Top 5 Best Under-Desk Invisible Wireless Chargers

Looking for a way to clear the chaos of tangled cables from your workspace? Maybe you’re hunting for that sleek charger upgrade to blend in with your modern setup? Either way, you’ve landed at the right spot, my friend. In this little chat of ours, we’re going to explore the top 5 under-desk invisible wireless chargers that are simply the best around!

Let me guide you to find that perfect under-desk wireless charger that marries form and function flawlessly – looking smart while also pumping life into your devices, all day long. So, buckle up, and let’s spruce up your desk with one of these brilliant, clutter-busting chargers.

A Quick Look: Best Under-Desk Invisible Wireless Chargers

  1. Eazpower Invisible Wireless Charger
  2. JE Make IT Simple Desk Wireless Charger
  3. KPON Invisible Wireless Charger
  4. hopopower Desk Wireless Charger
  5. JiffyPoint Under Desk Invisible Wireless Charger

Eazpower Invisible Wireless Charger

Meet the Eazpower Invisible Wireless Charger, an ultra-sophisticated and magnificent addition to your desk setting. Breaking away from the clutter of wires and allowing an efficient charging experience with a charging distance of up to 1.57 inches, this wireless charging station comes equipped with capabilities that redefine convenience. The Eazpower charger can seamlessly blend into your surroundings as it mounts under your table, bedside, nightstand or any suitable furniture, and lets you charge through multiple materials like wood, granite, marble, glass, plastic, or quartz.

Key Features

  • Invisible Charging Stance: Holding true to its name, the Eazpower Invisible Wireless charger is designed to provide a clean and neat setup by mounting under any piece of furniture. Consequently, enabling your phone to charge on the surface, cutting down clutter dramatically.
  • Comprehensive Compatibility: This fantastic charger isn’t just limited to a select few compatible devices, but grants extensive compatibility with a wide range of wireless charging phones like iPhone 14/14 Max/14 Pro/14 Pro Max/13/13 Pro/13 Pro max/12/12 Pro/12 Pro max/12 mini/SE/11/11 pro/11 Pro max/X/Xs/Xs Max/8/8 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S22/S21/S20/S20+/S10/9/8/7, along with other Qi wireless devices (excluding watches).
  • Efficient Charging: The charger boasts an effective charging distance of 15-40mm(0.59″-1.57″), thus providing a swift charging experience without directly placing your phone on the charger.
  • Secure and Simple User Experience: Safety is the prime importance with the Eazpower charger. It ensures overcharging protection, heat protection, and a reliable internal switch guarantees the protection of the device.
  • Gaming-Enriched Design: It’s a perfect addition to the gaming setup gear. The charger brings a neat and enhanced cable management experience, making for a clutter-free, organized gaming desk.

Pros and Cons


  • Ultra-modern invisible design that curbs clutter and grants neat appearance.
  • Broad compatibility, thus giving freedom of varying device charging.
  • Enhanced user safety with adequate defensive measures against overcharging and heating.
  • Ideal for gaming setups due to clean cable management.


  • It cannot charge watches, which might be a turn-off for some users.
  • The hidden nature of the charger may confuse first-time users.

Integrating into your desk setup effortlessly, the Eazpower Invisible Wireless Charger brings an unmatched level of convenience and sophistication to your everyday charging needs. Balancing innovation with functionality, the Eazpower charger not just declutters your desk but redefines the charging experience.

JE Make IT Simple Desk Wireless Charger

Upgrade your workspace or home with the stylish JE Make IT Simple Desk Wireless Charger, a practical solution for charging your electronic devices in a clutter-free environment. Easily integrating with a variety of surfaces, this wireless charging pad can be installed on desks, tables, and nightstands, providing effortless power access for your iPhone, Samsung, Airpods, and all Qi-enabled devices.

Key Features

  • Furniture Innovation: The JE Make IT Simple wireless charger is designed to blend seamlessly with your furniture. Embedded with smart technology and eliminating messy cables, it maximizes the utility of your desk and table spaces.
  • Elegant Design for Multiple Scenarios: The charger features a sleek metal shell that ensures excellent heat dissipation. It adapts well to various environments, including lobbies, hotels, nightclubs, offices, and waiting areas, without compromising the aesthetic.
  • Universal and Fast Charging: This wireless charging pad supports all Qi-enabled devices at varying charging speeds, including 15W/10W/7.5W. Compatible with iPhone 14 Series, Galaxy S22 Series, Huawei Mate Series, and more for convenient fast charging.
  • Easy Installation: With a diameter of 6.3cm, this charger is designed to fit into many standard-sized feed-through holes. If you wish to add a wireless charger to your furniture, all you need is a drill, a hole saw (preferably 3-inch), and some elbow grease!
  • Certified Product: The JE Make IT Simple wireless charger is Qi-certified for compatibility with all Qi-certified smartphones and devices. Note that charging time may vary based on factors like battery capacity, age, and ambient temperature.

