Best Streaming Device Philippines

Streaming devices are a great way to bring your favorite shows and movies into your home. They’re also a great way to connect with other devices, like smart TVs or gaming consoles. The best streaming device is going to depend on what you’re looking for, but we’ve got some options here that will work for most people.

We’ve narrowed down the list of best streaming devices in the Philippines based on price point, functionality, and availability. These are the top 8 best streaming device in the Philippines:

Best Streaming Device in the Philippines

Google Chromecast 3rd Generation

If you’re looking to stream your favorite shows and movies, the Google Chromecast 3rd Generation is the best streaming device in the Philippines. It’s a simple, affordable way to watch your favorite content on any TV, without having to buy a new television or pay for expensive cable packages.

Chromecast is a media streaming device that connects into the HDMI port on your TV. With it, you can watch videos and listen to music from many different apps like Netflix and YouTube, or even from Chrome on your computer.

It’s compatible with Android 4.1+, iOS 7.0+, Windows 7 and Mac OS X 10.7, as well as ChromeOS devices like Chromebooks.

With 12 months supplier warranty and free shipping nationwide, this is one purchase you won’t regret!

Anycast M9 Plus HDML Dongle

Anycast M9 Plus HDML Dongle is a smart gadget that allows you to stream videos, music and photos on your TV or PC. It comes with an HDMI adapter which can be used to connect to any HDMI-enabled devices. It uses wireless display technology to transfer data between devices without any wires.

It’s compatible with almost all operating systems like Windows 7/8/10, Mac OS X 10.7+, Android 5+ and iOS 8+. This means that you don’t need any app or drivers to use this device as it works directly with your computer or smartphone.

The Anycast M9 Plus HDML Dongle can be used for multiple purposes like gaming, streaming media from various sources including YouTube, Netflix and Hulu etc., mirroring your phone screen onto TV and much more!

This dongle supports resolutions up to 1080 pixels which means you can watch high quality videos on your television set with crystal clear resolution and color accuracy.

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max

The Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max is a streaming media player with Alexa Voice Remote. It’s the most powerful streaming stick on the market, and it has all the features you need to watch your favorite shows and movies in high-definition.

The Fire TV Stick 4K Max comes with a remote that lets you control your TV and other Alexa devices from across the room, so you can easily use your voice to search for content, ask questions of Alexa and change channels. The remote even comes with a microphone so you can make voice commands while watching TV!

The FireTV Stick 4K Max also offers faster app starts and more fluid navigation, so you can enjoy an immersive cinematic experience wherever you are. Some channels may not be accessible in the Philippines like Hulu, Prime Video, Disney+ and HBO GO (for now) but Netflix and other popular streaming services are available worldwide.

Roku Streaming Stick+

The Roku Streaming Stick+ is the ultimate streaming device.

With 1080p HD and 4K Ultra HD streaming capabilities, you can enjoy both high-definition and ultra-HD content on your TV.

The Roku Streaming Stick+ gives you the power to stream your favorite shows and movies from over 4,000 channels, including Netflix, Hulu, HBO NOW, Sling TV and more.

It comes with a remote control that works up to 30 feet away from your TV and has an in-line microphone for hands-free search.

Get automatic software updates so your device always runs at peak performance speed.

Mi Box S 4K Ultra HD Streaming Media Player

The Mi Box S 4K Ultra HD Streaming Media Player with Chromecast built-in is a small box that’s easy to use and supports Google Assistant and Chromecast. It gives you access to tons of content on your TV, including movies, shows, music, games, and more. You can even play 4K HDR content.

The 4K Ultra HD Streaming Media Player is powered by Android TV for superior functionality, so you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for quickly and easily. And with a built-in 8GB eMMC storage drive, you can keep all your favorite shows and movies at the ready without having to worry about running out of space on your device.

MXQ Pro TV Box 4K HD

The MXQ Pro TV Box 4K HD is a high-tech device that runs on Android, and comes with all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a new-age media player. With this TV box, you can stream movies or music from your phone, tablet or computer to your TV.

This device supports high speed of wifi, so you can connect your devices quickly and easily. It also comes with HDMI ports so that you can plug in an HDMI cable to output the content on your TV screen or speakers. You can use this device for watching movies, playing games or listening to music—and it’s compatible with most apps out there!

With this TV box, you’ll be able to experience streaming services like Netflix and Hulu in no time—right from your living room couch!

Andowl Chromecast TV Streaming

Andowl Chromecast TV Streaming is a new device that allows you to mirror content from your portable devices onto your TV.

It’s compact, circular design makes it easy to use and store, making it the perfect accessory for any home or office.

Andowl Chromecast TV Streaming is compatible with HDMI Dongles and displays, so you can plug in and start streaming right away. It also has Dual-Band 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity, so you can stream in HD quality with no buffering delays!

With Andowl Chromecast TV Streaming, there’s no need to worry about wires getting tangled up or being tripped over; just plug it in and start streaming!

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick

The Xiaomi Mi TV Stick is a portable streaming media player with Android 9.0 operation system that offers smooth and excellent performance. It has HD Dolby stereo sound quality, 2K HDR technology and supports Google Assistant for voice controlling the TV.

It comes with 1GB RAM + 8GB ROM and supports various Apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, etc. You can use it to stream movies and TV shows on your big screen TV with ease!


Now that you’ve got the lowdown on all of the best streaming devices available in the Philippines, it’s time to decide which one is right for you. The Google Chromecast 3rd Generation is a great choice if you want to be able to stream content from just about anywhere, while also having access to Google Assistant and Home speakers that work with it. If budget isn’t a concern then go with theRoku Streaming Stick+ because it offers so many features such as 4K HDR support and gaming capabilities.

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