Ensuring the Health and Vitality of Your Kittens: Top 5 Best Vitamins for Kittens in the Philippines

While kittens bring unimaginable joy, ensure you fulfill the responsibility of taking care of their dietary needs. These bundles of energy provide us endless entertainment, enhancing our lives with their engaging antics. Nevertheless, their growing bodies require more than just a standard diet. There’s a need for rich, nutrient-dense food supplemented by vitamins tailored to maintain their health and support growth. In the Philippines, a variety of vitamin supplements are catered specifically for kittens, offering a blend of essential nutrients, minerals, and vitamins crucial for their development. These supplements contribute to various facets of a kitten’s overall health, including vision, bone growth, immune system robustness, and even their coat quality. In this article, we’ll walk you through the five best vitamin supplements for kittens available in the Philippines, letting you choose the best one for your furry companion’s needs. Dive in to ensure your little felines grow into healthy, happy cats.

Best Vitamins for Kittens in the Philippines

LC-Vit Plus

One supplement guaranteed to support your kitten’s overall health development is NutraTech’s LC-Vit Plus. This product has garnered favorable reviews for its affordability and accessibility, making it a popular choice amongst many Philippine cat owners.

LC-Vit Plus holds a host of essential minerals and vitamins tailored to cater to the unique needs of growing kittens. Notably, it contains riboflavin, a vitamin integral to promoting healthy fur and enhancing overall kitten growth. Cat owners who have used this product have positively remarked on the noticeable improvements in their kittens’ coat health and their energetic nature upon regular use of LC-Vit Plus.

Moreover, LC-Vit Plus includes essential minerals such as taurine and lysine. Taurine is known for its role in maintaining cats’ critical functions, including heart health, while lysine supports their respiratory health and immune system, fortifying them against various illnesses.

Additionally, this supplement comes fortified with ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), known to significantly boost the immune system. This further keeps your kittens healthy and contributes effectively to their development into robust and healthy adult cats.

In summary, the varied ingredients in LC-Vit Plus create a well-rounded supplement to support your fur babies’ health from all fronts. As always, consulting with a veterinarian before introducing new dietary components is recommended.

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Himalaya Immunol 

Himalaya’s Immunol, prominently composed of extracts of Tinospora cordifolia and Winter Cherry, is an excellent supplement choice that promotes the overall well-being of kittens. Primarily, these natural ingredients are known for their immune-boosting properties, essential in safeguarding kittens against bacterial and microbiological infections, particularly targeting their ears and eyes.

Interestingly, this supplement also works as an effective stress reliever in kittens. This is a beneficial trait, given the known adverse effects stress can have on a kitten’s health and development.

Immunol’s robust formulation doesn’t stop with immunity and stress management. It also includes a selection of herbs known for promoting the strength of the immune, neurological, and digestive systems. These organ systems play a pivotal role during a kitten’s growth phase, and keeping them healthy guarantees overall well-being.

Philippine customers have given positive feedback about Immunol, noting its efficacy as a follow-up supplement for kittens recovering from an illness. By naturally boosting immunity and contributing to overall health, this product has proved to be an excellent aid in the recovery phase of sick kittens, helping them return to their active selves quicker.

In essence, Himalaya’s Immunol is ideal for those seeking a natural, herb-based supplement that doesn’t compromise efficacy, offering an innovative choice for holistic kitten health management.

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Troy Nutripet

Troy’s Nutripet stands out as a high-energy vitamin concentrate designed specifically for underweight kittens needing an increase in calorie intake along with essential vitamins. Packed with a vitamin B complex, Nutripet works effectively to stimulate kittens’ appetite, a crucial step towards helping them regain a healthy feeding routine and body weight.

In addition, Nutripet includes Vitamins A and E in its formulation, key contributors to improved skin health and strengthened defense against diseases. The combination of these nutrients adds a protective layer that helps ward off potential health problems, contributing to the overall wellbeing of your kittens.

Besides the essential vitamins, Nutripet provides energy-giving carbohydrates, a fundamental addition to the diet of kittens. These carbs serve not only to fuel your kittens with the energy to stay active and playful but also act as a further stimulant for their appetite.

All in all, the combination of high-energy ingredients, essential vitamins, and appetite-stimulating factors that make up Troy’s Nutripet facilitate the challenging task of enhancing your underweight kitten’s nutritional condition. This product offers a comprehensive and reliable option to help your kittens regain their strength, making them more energetic, active, and healthy.

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Love Drops Skin & Coat Supplement

A delightful heart-shaped supplement, NaturVet’s Love Drops is packed with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. These essential fats are integral for the health and development of hair follicles, contributing significantly to the improvement of your kitten’s coat condition.

The supplement also contains biotin, which is essential in preventing premature hair loss and reducing excessive fur shedding in kittens. This ensures your kittens maintain a full, healthy coat. Additionally, biotin plays a role in lowering inflammation, a factor that can contribute to heart disease. This makes Love Drops a comprehensive supplement, not only for skin and coat health but also for heart disease prevention.

