Top 5 Best Xbox Series X Wall Mount

Mounting your gaming console can be the step-up your gaming setup needs. It not only adds a distinctive charm to your gaming corner but also ensures your Xbox Series X is securely placed away from accidental spills or knocks. Don a distinctive edge over fellow gamers by not just playing like a pro, but also making your equipment look pro.

Xbox Series X, with its powerful processing and sleek design, deserves a spot on your wall. A mount is a fantastic way to keep your console safe, display it proudly, and save space in your gaming area. But with so many options available, it can be tough to pick the right one.

So are you browsing for the perfect wall mount for your Xbox Series X? Fret no more. We have collated a list of the top 5 best Xbox Series X wall mounts providing an ideal blend of safety, design, and affordability. Come, let your console ascend to its rightful place. Get ready to elevate your gaming experience right where it belongs – on the wall.

A Quick Look: Best Xbox Series X Wall Mount

  1. ZAONOOL Wall Mount for Xbox Series X
  2. TotalMount – Wall Mount for Xbox Series X
  3. ALIENERGY Wall Mount for Xbox Series X
  4. Wiilkac Wall Mount for Xbox Series X
  5. HIDEit Mounts Wall Mount for Xbox Series X

ZAONOOL Wall Mount for Xbox Series X

Ever dreamt of a crystal clear, clutter-free gaming setup? The ZAONOOL Wall Mount for Xbox Series X is here to make that dream come true! Designed for practicality with a nice finishing touch of elegance, this wall mount is all about upgrading your gaming space.

Key Features

  • Secure and Accessible Console Storage: This isn’t just a mount, it’s a game changer! The ZAONOOL wall mount is oriented to have your Xbox Series X front-facing, allowing full access to ports, and not cramping your gaming style. And it doesn’t stop there – you get ample room for your headphones, controllers, game cards, and even a portable hard disk.
  • Detachable Accessories: Two controller holders and a headphone holder that are detachable – because we know organization is personal! Arrange them exactly how you want them and find everything within arm’s reach.
  • Thoughtful Ventilation Design: The overheating warning on your console screen is about to become history. Thanks to the 24 small ventilation holes on the bottom and 5 large ones at the back, your Xbox breathes and cools down. Plus, there’s extra storage for your game cards and portable hard disks at the back.
  • Incredible Sturdiness: Engineered with top-shelf ABS material, this wall mount is tough and built to last. Rest easy knowing it can carry up to 45 lbs without breaking a sweat.
  • Simplified Installation: No need for a handyman/woman in this deal. Mount this baby on your wall with ease using the user manual and built-in level provided.

Pros and Cons

  • Total storage solution for console and its best buddies: the accessories
  • Sky-high ventilation system preventing overheating
  • Beastly strength and impressive durability
  • Detachable holders for personal setup
  • DIY Installation could be a hassle for some
  • No multiple color choices

In short, the ZAONOOL Wall Mount for Xbox Series X is your ticket to a neat, efficient, and downright cool gaming setup. It’s as much a piece of gaming gear as it is a space-saver. So, why wait? Hop on board and let the ZAONOOL wall mount transform your gaming experience!

TotalMount – Wall Mount for Xbox Series X

Spice up your gaming space with a pinch of comfort and a dash of safety – courtesy of the TotalMount – Wall Mount for Xbox Series X! This top-notch accessory is meticulously put together to snugly keep your Xbox Series X in place, providing an armor against accidental slips and falls, and setting the stage for a superb gaming atmosphere.

