GCash Initiates Fees for Fund Transfers from Linked BPI and UnionBank Accounts

Users of BPI and UnionBank cards will soon face convenience fees for transferring funds to GCash, a service that has been without charge for many years.

According to an advisory on the GCash Help Center page, starting on October 2, 2023, a Php5.00 fee will be applied to users cashing in from their BPI and UnionBank accounts into their GCash e-wallets. GCash cited “increasing costs” as the reason for implementing these charges on transactions from linked BPI and UnionBank accounts.

The advisory can be found under the “General Cash In Inquiries” section of the GCash Help Center page.

To avoid paying the new charge, GCash suggests alternatives such as using InstaPay or going through your bank’s own website. Adding funds via PayPal remains free of charge.

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