Fredrinn Counter Mobile Legends [2024 Update]

In the world of Mobile Legends, each character possesses its unique strengths and weaknesses, creating a diverse and competitive game landscape. One such formidable character is Fredrinn, a Fighter/Tank with the power to inflict high damage while boasting decent resistance. Fredrinn can turn the tide in any team fight, making it crucial for aspiring victors to know how to counter him. As an experienced player with 141 matches against Fredrinn under my belt, here’s my breakdown of effective strategies to counter him.

Fredrinn: A Quick Overview

Role: Fighter/Tank
Specialty: Damage/Crowd Control
Lane: EXP
Win rate: 51.04%
Tier: S+

Fredrinn, with his impeccable healing and resistance, is an absolute beast in the early game and has the ability to excel in 1v1 situations. Listed below are some tips and counters that can help you contend with Fredrinn on the battlefield.

Heroes who Counters Fredrinn

Fredrinn has known adversaries who can challenge his dominance at various stages of the game, thereby decreasing his win-rate. These heroes include:

  1. Karina
  2. Lunox
  3. Valir
  4. Baxia
  5. Akai

On the flip side, some heroes who struggle against Fredrinn throughout the game are:

  1. Yve
  2. Yuzhong
  3. Lancelot
  4. Yin
  5. Aulus

Item Counters against Fredrinn

Choosing appropriate items can be the difference between victory and defeat. To counter Fredrinn’s healing power and resistance, consider opting for armor-piercing items and those that weaken his healing prowess.

Items that reduce Fredrinn’s healing:

  1. Sea Halberd
  2. Necklace of Durance
  3. Dominance Ice

Physical and magical armor-piercing items:

  1. Malefic Roar
  2. Genius Wand
  3. Divine Glaive

Items that cause standard damage:

  1. Endless Battle
  2. Starlium Scythe

Items that can decrease Fredrinn’s movement speed:

  1. Corrosion Scythe
  2. Ice Queen Wand

Items dealing damage based on % of health:

  1. Demon Hunter Sword
  2. Glowing Wand

Tips to Counter Fredrinn Effectively

During gameplay, put these proven strategies to work to counter Fredrinn:

  • Maintain a safe distance from Fredrinn, especially during the early stage where he excels at solo fights.
  • If Fredrinn chooses to level up solo, call in your jungle for a gank.
  • Avoid direct confrontation with Fredrinn, unless certain of victory.
  • When in combat with Fredrinn, avoid clustering as he can close in and control your entire team.
  • On seeing Fredrinn use his ultimate, quickly move out of range using Flicker or a similar skill.
  • If playing a ranged champion, adopt a hit-and-run strategy against Fredrinn after he uses Brave Assault.
  • Warn teammates when Fredrinn disappears from the map as he can gank mid.
  • Destroy Fredrinn by restraining him with crowd control and dealing damage.
  • Counter Fredrinn’s split pushing by blocking his path.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Knowing Fredrinn’s strengths and weaknesses is extremely beneficial for planning your game strategy:


  1. Tremendous healing power
  2. High defense
  3. AOE damage
  4. High burst damage
  5. Good crowd control
  6. Swift mobility
  7. Short cooldowns on abilities


  1. Sluggish basic attacks
  2. Susceptible to crowd control


Crystalline Armor (Passive)Buff, Heal
Piercing Strike (1)Damage
Brave Assault (2)Mobility, CC
Energy Eruption (3)CC, AOE
Appraiser’s Wrath (Ultimate)Burst, AOE

In conclusion, being prepared with the right heroes and items and implementing the right set of strategies can help you effectively counter Fredrinn in Mobile Legends. Always remember, knowledge is power. With good understanding and practice, you too can overcome this powerful hero on the battleground. Go ahead and conquer the game!

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