Key Features

  • Ultimate Security – Go the extra mile in protecting your Xbox! Secure your Xbox Series X from unintentional dislodging with this uniquely designed mount that takes grip on each side of your console. In contrast to other mounts, your Xbox remains firmly grounded, even when faced with slight bumps!
  • All-inclusive Package – Unbox excitement with this bundle! It comes with a remarkable wall mount, three controller holders and a cable manager. To make mounting hassle-free, we’ve included all required hardware. (Bear in mind, Xbox and controllers are sold separately).
  • Outstanding Heat Control – Put an end to worries about your console overheating during those high-intensity gaming sprees. Enhanced heat management is at your service, owing to the thoughtful design permitting unrestricted airflow. This robust wall mount can withstand an impressive 75 pounds and offers versatility by allowing you to fix it to the left, right or beneath your television.
  • Unrestricted Access – Plug into your gaming without a hitch! We’ve considered everything – from comfortable disc ejection to seamless connection of oversized memory expansion cards, HDMI, USB, Ethernet, and powering cables.
  • Trustworthy Brand – With TotalMount, a brand that’s synonymous with premium electronics mounting, you’re not just buying a product, but peace of mind. Our dedicated team, a portfolio of over 70 patents, a treasure trove of over 75,000 five-star reviews, and a commendable legacy since 2007, uphold our pledge of unmatched reliability and advanced features.

Pros and Cons

  • Ensures top-notch security for your Xbox Series X
  • Excellent heat management ensuring lasting console lifespan
  • Well-equipped package containing all mandatory mounting gear
  • Unrestricted access facilitating effortless installation and usage
  • Xbox and controllers need to be bought separately
  • Only compatible with Xbox Series X

In a nutshell, the TotalMount – Wall Mount for Xbox Series X is just the buddy your gaming console has been waiting for. Usher in a transformation in your gaming sessions and revel in the ease of a cool, safe, and well-arranged gaming area. With its superior construction, extraordinary attributes, and the credibility of a well-reputed brand, expect an uplift in your gaming experience. So, are you ready to roll out the red carpet for your console’s new best pal?

ALIENERGY Wall Mount for Xbox Series X

Say hello to the ALIENERGY Wall Mount for Xbox Series X – your game console’s perfect home. This wall mount is designed to keep your loved gaming console and accessories tidy and within easy reach. With a solid grip, clear access, and efficient ventilation, it provides you with a combination of comfort, style, and security for your gaming corner.

Key Features

  • Choice of Placement – Choose your ideal spot for your Xbox Series X, be it next to your TV (vertically, with the Xbox logo facing left or right) or neatly hidden behind your TV. This mount ensures your XSX console fits like a glove, no matter where you choose to place it.
  • Built for Convenience – All buttons, ports, and cables are easily accessible on this mount. Added to this, setting up is as easy as pie, letting you get down to gaming with no delays.
  • Adequate Cooling – No one enjoys a game interrupted by console overheating. With this mount, you can keep your cool as it’s designed to ensure unrestricted air circulation, saving your Xbox from heat-induced problems.
  • Minimalistic and Space-Saving – Give clutter the heave-ho and say hello to a clean and modern gaming zone. With your console and accessories mounted neatly on your wall, you free up space while creating a tidy, stylish look for your gaming area.
  • Rugged and Reliable – Made from robust steel and finished with durable powder coating, this wall mount is steadfast and dependable. It keeps your console and controller scratch-free and securely in place, guarding against any accidental falls due to frolicsome children or pets at home.

Pros and Cons

  • Allows you to place your Xbox Series X in multiple positions to suit your convenience
  • Clear, easy access to all necessary ports, buttons, and cables
  • Efficient ventilation system to prevent overheating
  • Creates a tidy, stylish look for your gaming zone by freeing up space
  • Sturdy construction to hold your console securely
  • Does not mention inclusion of any controller holder accessories.
  • Compatibility seems restricted to Xbox Series X only.

In a nutshell, the ALIENERGY Wall Mount for Xbox Series X is designed to be a valuable addition to your gaming setup. Savvy design coupled with space efficiency and sturdy construction make it your ally in creating a superior gaming environment. So, not only can you enhance your gaming experience, but also ensure your console’s longevity. Why wait? Let your console settle into the cozy, secure home it’s been waiting for!

Wiilkac Wall Mount for Xbox Series X

Let’s welcome the Wiilkac Wall Mount for Xbox Series X – your game console’s new best friend. This comprehensive storage solution transforms your gaming area into a model of efficiency and style, with functionality at its heart. The 4-in-1 wall mount kit includes accommodations for your Xbox Series X console, two controller holders, and a headphone hook, all wrapped up in a design that prioritizes both ventilation and style. So, gear up to display your console front and center!

