Top 5 Best Tripods in the Philippines: Capture Your Moments Steadily & Stylishly!

Ever found yourself grappling with shaky hands and blurry photos? The perfect solution lies in owning an effective and reliable tripod. We’ve curated a list of the Top 5 Best Tripods in the Philippines, ensuring your precious moments are captured as clearly as the original. These tripods not only deliver stability and flexibility but also stand the test of time, making them an indispensable tool for all Filipino photographers. So, delve into the world of precision photography with us as we unfold the ultimate list of tripods you’d want to invest in!

The Top 5 Best Tripods in the Philippines

  1. Selens Professional Tripod – Check Lazada, Check Shopee
  2. Yunteng VCT-5208 Tripod – Check Lazada, Check Shopee
  3. WEIFENG WT-3520 Tripod – Check Lazada, Check Shopee
  4. Roos Shop Aluminum Alloy Tripod – Check Lazada, Check Shopee
  5. SOMITA ST-666 Tripod – Check Lazada, Check Shopee

Selens Professional Tripod 

Unveiling the Selens Professional Tripod, an advanced option for photographers who require a combination of stability and portability in their gear. Made from a superior magnesium alloy, this lightweight tripod offers exceptional steadiness while featuring easy reversibility for convenient outdoor movement.

Key Features:

  • Quality Material: Made of durable magnesium alloy, this tripod is both lightweight and stable.
  • 180-Degree Reversibility: Offers easy outdoor carrying and storage.
  • Quick Release Plate: Allows for effortless camera connection and disassembly within seconds.
  • 360-Degree Tripod Ball-Head: Features two independent control knobs and a professional ball-head for enhanced camera activity range during panoramic shots.
  • Sponge Grip: Provides an anti-skid and sweat-resistant handle that also provides cold protection and warmth.
  • Stability Hook: Enables you to securely hang additional objects to enhance the tripod’s stability.
  • Rugged Terrain Compatibility: Equipped with rubber footpads and stainless steel pins, ensuring stable use in challenging environments and rough terrain.

Experience outstanding support, mobility, and convenience with the Selens Professional Tripod, a game-changer in the world of professional photography.

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Yunteng VCT-5208 Tripod

The Yunteng VCT-5208 Tripod is a versatile accessory that enhances your photography and videography sessions. Suitable for SLR’s, Digicams, and Action Cameras, it offers strong support to your devices while providing flexibility and stability. Included with a cellphone holder and a Bluetooth Remote Shutter for smartphones, it expands the boundaries of your photographic creativity.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Compatibility: Designed to accommodate a wide range of devices such as SLR’s, Digicams, Action Cameras, and smartphones.
  • Maximum Height of 125 cm: Provides ample elevation to capture stunning shots from a variety of angles.
  • Bluetooth Remote Shutter for Smartphones: Allows you to click picture-perfect shots from a distance, bringing more flexibility to your shoots.
  • Maximum Load Capacity: Capable of supporting a device weight of up to 1.5 kg, offering reliability and security.
  • Compatibility with Android and IOS Devices: Ensures that the tripod can work effortlessly with a wide variety of smartphones.

The Yunteng VCT-5208 Tripod brings innovative technology and convenience together, helping you capture impressive shots without compromising on comfort and ease of use.

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WEIFENG WT-3520 Tripod

Presenting the WEIFENG WT-3520 Tripod, a vital equipment for photographers and videographers in search of precision and stability. Made with superior aluminum alloy, this tripod coupled with a PTZ set ensures long-lasting durability, solid support, and an exceptional selection of features designed to address all your requirements.

Key Features:

  • Max Extended Length of 1400 mm: Capture stunning shots from various angles, with the ability to extend up to 1.4 meters.
  • Folded Length of 550 mm: Compact and portable when folded, making it an ideal companion for travel and on-the-go photoshoots.
  • 3D PTZ Material: Made from aluminum alloy, ensuring durability and stability during use.
  • Tripod + PTZ Set: Provides a versatile solution for achieving the perfect camera angles and positioning.
  • Three-foot Frame Design: Offers a solid base for your camera or other devices, ensuring optimal support and stability.
  • Free Mobile Phone Clip: Includes a handy mobile phone clip attachment for added convenience.
  • Max Load Capacity of 3 KG: Capable of supporting devices weighing up to 3 kg, providing peace of mind for heavy camera setups.

