Top 5 Best Sleep Sound Machines in the Philippines: Unveiling Serene Slumber

The hustle and bustle of daily life in the Philippines can often rob one of quality sleep. Sleep Sound Machines stand as an innovative solution to this widespread issue, ensuring silent nights and peaceful dreams. This curated list presents the Top 5 Best Sleep Sound Machines in the Philippines, backed by expert reviews and consumer ratings. Ranging in features, price, and performance–each machine embodies the blend of technology and tranquility. Discover a sleep solution that not only caters to your needs, but that has been tailor-picked for the unique lifestyle and demands of life in the Philippines.

The Top 5 Best Sleep Sound Machines in the Philippines

  1. Fannydream Portable White Noise Sound Machine – Check Lazada, Check Shopee
  2. ORIA 7RGB Night Light White Noise Machine – Check Lazada, Check Shopee
  3. White Noise Machine with Night Light – Check Lazada, Check Shopee
  4. Thunder White Noise Machine – Check Lazada, Check Shopee
  5. Yogasleep Hushh Portable White Noise Sound Machine – Check Lazada, Check Shopee

Fannydream Portable White Noise Sound Machine 

Induce a profound sleep for your child with the Fannydream Portable White Noise Sound Machine – an ultimate solution to create a perfect sleep environment. It is a compact and intricate device deliberately designed to aid nap times and restful nights.

Key Features

  • 10 Soothing Sounds: This device is equipped with 10 soothing sounds including white noise, a variety of lullabies, cricket, sea waves, clock, birds, heartbeat, and stream. These serene sounds ensure little ones feel safe and relaxed, aiding their transition into a calming slumber.
  • Convenient Timer and Adjustable Volume: The essential features of a sleep timer (with options of 15, 30, and 60 minutes) helps conserve energy, and an adjustable volume control lets you create the ideal sleep environment tailored to your child’s needs.
  • Automatic Noise Detection Mode: This smart feature enables the machine to stop playing automatically after 15 minutes and enter a detection mode if continuous noise is detected for 10 seconds, ensuring a quiet and peaceful environment.
  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery: A built-in 300mAh battery allows fast 1 hour full charge and lasts for a remarkable 23 working hours, saving you from any power off worries. It can conveniently be recharged using the included USB cable.
  • Compact and Portable: This sleep machine’s compact and lightweight design make it ideal for travel. Accompanied by a handy lanyard, it allows you to hang this machine anywhere, saving space and adding ease whether at home or on the go.

All in all, the Fannydream Portable White Noise Sound Machine is a seamless blend of sound variety, smart technology, and convenience, making it a wonderful companion to aid children in achieving peaceful, restful slumber wherever they are.

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ORIA 7RGB Night Light White Noise Machine 

Immerse yourself in a world of tranquility with the innovative ORIA 7RGB Night Light White Noise Machine. Designed to provide high-quality soothing sounds and a comforting light atmosphere, it’s a wonderful companion for those who desire peaceful, restful sleep.

Key Features

  • 24 Soothing Sounds: The ORIA white noise machine is equipped with an impressive array of 24 soothing sound options. This includes 7 white noises, 7 fan sound effects, and 10 natural sounds (such as bird calls, lullabies or rain sounds). These rich, calming soundtracks are designed to create a serene environment, aiding in faster and deeper sleep.
  • 30/60/90s Auto-Off Timer & Memory Function: To fit personal needs and conserve energy, the sound machine can be set to play continuously throughout the night or utilize the auto-off timer with 30, 60 or 90-minute settings. Its memory function conveniently retains your last settings—be it light, sound or volume—making the machine easy to use without needing readjustments.
  • Rechargeable & Plug and Play: This sleep sound machine comes with a built-in 1200mA lithium battery, adopting a Type-C charging method, negating the need for battery replacements. This feature renders it eco-friendly and power-efficient. With its handy and compact design, it’s portable enough to bring along wherever you go. Please note that it should only be used with a 5V/1A adapter to avoid damage.
  • 7 RGB Breathing Night Light: The sound machine comes with a built-in, optional night light. Emitting soothing light, it is ample for tasks like night feedings, without being disruptive to the surrounding sleep environment.
  • 5 Adjustable Brightness: Providing you with a range of brightness options, the sleep machine offers 5 adjustable brightness levels, the night light can be set according to personal needs, ensuring that feeding or nursing activities don’t disturb your baby’s rest.