Key Features

  • Comprehensive 4-in-1 Design – This wall mount brings together your Xbox Series X console, two controller holders, and a headphone hook. Experience the joy of a well-organized gaming zone with everything in its place.
  • BreathEasy & Face Forward – Never worry about your console heating up with this wall mount’s top-notch ventilation design. This setup also allows your Xbox Series X to face forward, making it a proud centerpiece of your gaming space.
  • Install & Go – Quick and effortless to put up, this wall mount kit ensures your gaming setup is ready to roll without taking up any extra time.
  • Space-Saving & Aesthetic – Say goodbye to chaos and welcome a clean, uncluttered look. Mount your console, controllers, and more on the wall, making the most of your space and adding a modern touch to your gaming area.
  • Endures the Test of Time – Made from sturdy steel and coated with durable powder, this mount can stand the test of time. It’s built to keep your console and controllers securely in place, without causing any scratches, and still sturdy enough to withstand any potential accidents, courtesy of kids or pets.

Pros and Cons

  • All-in-one 4-in-1 design for a tidy and orderly gaming space
  • Forward-facing and optimally ventilated design to display your console and keep things cool
  • Easy-to-install that lets you get the gaming started immediately
  • Space-saving design that clears space and enhances the aesthetics of your gaming zone
  • Built with durable materials for longevity
  • Compatibility specific to Xbox Series X
  • Access to ports and buttons may vary depending on how the console is faced

The Wiilkac Wall Mount for Xbox Series X is the secret weapon your gaming setup has been waiting for. A cleverly designed mix of storage and style, the 4-in-1 wall mount kit neatly tucks away your Xbox console, controllers, and headphones while adding a sleek touch to your gaming area. Don’t let your gaming experience be ruined by clutter or poor ventilation. Upgrade to the Wiilkac Wall Mount and usher in a new era of gaming – one that’s as efficient as it is stylish, keeping your equipment safe, sound, and ready for action!

HIDEit Mounts Wall Mount for Xbox Series X

Introducing the HIDEit Mounts Wall Mount for Xbox Series X – your ultimate answer to maximizing your gaming space. This highly-effective solution comes courtesy of an esteemed American firm, celebrated for its unwavering commitment to quality. Masterfully designed for the Xbox Series X, this steel wall mount exemplifies the perfect balance of sturdy resilience and sleek aesthetics, providing an attractive yet secure perch for your console.

Key Features

  • Made in America – A majority of the steel mounts by HIDEit Mounts are constructed with pride on home soil. Your purchase of a HIDEit Wall Mount, therefore, isn’t just a purchase; it’s your contribution to supporting numerous American jobs and fostering a culture that values exceptional skill and craftsmanship.
  • Crafted for the Xbox Series X – This wall mount is a product of expert engineering, meticulously planned to match the Xbox Series X, thereby giving your console a luxurious and secure berth. Please bear in mind, however, that this mount is not compatible with Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox One S, or Xbox Series S models.
  • Elegant and Secure – The unique wrap design ensures a snug fit and safe placement for your Xbox. Demonstrating that less can indeed be more, the HIDEit Xbox Series X Wall Mount embodies streamlined efficiency in a compact design.
  • Efficient and User-friendly – Say goodbye to concerns about overheating. True to its design, the HIDEit Wall Mount ensures unrestricted access to vents, ports, and disk drives, guaranteeing your Xbox’s performance never falters.
  • Steel’s Strength – Crafted from cold-rolled steel of superior gauge, this wall mount is a testament to strength and durability. With a bonus protective layer of a powder-coat finish that’s resistant to rust and chipping, your Xbox Series X stays safe from potential scratches.

Pros and Cons

  • Supports a top-tier American company
  • Uniquely made for Xbox Series X, ensuring a secure hold
  • Adopts a chic wrap and streamlined design
  • Promotes cooling and enables accessibility to console ports
  • Robustly built from resilient and hard-wearing steel
  • Compatibility exclusive to Xbox Series X model
  • Unsuited for other Xbox variations

The HIDEit Mounts Wall Mount for Xbox Series X is an embodiment of pioneering thought. Seamlessly merging exquisite design with unyielding resilience, this mount safeguards your Xbox Series X, all while being a stylish addition to your space. Opt for this American-engineered marvel, support homegrown craftsmanship, and elevate your gaming environment.

