

Adjusting the volume can also be accomplished using voice commands. Say “Alexa, turn it up” to increase the volume or “Alexa, set the volume to 5” to raise or lower the volume to a specific level.

Stereo Pairing

If you want to elevate your music experience further, connect multiple Echo devices to form a stereo pair. Once grouped together, these devices can play the same audio simultaneously, creating a mini home sound system.


In this fast-paced world, automated, voice-controlled music playback is a significant convenience. With Alexa and her rich set of features and compatibility, you can curate your perfect audio experiences effortlessly. All it takes is a little tweaking, precise commands, and a good sense of what you want to listen to.

Remember, the key to mastering voice commands is to experiment. The more you interact with Alexa, the better she will get at understanding your music tastes and preferences. So why wait? Start exploring the world of music with your voice now. Happy listening!

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