Customers have noted this vitamin’s noticeable effects on improving the coat of their kittens. Moreover, they appreciated the ease of administering Love Drops. The tasty formulation seems to be a hit with the kittens, making this supplement a hassle-free addition to your kitten’s diet.

In essence, NaturVet’s Love Drops Skin & Coat Supplement offers a balanced approach to support your kittens’ fur health, heart health, and overall well-being, while also being a delight for kittens to consume. This supplement brings not just love, but also a healthy boost to your kittens, in each heart-shaped drop.

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Nutrical Calcium Supplement

NutraTech’s Nutrical calcium supplement is an ideal choice for preventing and treating calcium deficiency in kittens. Calcium is essential for promoting healthy growth and development of their bones and teeth. By fortifying teeth, this supplement prevents injury and is especially useful for kittens that enjoy gnawing on things.

It is important to note that kittens require more calcium than adult cats, making the Nutrical calcium supplement a valuable addition to their diet during the crucial growth phase.

Designed with ease of use in mind, this syrup can be administered directly to your kittens or mixed into their food, ensuring convenience and flexibility in your feeding routine. Customers appreciate the affordability of this product, making it an attractive choice without sacrificing effectiveness.

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How to Choose the Best Vitamins for Kittens in the Philippines

Choosing the right vitamins for your kittens can make a significant difference in their health and development. With a myriad of options available in the Philippines, it can be challenging knowing which vitamins best serve your kittens’ needs. The following guide is designed to help you navigate the selection process and make an informed decision when choosing a vitamin supplement for your feline friend.

Understanding Your Kitten’s Nutritional Needs – Identifying the Essentials

Before discussing specific products, it’s crucial to understand the nutritional needs of a kitten. Kittens need a balanced diet rich in protein, taurine, vitamins, and minerals. While most of these basic dietary needs are met by a good quality kitten food, supplements can offer additional benefits especially for kittens with health issues or dietary exceptions.

Labels and Ingredients – Knowing What’s Inside

When looking through kitten vitamins, check and understand product labels. The best vitamins for kittens will typically include essential substances such as:

  • Vitamin A for healthy vision and growth
  • B-Vitamins for metabolism and maintaining healthy skin and coat
  • Vitamin D to aid in bone and teeth development
  • Vitamin E for boosting the immune system
  • Some might also include taurine, an essential amino acid for cats crucial for heart, brain, and eye health.

However, be cautious of products with filler ingredients such as wheat, soy, preservatives, or artificial colors as they might lead to allergic reactions or health problems.

Trusted Brands – Ensuring Quality and Reliability

Ensure the vitamins are manufactured by a reputable company renowned for quality pet health products. Using trusted brands can assure you that the vitamins have been formulated under strict manufacturing standards and clinically tested for safety and efficacy.

Vet Recommended – Seeking Professional Advice

It’s always advisable to consult with a veterinarian before starting any new vitamin regimen. Vets can provide the best advice based on your kittens’ specific needs. They understand each kitten’s individual nutritional requirements and can suggest suitable vitamin supplements.

User Reviews – Learning from others’ Experiences

While not a definitive guide, examining product reviews from other kitten owners can provide valuable insights into a product’s effectiveness. Positive reviews often indicate a product’s reliability and effectiveness based on real-world usage.

Affordability & Availability – Balancing Cost and Convenience

Although not a primary deciding factor, consider the cost. High prices don’t always equate to better effectiveness. Choose a product that strikes a balance between cost and benefits. Also, consider the local availability of the supplement in your area or how convenient it is to order online.

With these factors in mind, here are the top 5 kitten vitamins available in the Philippines:

  1. Nutri-Vet Multi-Vite Chewables for Kittens: These chewable tablets, formulated by veterinarians, provide a broad spectrum of essential vitamins and minerals necessary for kittens’ growth and development.
  2. Vetoquinol Zylkene Calm & Relax Cat Capsules: Alongside providing essential vitamins for kittens, these also contain added elements that assist in calming and reducing anxiety.
  3. Pet Ag Taurine Tablets: These ensure your kitten gets an adequate supply of taurine, a crucial amino acid for cats, alongside essential vitamins and minerals.
  4. NaturVet VitaPet Multivitamin: Offering an array of essential nutrients, this multivitamin product also provides digestive enzymes to aid in nutrient absorption.
  5. Tiki Cat Multi-Vitamin Supplement Gel: This supplement gel caters to the daily nutritional needs of kittens, providing an array of vitamins and essential nutrients.


Thus, catering to your kitten’s dietary needs goes beyond providing them with regular food; it extends to ensuring they get the right mix of vitamins and nutrients crucial for their growth phase. We hope this guide has helped simplify your choices and provided clarity on the top vitamin options available in the Philippines. From enhancing vision and growth with Vitamin A, aiding bone development with Vitamin D, and boosting the immune system using Vitamin E, to providing taurine every cat needs – each vitamin plays a crucial role. Remember, the healthiest choice always depends on each kitten’s unique needs, so consultation with a veterinarian is key. Through diligent care, necessary supplements, and lots of love, you are setting your kittens on the best path towards a long, healthy and happy life.

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