Gloo Counter Mobile Legends

In the realm of Mobile Legends, Gloo emerges as a formidable foe with its unique blend of resilience, damage output, and astonishing recovery capabilities during combat. Yet, like all heroes, Gloo has vulnerabilities that can be exploited with strategic planning and the right set of heroes and items. This article unveils how to efficaciously counter Gloo’s prowess on the battlefield.

Heroes That Counter Gloo

Choosing heroes that possess superior mobility, invulnerability, or the ability to bypass Gloo’s regenerative capabilities proves crucial in countering this tanky adversary. The following heroes are noted for their effectiveness against Gloo throughout various stages of the game:

  • Yu Zhong
  • Lancelot
  • Faramis
  • Vexana
  • Wanwan

Conversely, Gloo holds a significant advantage against:

  • Barats
  • Khaleed
  • Popol
  • Yve
  • Benedetta

Item Counters for Gloo

Equipping the right items can drastically reduce Gloo’s impact in the game by targeting its core strengths: HP regeneration and defense. The following items are powerful when facing Gloo:

To Reduce HP Regeneration:

  • Sea Halberd
  • Necklace of Durance
  • Dominance Ice

These items significantly dampen Gloo’s ability to recover, thereby diminishing its staying power in fights.

To Reduce Defense:

  • Malefic Roar
  • Genius Wand
  • Divine Glaive

Lowering Gloo’s defense makes it substantially easier to deal with, especially for magic damage-oriented teams.

To Deal Damage Based on HP:

  • Demon Hunter Sword
  • Glowing Wand

These items are ideally suited for tackling tanky heroes like Gloo, as they scale damage output based on the target’s health.

Spell Counter:

  • Purify

This spell can neutralize Gloo’s crowd control effects, offering a momentary advantage in engagements.

Tactical Insight to Counter Gloo

Positioning and Mobility:

Utilize heroes with high mobility or the Flicker spell to evade Gloo’s skill combinations, especially its potentially game-changing ultimate.


Incorporate items that impair Gloo’s regeneration abilities early on to limit its effectiveness in prolonged encounters.


Avoid engaging Gloo when it latches onto allies with its ultimate, as attacking it in this state can inadvertently harm your team.

Vision Control:

Maintain superior vision control to anticipate Gloo’s movements and prevent unexpected ganks.

Healing Reduction:

Focus on reducing Gloo’s healing in team fights, as this directly impacts its sustainability and overall nuisance factor.

Gloo’s Attributes

Understanding Gloo’s core strengths and weaknesses is key to developing effective counter-strategies:


  • High tankiness and mobility
  • Rapid ability cooldowns
  • Remarkable regeneration abilities
  • Effective in chasing down opponents


  • Vulnerable to targeted counter-play
  • Relies on complex skill combinations for maximum efficacy
  • Relatively lower crowd control capabilities compared to other tanks

Key Abilities:

  • Passive (Stick, Stick): Applies a slow and buff through stickiness.
  • Skill 1 (Slam, Slam): Delivers AoE damage and cc.
  • Skill 2 (Pass, Pass): Offers crowd control with a pass-through effect.
  • Ultimate (Split, Split): Enables Gloo to morph and heal, presenting a dual threat of disruption and sustainability.


Gloo’s multifaceted combat style presents a unique challenge on the battlefield, blending damage, resilience, and healing in a single package. However, by leveraging heroes with superior mobility, utilizing specific items that curb Gloo’s regenerative and defensive powers, and employing tactical prowess in movement and engagement, players can effectively counter Gloo’s threat. This strategic approach, coupled with an understanding of Gloo’s capabilities and limitations, ensures teams can neutralize Gloo’s impact and secure victory with confidence.

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