Tip: To achieve fast charging results, it is highly recommended to purchase a QC 3.0 adapter (not included). The charger supports using original adapters and cables.

Pros and Cons


  • Sleek and clean design, blending well with various surfaces and environments.
  • Universally compatible with all Qi-enabled devices.
  • Easy installation process.
  • Qi-certified for quality assurance.


  • QC 3.0 adapter not included, which is recommended for fast charging.
  • Charging time may vary depending on various factors.

The JE Make IT Simple Desk Wireless Charger is an excellent addition to any space, blending high functionality with subtle elegance. Get rid of those messy cables and enjoy a clean, organized charging experience for all your Qi-enabled devices.

KPON Invisible Wireless Charger

Offering a charging distance of up to 1.18 inches, this innovation mounts under the surface of virtually any table, countertop or furniture in your home or office, transforming them into fast wireless charging stations. Bid farewell to cord clutter and cumbersome charging stands on your desktop and embrace the convenience offered by this robust charger.

Key Features

  • Master of Disguise & Chargemaster: KPON Invisible Wireless Charger, as the name suggests, is an under-table charger. Capable of charging within 13-30mm distance, it turns your regular furniture into a speedy charging station without compromising the aesthetic appeal of your space.
  • Absolute Cordless Charging: Keeping your work station or desktop clutter-free is incredibly easy with KPON charger. Wireless charging eliminates the need for cords and charging stands, offering a neat and inspirational charging environment.
  • Safety and Simplicity: The KPON wireless charger ensures overcharging and heat protection. Its internal safety switch ensures absolute harmlessness while charging your device. Not to mention its easy application process that requires no construction, causing zero damage to your furniture.
  • Beyond Versatile: This charger is adaptable to various settings, including home, office, restaurants, hotels, and many more. It’s also compatible with various table materials like wood, plastic, glass, quartz, granite, and marble, making it a truly versatile charger.
  • Universal Compatibility: Compatibilities extend to iPhone series and Samsung Galaxy series. Also, it supports other wireless phones and headphones, making it a truly universal charger.

Pros and Cons


  • Truly invisible and clutter-free charging solution for home or office.
  • High charging distance of 13-30mm.
  • Widely compatible with various wireless devices.
  • Can charge through various table materials.


  • Not capable of charging watches.
  • May not be the best choice for those wanting a visible charger.

In conclusion, the KPON Invisible Wireless Charger is an excellent blend of advanced charging technology and discreet design. Its wide compatibility and versatile application across different locations make it an outstanding addition to your tech arsenal. It’s more than just a charger; it’s a lifestyle upgrade offering a clean and efficient charging experience.

hopopower Desk Wireless Charger

Experience convenience and speed in a single device with the Hopopower 15W Desk Wireless Charger. This robust device enables fast wireless charging for your smartphone and offers compatibility with a wide variety of models including the latest iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and more. Additionally, it incorporates a USB port, making it a versatile, multi-purpose charging hub for your desktop.

Key Features

  • Multi-functional Charging: This wireless charger not only offers wireless charging for your smartphone but also features a USB port for additional device charging needs. It facilitates seamless charging for all your Qi-enabled devices.
  • 15W Fast Charging & QC 3.0 Adaptor: Bundled with a QC3.0 Adapter, this charger ensures a speedy and effectual charging experience. Fast charging capability paired with a safe and cool operation makes this wireless charging station a desirable gadget to have.
  • Easy Installation & Space-Saving Design: The sleek, ultra-thin design of this wireless charger lends a neat, clutter-free look to your workspace. Installing it is a breeze – just place the wireless pad into the desk hole and connect the USB port.
  • Versatile Application: With its ideal dimensions, this charging mat can be applied to a multitude of places, including conference tables, cafes, restaurants, airports, and train stations. The simplicity of its design adds to its adaptability.

Pros and Cons


  • Multi-purpose charging with wireless charging and a USB port.
  • Inclusion of QC3.0 adapter for fast, efficient charging.
  • Quick and hassle-free installation.
  • Versatility in application.


  • Charger diameter might not be suitable for all desk holes.
  • Wireless charging might not be as fast compared to traditional cable charging.

In conclusion, the Hopopower 15W Desk Wireless Charger offers the perfect blend of convenience, speed, and versatility. It emerges as a reliable and efficient solution for your charging needs. If you need a compact, versatile, and fast charging device that adds a touch of modern simplicity to your workspace, the Hopopower 15W Desk Wireless Charger might just be your best bet.

JiffyPoint Under Desk Invisible Wireless Charger

Eliminate clutter and improve your workspace experience with the elegant and versatile JiffyPoint Invisible Under Desk Wireless Charger. With a large 1.18 inch charging pad and a 10W charging capacity, this wireless charging station is compatible with a plethora of devices, including the iPhone 14 Series, Samsung Galaxy, and even wireless headphones. It is cleverly designed to fit under your desk, transforming your everyday work furniture into a practical and tidy charging station.

