Can You Use A Computer Monitor For TV

Some computer monitors are able to function as televisions, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. First, you need to know what kind of monitor you have: the most common types are LCD and OLED screens. Next, find out if your monitor supports HDMI or DVI input. If both of these things check out (and they should), then you’re on track!

Yes and No (most of the time no)

It’s true that PC monitors can support external inputs, but they are not designed to do so. This means that you will be limited by what your computer monitor is capable of doing. If you want to connect a console or other external device and use it with your computer monitor, then this will work fine and there should be no problems at all. However, if you need extra ports on the monitor itself (such as HDMI) then typically these will not be available on most PC monitors.

The best way to find out whether or not your specific model has these ports depends on what brand/model of monitor you have purchased in the past or plan on purchasing in the future. Most monitors come with different types of connectivity options; however each manufacturer may have their own specifications for what kinds of connectors work best for them depending on which ones are available in their manufacturing plant at any given time.”

Generally, No.

Generally, no. If you’re looking for a low-cost way to connect a PC to your TV, it’s often more work than it’s worth.

Most PC monitors are not designed to handle consoles and other external inputs. There are some monitors that have console capability, but they’re not as common as their more general-purpose counterparts. If you want to use the monitor for gaming or watching Netflix on your desktop computer, then go for it—but if you want a TV for gaming (for which most TVs require specific hardware), this won’t do the job unless you buy an expensive screen designed specifically for console gamers.

Most are not designed to handle consoles and other external inputs.

Most computer monitors are not designed for the addition of external inputs like those used by consoles. Most computers have a VGA port, which you can use to connect a monitor. But most modern video game consoles (like the PS4 or Xbox One) use either HDMI or DVI ports, so you’ll need an adapter if your monitor doesn’t support these inputs. An adapter converts one type of input into another, but they can sometimes result in loss or degradation of quality when using them—so it may be better just to get an all-in-one TV/monitor combo in the first place!

Some do have console capability.

Some computer monitors do have console capability. These are the ones that have a built-in TV tuner, HDMI port and VGA port. They are known as PC monitors with television capabilities because they can be used for both purposes.

It depends on what you want from the monitor

It depends on what you want from the monitor. If you just want a high-resolution display, then any TV with HDMI input will do. However, if you want a monitor that can handle consoles, then you will need to get one that is designed to do so. Additionally, if you want a monitor that can handle consoles and other external inputs (like your Wii), then you will need to get one that is designed to do so.

Not all PC monitors can function as TV screens.

As far as PC monitors are concerned, not all of them can be used as TV screens. Some do have the ability to function as a TV monitor, but it depends on what you want from your monitor. If you’re looking for an upgrade and want to use this particular model for both purposes, then it may be worth getting one that has console capability.

However, if you’re planning on using the computer mainly for work and don’t plan on using it much for watching TV shows or movies (except maybe when traveling), then we would recommend getting another monitor designed specifically for that purpose instead of trying to make a compromise by buying one that does both things well enough.


The best way to determine whether your computer monitor will work as a TV screen is to read online reviews and research the particular model you plan to buy. If it seems like this would be a perfect solution for you, then don’t hesitate!

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