Cuties Cat Food Review

We all know the drill – finding the perfect cat food can be as tricky as knocking down a perfectly balanced tower of Jenga blocks. But fear not, your search ends here. Today, we’re serving up a hearty helping of truth, with a side of swagger, about Cutie’s Cat Food.

Now, we don’t just fluff things up here. Nope. Our job is to sniff out the details, to dig into the nitty gritty and present it all to you in an easy-chew format. So, prepare yourself for an invigorating deep-dive into what exactly makes Cutie’s Cat Food the talk of the town, and more importantly, why your adorable furball will love it!

Cutie’s isn’t your run-of-the-mill cat food, oh no. This stuff is pumped with top-tier ingredients that will have your whiskered companion purring in delight. But listen, you don’t have to take our meow for it. Stick around as we break it all down, and see why Cutie’s Cat Food is the cat’s meow! Enough with the SMALL talk, it’s mealtime.

About Cuties Cat Food

Cuties Catz, a brand fondly referred to as just “Cuties,” is a product line of Perfect Companion Group (PCG), a Malaysian company dedicated to manufacturing high-quality pet food. The philosophy behind PCG’s pet food products is simple but powerful – to enhance the bond between pets and their owners by offering unparalleled quality in pet nutrition. Boosted by their constant self-improvement ethos, they have established a comprehensive research center to spearhead this mission.

Interestingly, while Perfect Companion Philippines Corporation (PCPH) operates within the country, it doesn’t distribute Cuties. Instead, Philippine-based Pet Plus Global handles the importation and distribution of Cutie’s cat food. Currently, PCPH markets only SmartHeart and SmartHeart Gold cat food brands.

If you’re curious where Cuties is crafted, these feline food wonders all originate from PCG’s manufacturing facilities. However, the exact sources for their ingredients remain undisclosed on PCG’s website. Furthermore, note that PCG isn’t listed in the Halal Malaysia Directory of Malaysia’s Official Halal Portal.

Let’s consider the specific offerings of Cuties Catz. Interestingly enough, one out of the four flavors varies between Malaysia and the Philippines. While the Philippines gets Salmon-flavored Cuties, the Malaysian market instead enjoys Chicken & Tuna. Additionally, the ingredient list also shows variations depending on the location. To illustrate, Cuties’ Seafood flavor in the Philippines includes cassava, which is missing from the same variant in Malaysia. These tweaks evidently cater to the local tastes and dietary preferences of the Philippine market.

Benefits of Cuties Cat Food

  • Sharp as a Tack Vision: Cuties has your fur buddy’s back, or rather their eyes. Forget chasing spots in dim light, equipped with Cuties, your cat will be spotting those devious laser dots like they were born under spotlights.
  • Pearl Whites and Healthy Gums: Dental health, check! Thanks to Cuties, your cat’s twirling tongue and adorable nibbles come from a healthy oral zone. Tartar? Gingivitis? Those are yesterday’s worries. Your cat’s grin just got even more irresistible!
  • Tough as Nails Immune System: Is your cat’s immune system waving a white flag? Cuties to the rescue! It bodyguards your pet’s health, combatting harmful invaders, and ensuring your furball stays joyous, bouncing around in their amusement-fueled bliss.
  • Rockstar Fur & Skin: Move over, top models and beauty bloggers! With Cuties, your cat is going to sport a skin and coat to vie for. Watch as they become a four-pawed icon of glamour every time they stroll into the room.
  • Titanium-like Bones and Teeth: We end this parade of benefits with a doozy – brute strength. Cuties ensures every cat is strong enough to conquer their world, either jumping off heights or ambushing those crafty feather toys.

Cuties Cat Food Available Flavors

Cuties Catz Seafood Flavor

This dish is loaded with corn, soybean meal, corn gluten meal, cassava, poultry-by-products meal, poultry fat, and wheat grain. It’s also got wheat bran, a bunch of essential vitamins and minerals, DL-Methionine, taurine, flavoring, and antioxidants for good measure.

You’ll find a guaranteed analysis slapped on every Cuties pack, a transparent revelation of what’s cooking inside. The key figures to look at include minimum crude protein, minimum crude fat, maximum crude fiber, and maximum moisture content.

Here, take a look at these figures for Cuties Catz Seafood Flavor:

Crude Protein (min)≥26.00%
Crude Fat (min)≥9.00%
Crude Fiber (max)≤4.00%
Moisture (max)≤10.00%

“Crude” here ain’t what you think! It’s a scientific term referring to the method used to estimate protein, fat, and fiber content. For example, to gauge the crude protein, they analyze the nitrogen content, then multiply it by 6.25!