Key Features

  • Long-range 1.18 Inch Charging Distance: The JiffyPoint under desk wireless charger is designed to maximize space usage and minimize clutter. It can charge devices through your desk or other furniture, with an optimal charging distance of 13-30mm.
  • Broad Device Compatibility and Efficient Charging: The wireless charger offers 7.5W fast charging for the iPhone series and 10W fast charging for the Samsung Galaxy series, alongside 5W charging for wireless headphones. Its compatibility extends to all wireless charging capable devices.
  • Safety-Assured and Battery-friendly Charging: The charger uses high-quality, double-layered copper wiring for charging, increasing safety with over-current, over-temperature, and over-voltage protection. The package includes a QC3.0 adapter for the best charging efficiency.
  • No Drilling, Easy Installation: The charger installs easily on desktop surfaces made of marble, wood, glass, or any non-metallic materials using a positioning bracket with a double-sided tape. You don’t need to drill holes or damage your desk to install this charger.

Pros and Cons


  • High compatibility with a wide range of devices.
  • Hidden installation, providing a clean and clutter-free workspace.
  • Ensures safety during charging with high-quality copper wiring.
  • Easy, non-destructive installation process.


  • Charging efficiency may be affected if the distance exceeds the optimal range.
  • May not fit well on all desktop surfaces.

Designed for minimalistic and organized workspaces, the JiffyPoint Under Desk Invisible Wireless Charger is a versatile accessory that brings convenience right where you need it. If you value a neat workspace and prefer quick and efficient charging, this invisible wireless charger is a great choice for you.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Under-Desk Invisible Wireless Chargers

When it’s time to bid adieu to that messy pile of charging cables on your desk, an under-desk invisible wireless charger could be your savior. But, hang on! Before you rush off to grab one, let’s go through some details. After all, it’s not just about choosing a gadget that banishes clutter, it’s about choosing the one that works perfectly for you. So, let’s look at some key factors to consider when shopping around for the best invisible wireless charger:

1. Charging Speed

Let’s face it, nobody likes waiting around for gadgets to charge. Check the amount of wattage your potential charger provides. More wattage equals faster charging times.

2. Compatibility

It’s like dating, they need to be compatible with you – or in this case, your device. Some chargers may play favorites with certain models or brands, others might be open to all.

3. Installation

You don’t want a “fixer-upper” project. Your charger should be easy to install and remove, and ideally offer both adhesive or screw-mount options.

4. Safety

This one is a must-have on your checklist. Overcharge, overheating, and short circuit protection are essential safety features. Bonus points if it also safeguards against foreign objects, especially when mounting under a metal desk.

5. Aesthetic

Unless you’re going for an industrial look, a sleek and modern design that melds seamlessly with your workspace decor is a big plus.

6. Price

Last but never least, it’s good old Price. Keep your budget in mind while shopping. Remember, though, that an astronomical price tag doesn’t necessarily mean out-of-this-world quality.

So there you have it! Keep these factors in mind to find an invisible wireless charger that’s just right for you.

FAQ’s for the Best Under-Desk Invisible Wireless Chargers

Q: Can I charge any device with an invisible wireless charger?

A: Not all devices will work with every invisible wireless charger. You must ensure that your device is Qi-compatible and that the charger you choose supports your specific model or brand.

Q: How do I know if the charger’s power is strong enough to charge through my desk?

A: Review the manufacturer’s specifications for the max charging distance or thickness supported. Measure your desk’s thickness and compare it to the charger’s specs. The best invisible wireless chargers will typically work through desks with thicknesses varying from 0.79 inches (20 mm) to 1.18 inches (30 mm).

Q: Does the wireless charger require any tools for installation?

A: Many invisible wireless chargers come with adhesive stickers or screw-mount options, which might require fundamental tools like a screwdriver. However, most chargers can be installed or removed without professional help.

Q: Are all invisible wireless chargers safe to use?

A: Look for chargers with built-in safety features like overcharge, overheating, and short circuit protection. It’s always best to choose a reputable brand or model, and don’t forget to read user reviews online to better understand real-world experiences.

Q: Can invisible wireless chargers charge multiple devices simultaneously?

A: Some advanced models may support multi-device charging, allowing you to charge more than one device at a time. However, the charging speed might be affected in such cases. Remember to check the product specifications for details on multi-device charging capabilities.

Q: Is it possible to charge a device with a case on it?

A: Many invisible wireless chargers can charge devices with cases on them, as long as the case isn’t too thick and is made of non-metallic material. Check the product specifications for recommended case thickness or compatibility.


And there you have it, folks! With the great world of under-desk invisible wireless chargers at your fingertips, it’s time to banish pesky cables and seriously upgrade your workspace. A world of sleek, uncluttered desks awaits!

Whether you’re searching for lightning-fast charging speeds, a charger that plays nice with your favorite device, or one that looks like it just stepped off the runway, our handy guide has got you covered. So go ahead and give yourself the gift of a tidier, more functional, and downright stylish desk. Because let’s face it, you deserve the best! Happy charging!

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