The ORIA 7RGB Night Light White Noise Machine is a masterful blend of functional design and soothing technology, making it an ideal choice for those in need of a peaceful sleeping aid that caters to individual needs and preferences.

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White Noise Machine with Night Light

Sleep becomes a more soothing experience with our White Noise Machine with Night Light. Created with thoughtful design and safety in mind, this device combines advanced technology and a warm aesthetic to help ensure your baby’s rest is optimized for relaxation and tranquility.

Key Features

  • Natural Recording, Soothing Sound: Enrich your baby’s sleep environment with a collection of 28 relaxing sounds derived straight from nature. From white noise and rainfall to a babbling brook and lullabies, these soothing sounds create a comfortable and safe atmosphere that effectively coaxes your baby into sound sleep.
  • Sophisticated Design, Ear Safety: Keeping your baby’s auditory health at the forefront, this sound machine operates with a minimum volume of 45dB at 20 inches, offering a wide range of 32 volume levels. This exemplary design feature guarantees utmost safety for your baby’s ears.
  • Press Control, Warm Light: The machine is equipped with a gentle, 2700K soft light source. This warm light aids in reducing your baby’s anxiety and lulls them into sleep effectively.
  • Timer Setting, Memory Function: With the option of 3 timer settings—30, 60, 90 minutes—and the ability to leave the sound machine on throughout the night, you can customize the device to fit your baby’s specific sleep schedule. The memory function ensures the device remembers your preferred sound and volume settings, so you don’t need to readjust every time.

The device measures 10*15cm, making it easily portable and perfect for travel. Made with durable ABS in a classic white color, it’s a practical investment for ensuring a peaceful night’s sleep for your little one.

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Thunder White Noise Machine

Create a serene sleep environment with the Thunder White Noise Machine, an innovative solution to help guide you and your loved ones to a peaceful rest. By combining a spectrum of soothing sounds, an adjustable volume control, and a warm night light in a compact design, it’s designed to create a comforting ambiance in any setting at any time.

Key Features

  • Multi Soothing Sounds: Choose from a wide selection of calming sounds including white noise, fan sounds, cradle songs, and a variety of nature sounds ranging from ocean waves, rain, and streams, to birds, campfire, cricket, heartbeat and clock. The Thunder White Noise Machine provides a rich soundscape that you can tailor according to your comfort.
  • Adjustable Volume: The device gives you complete flexibility to adjust the volume according to your preference or your baby’s comfort level. You have the ability to control your sleep environment down to the finest details.
  • Warm Night Light: The sound machine is equipped with two kinds of night lights emitting soft illumination. This is perfect for those quiet night-time feeding routines, providing just enough light without disruption. If unneeded, simply turn it off with ease.
  • Optional Timer and Memory Function: With the choices of a 15, 30, or 60-minute timer, you have the freedom to customize the sound machine to your schedule. Don’t worry about resetting your preferences; the thoughtful memory function will remember the sound and volume settings from your last use.
  • Compact and Travel Size Design: With dimensions of 3.54×3.54×1.22 inches, the compact design of the machine makes it convenient for home, office, and travel use. It fits easily into a handbag or backpack allowing you to create a familiar and comforting sleep environment wherever you go.
  • Best Gift Choice: Aiding sleep with ease, this sound machine makes for the perfect gift for yourself, family, and friends. Revamp the way you sleep with the Thunder White Noise Machine.
  • Specifications:
    • Type: White Noise Machine
    • Input: DC5V=0.8A
    • Rated Power: 1.5W
    • Battery Capacity: 1200mAh
    • Charging Time: About 1.5 hours
    • Size: 3.54×3.54×1.22 inches (90x90x31mm)
    • Working Time: 15-30 hours

The Thunder White Noise Machine is your all-in-one sleep aid; ensuring a restful night’s sleep isn’t just a dream, but an achievable reality.