However, to compare figures against the AAFCO’s cat food nutrient requirements, the guaranteed analysis alone isn’t going to cut it. You need to switch things over to a dry matter basis.

The AAFCO’s nutrient requirements are expressed on a dry matter basis. So, we’ve whipped up these conversions for you:

NutrientContentAdult Maintenance RequirementGrowth & Reproduction Requirement

Alright, so what do these numbers and ingredients mean in real life? Let’s dish it out with no frills:


  1. Protein Power: With ≥28.89% protein, this stuff packs a decent protein punch, hitting the spot for an adult cat’s nutrient requirements.
  2. Just Enough Fat: It provides an adequate fat content (≥10.00%) to keep your cat’s skin shiny, fur soft, and energy levels up.
  3. Fiber Control: With a max fiber content of ≤4.44%, this cat food shows restraint, preventing any potential kitty bowel mishaps.


  1. Eyes on Carbs: That carbohydrate content, though (≤56.67%), might raise eyebrows. Even though cats’ natural diets are low in carbs, this cat food may not be ideal for cats with specific dietary needs.
  2. Vegetable Proteins: Ingredients like corn and soybean meal are common, but remember, they’re less ‘bio-available’ to your cat than animal proteins.

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Cuties Catz Tuna Flavor

Alright, let’s get down to business with Cuties Catz Tuna Flavor. No kitten around here, we’re talking wholegrain cereals such as corn, wheat, rice, soybean meal, corn gluten meal, poultry meal, chicken oil… you get the idea, a bold mix of nutrients custom-crafted for your purring companion.

You’ve seen the ingredient lineup, now let’s check out the stats which you’ll find on every pack of Cuties:

Crude Protein (min)≥26.00%
Crude Fat (min)≥9.00%
Crude Fiber (max)≤4.00%
Moisture (max)≤10.00%

Just so we’re clear, “Crude” here isn’t about some untamed wild beast. It’s science talk for the analytical method used to calculate the protein, fat, and fiber content.

But hold up, to get the full picture, we need to switch up the view to the dry matter basis.

Following the AAFCO’s pointers, we’ve done the math homework and converted the Guaranteed Analysis to a dry matter basis for ya.

NutrientContentAdult Maintenance RequirementGrowth & Reproduction Requirement

Let’s dial down the jargon and cut to the chase:


  1. Hey, Mr. Protein! With ≥28.89% protein content, Cuties Catz Tuna Flavor offers the muscle-building stuff your cat needs to prance around like the royalty they are.
  2. Fat’s Just Right With ≥10.00% fat content, Count on Cuties to deliver the energy your cat needs while keeping their skin and fur on point.
  3. No Fiber Frenzy: You get just the right amount of fiber (≤4.44%) to prevent any fuzzy tummy troubles.


  1. Carb Alert: That carbohydrate figure (≤56.67%) might raise a few whiskers. Cats are carnivorously inclined, so carb-heavy diets aren’t their natural groove.
  2. Veggie Protein Predicament: Ingredients like corn and soybean meal come with a catch – your kitty can’t use them as well as they can animal proteins.

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Cuties Catz Tuna & Shrimp Flavor

Alright, let’s dive straight into our superstar product here, Cuties Catz Tuna & Shrimp Flavor. Here’s the lowdown on what goes into ensuring your furry friend gets the best meal possible.

First up, the ingredients:

Featuring a careful mix of wholegrain cereals such as corn, wheat, and rice, our product balances nutrition with taste. This is combined with a rich blend of soybean meal, corn gluten meal, and poultry meal, topped off with chicken oil and essential minerals. We’ve got brans from wheat and rice mixed in there too. The real stars of the show, though, are the tuna meal and krill meal – these give that mouthwatering flavor your cat just can’t resist. And let’s not forget the all-important vitamins, antioxidants, DL-Methionine, Potassium Sorbate, Taurine, and a bit of food coloring for that enticing look.

Now, let’s lay out the facts with our guaranteed analysis:

Crude Protein (min) clocking in at ≥26.00%, Crude Fat (min) at ≥9.00%, Crude Fiber (max) being ≤4.00%, and moisture at its best, ≤10.00% (max).

When we say “crude”, we’re talking about the way we test for protein, fat, and fiber content. Want to compare these figures with the cat food nutrient rules set by AAFCO? Remember, you gotta convert to a dry matter basis.

In the dry matter basis sphere, we’ve got:

  • Protein at least ≥28.89%, meeting both adult maintenance and growth & reproduction requirements.
  • Fat content, keeping it steady at ≥10.00% – within AAFCO’s standards.
  • Fiber is cool and calm at ≤4.44%, ensuring your cat’s digestion runs smooth-as-silk.
  • Carbohydrates? At most, we’re looking at ≤56.67%.