Eyeballing the Best Xbox Series X Wall Mount? Here’s What You’ve Got to Consider!

Hey there, fellow gamer! So you’re on a quest to find the ideal wall mount for your Xbox Series X? Sit tight, as we walk you through the must-knows!

1. Quality and Style:

Let’s begin with something that’ll stand its ground (or in this case, wall!). Your wall mount needs to be sturdy, resilient and capable of securing your awesome console. Make sure it also matches your Xbox Series X and your gaming area’s aesthetic vibe. Something sleek and modern usually hits just the right note.

2. Ease of Installation:

Who wants a puzzle when all you anticipate is getting to your next gaming session, right? An easy, fuss-free setup is what we’re aiming for. Go with mounts that come with straightforward instructions and include all the required hardware.

3. Ventilation Support:

Your Xbox Series X needs its space to cool down after those high-intensity gaming marathons! Ensure the mount of your choice doesn’t obstruct the ventilation grids, letting heat disperse effortlessly.

4. Convenient Access:

You need easy access to all those ports and buttons on your console once it’s mounted. Plus, swapping game discs should be as quick and smooth as your gaming moves.

5. Material Composition:

The wall mount’s material decides its lifespan and how well it can bear the weight of your console. Metal, my friend, usually has this department covered.

6. Cost-effectiveness:

Let’s grab you a wall mount that’s kind to your wallet while still taking care of business. More bucks do not necessarily mean more bang! Choose one that meets all your needs without burning a hole in your pocket.

Keep these must-haves in mind, and you’re all set to snag a wall mount that’ll not just spice up your gaming time but also keep your Xbox Series X safe and sound for years to come. So let’s gear up and elevate that gaming gadget of yours!

FAQ’s for the Best Xbox Series X Wall Mount

Q1: Do I need a specialist to install an Xbox Series X wall mount?

Ans: Most Xbox Series X wall mounts come with easy-to-follow instructions, which means you can usually install them yourself. But if you’re uneasy about drilling holes or dealing with wires, it might be safer to hire a professional.

Q2: Will the wall mount block ventilation of the Xbox Series X?

Ans: No, good quality wall mounts are specifically designed to allow easy ventilation of your Xbox Series X. They do not block the cooling vents, hence ensuring your console does not overheat.

Q3: Can a wall mount hold the weight of my Xbox Series X?

Ans: Absolutely. Wall mounts are designed to be sturdy and can easily support the weight of your console. However, ensure it is installed correctly to avoid any mishaps.

Q4: Will I have easy access to the ports and disks?

Ans: Yes, wall mounts are designed in a way to ensure all the ports and disk drives of your Xbox are easily accessible.

Q5: Do all wall mounts fit with the Xbox Series X?

Ans: No, not all wall mounts fit the Xbox Series X. Be sure to check the product details to confirm compatibility.

Q6: Could mounting my Xbox Series X cause it to overheat?

Ans: No, the wall mount should not cause your Xbox Series X to overheat if it’s constructed with proper ventilation in mind. This is a crucial factor to consider when choosing your wall mount.

Q7: What material should I seek for an Xbox Series X Wall Mount?

Ans: While plastic mounts exist and can be perfectly sturdy, metal mounts often provide the best support and durability.


Ready to revamp your gaming space by choosing the perfect wall mount for your Xbox Series X? We’ve handpicked the top 5 options that perfectly blend sturdiness, style, affordability, and ease of use to simplify your decision-making process.

Regardless of your personal preferences, you can’t go wrong with one of these bad boys that promise convenience, solid ventilation, and stunning design. Just keep in mind what truly matters to you in creating your unique gaming ambiance.

So, go ahead and pick your wall-mount buddy with confidence, while remembering what you want your gaming zone to look and feel like. Happy gaming, and welcome your Xbox Series X to its new and cool wall-mounted abode!

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