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Yogasleep Hushh Portable White Noise Sound Machine


Introducing the Yogasleep Hushh Portable White Noise Sound Machine, an essential element for a peaceful infant’s sleep. Helping fast-track your baby’s sleepy time, minimizing disruptions and mimicking the familiar womb sounds, this device transforms sleep routines. Now, with the portable Hushh, the comforting, consistent noise of restful sleep can follow you and your baby wherever you go.

Key Features

  • Effective Noise Masking: Trusted since 1962, Yogasleep utilizes its signature sound, resembling calming ambient air, carried forward in this portable design for infants. Hushh proficiently counters any potential disturbing noises, improving sleep quality and relaxation.
  • Variety of Soothing Sounds & Night Light: Hushh allows meticulous control of the sound scenario, excellently insulating against background noise. Options from bright white noise, deep white noise, and tranquil surf are available. Set the volume as per your need, from the softest whispers to a robust sound level. It also features a gentle amber LED Night Light that provides adequate light visibility without disrupting parent or baby’s sleep.
  • Compact & Travel-Friendly: Weighing just 3.8 ounces with a diameter of 3.5″, Hushh is designed to fit effortlessly in a diaper bag or backpack. It comes with a baby-safe clip that affixes easily to a stroller, car seat, or crib, making your portable sleep-time companion.
  • Simple to Use & Child-Safe: Say goodbye to batteries and power outlets – Hushh can run for over 6 hours on a single charge, equipped with a convenient USB cable for recharging. Its straightforward interface is manageable with one hand. Plus, Hushh provides a lock feature at your chosen setting and volume, preventing younger hands from changing the sound or powering off the unit.

Embrace a serene sleep environment for your baby with the Yogasleep Hushh Portable White Noise Sound Machine, an ultimate must-have for parents and an eminent registry item. Navigate soothing sleep experiences more conveniently than ever before!

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How to Choose the Best Sleep Sound Machines in the Philippines

Sleep is an essential yet often undervalued component of our wellbeing. Ensuring quality slumber in the buzzing environment of urban Philippines can be a challenge. Sleep Sound Machines have emerged as a remarkable solution to this problem, providing calming sounds that assist in inducing deep, restful sleep.

To assist you in making an informed decision, here are some critical factors to consider:

  1. Sound Quality: High-quality sound is vital in a sleep sound machine. Listen to a sample of the machine sounds, ensuring they are clear, realistic, and pleasing to your ear.
  2. Volume Range: Make sure the machine is capable of producing sound at the volume level that is most comfortable for you. Flexibility in volume control allows you to adjust the settings according to your preferences or changing surroundings.
  3. Sound Options: Look for a machine with a broad range of sound options such as white noise, nature sounds, ambient sounds, and more. This diversity caters to varying tastes and allows personalization to suit your sleep habits.
  4. Timer Function: A machine with a timer or auto-off function allows you to set the time for the sound to continue playing, thereby conserving energy and creating an ideal sleep environment every night.
  5. Portability: For frequent travelers, a compact and portable machine would be the best choice. This ensures that wherever you are, quality sleep is never compromised.

Keeping these aspects in mind will guide you towards a Sleep Sound Machine that perfectly fits your lifestyle and sleep needs in the Philippines.


In conclusion, the top sleep sound machines available in the Philippines provide a tailored approach to enhancing sleep quality. They vary in terms of the variety and richness of sound options, offering everything from white noise to natural ambient sounds. Each machine is built with unique characteristics and adjustable settings to suit diverse needs and sleep preferences, ensuring a healthier sleep routine. Regardless of individual requirements, there’s a device to support everyone in finding their personal sleep rhythm, leading to better overall health and wellbeing.

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