What are the pros and cons?

The biggest pro? You get a balance of quality nutrients that meet AAFCO standards while featuring a flavor that will have your cat purring for more. The only potential con? With a carb max of ≤56.67%, it’s a bit higher than the ≤10.00% recommended by AAFCO. But remember, everything’s in the balance; the right mix makes the magic work.

Trust us, one helping of our Cuties Catz Tuna & Shrimp Flavor and your feline friend will be begging for more. Let’s face it, we’ve got all the good stuff rolled into one top-notch product.

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Cuties Catz Salmon Flavor

Alright, let’s drop the formalities and jump right in. We’ve got Cuties Catz Salmon Flavor up on the board. And, trust us, you’re in for a ride of flavor and nutrition that your cat is gonna love.

Let’s kick it off with the ingredients:

We’re talking about a feast of wholegrain cereals (corn, wheat, or rice), soybean meal, corn gluten meal, and poultry meal. Plus, we’ve added our secret sauce: chicken oil and minerals. The brans come from wheat and/or rice. The headline act in this combination? Salmon meal! Believe us, your cat will thank you for it. Round it all off with chicken hydrolysate, vitamins, DL-Methionine, Potassium Sorbate, Taurine, and Antioxidants.

Here’s the scoop on our guaranteed analysis:

Packed with Crude Protein (min) of ≥26.00%, Crude Fat (min) of ≥9.00%, keeping it cool with Crude Fiber (max) at ≤4.00%, and good ol’ Moisture (max) playing it safe at ≤10.00%.

“Crude”? It’s all about how we calculate that protein, fat, and fiber content. To give you a fair comparison with AAFCO’s nutrient requirements for cat food, we’ve got to convert these numbers to a dry matter basis. So, here it is:

  • Protein sitting pretty at ≥28.89%
  • Fat staying lean at ≥10.00%
  • Fiber capped at ≤4.44%
  • And Carbohydrates? They’re playing at ≤56.67%

Now, let’s talk pros and cons.

The top-notch pros? Firstly, that protein content is on point for both adult maintenance and growth & reproduction. Secondly, the fat content is slamming it out of the park in terms of energy supply. Finally, the fiber is low enough to keep everything moving smoothly in your cat’s system.

Onto the cons: The carbohydrate content is higher than the AAFCO recommendation, but hey, we’re always striving for the right balance.

Long story short, we’re serving up a meal that not only feeds your cat but also meets their nutritional needs. Cuties Catz Salmon Flavor is where it’s at. Suitable for your cat’s life stage, packed with flavor, and full of promised nutrition. Give your cat a taste and they’ll be hooked!

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Is Cuties Cat Food Safe?

Cuties Catz Cat Food, according to available information, appears to be safe. However, cat food safety is a complex subject that depends on various factors like sourcing, manufacturing process, and ingredients among others.

Cuties Catz products, according to their listed compositions, seem to fulfill primary nutritional requirements for cats. For instance, they contain minimum crude protein, fat, fiber, and moisture levels that are near or within AAFCO’s stated guidelines. The sources of proteins include meat meals, such as salmon or tuna, which are good sources of animal protein.

Notwithstanding, it would be pertinent to mention that some owners might have reservations about the relatively high carbohydrate content, stemming from ingredients such as corn and wheat. While these are commonly used in many commercial cat foods, some experts argue that cats, being obligate carnivores, do not need this level of carbohydrates, and it could be less optimal for their long-term health. Therefore, it might be more suitable for cats that are less active or have specific health considerations.

Moreover, there is no apparent evidence of safety issues or recalls linked to Cuties Catz brand based on available public information, which generally indicates a safe record. However, changes in manufacturing practices or ingredient supply can affect the safety of a pet food brand over time, so it is always a good practice to keep up-to-date with the latest information and consult with your veterinarian.

Which country made Cuties cat food?

Cuties Catz cat food is manufactured by Perfect Companion Group (PCG), a pet food company based out of Malaysia. This company is renowned for its contribution to pet food and pet care products.

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Conclusion Cuties Cat Food Review

Alright folks, here’s the bottom line on Cuties Cat Food. This stuff hits the mark in terms of nutrition essentials for our feline friends. With flavors like Tuna & Shrimp and Salmon Flavor, you’ll get your pet romping towards the food bowl at lightning speed. Sure, the high-carb content can be a point of concern for some, but in terms of overall nourishment, this brand passes muster. So, should you test the waters with Cuties Cat Food? We don’t see why not! It’s affordable, it’s packed full of good proteins and vitamins, and most importantly, cats seem to love it. And that’s what matters at the end of the day! So yeah, we’d recommend giving Cuties Cat Food a go.

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