Unlock your creative potential with the WEIFENG WT-3520 Tripod, a reliable and versatile accessory that ensures the perfect shots, every time.

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Roos Shop Aluminum Alloy Tripod

Discover the Roos Shop Aluminum Alloy Tripod designed by Weifeng, a reliable and sturdy choice for photographers and videographers who value precision and stability. This tripod includes a PTZ set and boasts high-quality aluminum alloy construction, promising durability and an extensive range of features tailored to meet your specific needs.

Key Features:

  • Weifeng 3D PTZ Material: Constructed with premium aluminum alloy for reliable and solid support during use.
  • Tripod + PTZ Set: Providing a versatile solution to capture the perfect camera angles and positioning.
  • Brand and Model: Designed and produced by the renowned WF/Weifeng brand, this model WT3520 is a testimony to their expertise in creating top-notch photography equipment.
  • Three-foot Frame Design: Ensures a strong and steady base for your camera or other devices, offering optimal stability.
  • Color and Mobile Phone Clip: Comes in the classic WT3520 color with a complimentary mobile phone clip for added convenience.
  • Bearing Weight Capacity of 3 kg: Capable of supporting devices weighing up to 3 kg, giving you peace of mind even with heavy camera setups.

Enjoy the optimal mix of practicality, versatility, and durability with the Roos Shop Aluminum Alloy Tripod by Weifeng. It serves as your perfect partner for both professional-grade and hobbyist photography.

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SOMITA ST-666 Tripod

Showcasing the SOMITA ST-666 Tripod, a versatile and transportable choice for photography aficionados. Created with high-quality aluminum, this light tripod offers a dependable and steady base for your camera, fulfilling the requirements for precision and flexibility during your adventures.

Key Features:

  • Broad Compatibility: Works with most camera models.
  • Lightweight: Weighing just 2.75 lbs, it’s a convenient accessory for travel.
  • Quick Release Leg Locks: Feature four-section legs with quick release locks that provide a convenient way to adjust the height to your specific needs.
  • Leg Angle Adjusting Lock: Ensures secure leg adjustment for every shot.
  • Center Shaft Reverse Function: Enables low-angle shooting.
  • Steel Rocker: Allows you to adjust the camera during shooting easily.
  • Handle Lifting Shaft Design: Enhances user convenience.
  • Antiskid Rubber Feet: Ensures the stability of the tripod.
  • Portable Pocket: Enhances ease of transport.
  • Ideal for Travel Photography: Makes it a top choice for your travel SLR camera.

Built for the photographer on the move, the SOMITA ST-666 Tripod is a blend of practicality, versatility, and durability, promising to transform your photographic experiences.

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How to Choose the Best Tripods in the Philippines

Choosing a tripod can be a daunting task, given the myriad of options available in the market. However, understanding certain key factors can guide your selection process and help you pick the tripod best suited to your needs.

Factors to Consider

  • Build Quality: The durability of a tripod is crucial. Consider those made from high-quality materials like carbon fiber, which offer longevity and sturdiness.
  • Weight Capacity: Ensure the tripod supports your camera’s weight. It’s advisable to choose one that can hold more than your camera’s weight for best stability.
  • Size and Weight of the Tripod: If you travel frequently, you’d want a tripod that’s lightweight and compact when folded.
  • Features: Consider features like the type of head, quick release plates, or adjustable center column height which can make capturing your shots easier.
  • Price: Your budget is essential. While cheap tripods may seem attractive, investing in a higher-priced, quality tripod can save you costs in the long run.

Finding the best tripod in the Philippines is a matter of understanding your needs and aligning them with the right factors. You might have to compromise on some aspects but in the end, the perfect tripod will elevate your photography game, making every captured moment worth it.


In conclusion, the top 5 best tripods in the Philippines cater to a range of budgets and needs, ensuring every photographer finds the perfect fit. Each of these options offers stability, durability, and ease of use that will truly enhance your photography experience. With the right tripod by your side, never worry about shaky hands or blurry pictures again. Instead, enjoy the power of capturing breathtaking moments in complete clarity. Set forth on your photographic journey with one of these phenomenal tripods, capturing magical memories with ease and precision.

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