Top 5 Best Silicone Keyboard Covers in the Philippines: A Detailed Review

In our modern, digitized world, maintaining your laptop’s keyboard in pristine and unharmed condition can be a demanding task. This is where silicone keyboard covers step in, offering a dependable shield from liquid spills, dust, and mechanical attrition. With your requirements in mind, we have shortlisted the top 5 Silicone Keyboard Covers currently purchasable in the Philippines. This compiled list accentuates the sturdiest, most fashionable, and superior quality keyboard safeguards that have captivated the hearts of Filipino tech lovers. These covers do more than just shield; they imbue your device with an individual touch while ensuring a relaxed typing experience.

The Top 5 Best Silicone Keyboard Covers in the Philippines

  1. Universal Waterproof Silicone Transparent Keyboard Cover – Check Lazada, Check Shopee
  2. Compatible Macbook Air M2 A2681 Silicone Keyboard Cover – Check Lazada, Check Shopee
  3. Solar Life Logitech K380 Cover Thin Silicone Keyboard Cover – Check Lazada, Check Shopee
  4. Omnpak Universal Keyboard Protector Cover – Check Lazada, Check Shopee
  5. Silicon BLACK Keyboard Cover for Macbook Pro 13 Air – Check Lazada, Check Shopee

Universal Waterproof Silicone Transparent Keyboard Cover

Meet the ultimate solution for protecting your laptop keyboard – the Universal Waterproof Silicone Transparent Keyboard Cover. Compatible with all laptop models, this cover boasts a soft silicone construction, providing a tactile yet ultra-thin typing experience. It features a self-adhesive design, meaning no additional glue is required for application. With its waterproof capability, your keyboard remains secured against all sorts of liquid splashes, ensuring everyday wear and tear is a thing of the past.

Key Features

  • Universal Fit: It’s designed to fit all laptop models, making it a versatile keyboard protection solution.
  • Ultra-thin Self-Adhesive Design: Ultra-thin and equipped with self-adhesive lamination, this cover secures onto your keyboard without any need for additional glue.
  • Premium Soft Silicone: Crafted from superior soft silicone, it offers durability while ensuring a smooth, transparent, and tactile typing experience.
  • Waterproof and Dustproof Protection: Provides an excellent barrier against water, milk, juice, coffee, and other liquid spills. It also offers protection from dust and other contaminants, keeping your keyboard clean and functional.
  • Easy to Use: Its flexible design enables easy application and removal for cleaning or disinfecting. It offers a close fit to the keyboard surface, allowing for standard keyboard operation without any hindrance.
  • Two Size Options: Available in two sizes to accommodate different laptop sizes – Size A (about 31 cm * 13.3 cm) for 10 to 14-inch laptops and Size B (about 36 cm * 13 cm) for 15 to 17-inch laptops.

In a nutshell, the Universal Waterproof Silicone Transparent Keyboard Cover is a must-have for laptop users desiring to prolong the longevity of their keyboards while maintaining a smooth and seamless typing experience.

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Compatible Macbook Air M2 A2681 Silicone Keyboard Cover

Protect your laptop keyboard with the Compatible Macbook Air M2 A2681 Silicone Keyboard Cover. Crafted to safeguard your keyboard against dust, liquid spills, key wear, and other contaminates, this cover offers comprehensive protection. Precisely engineered to fit your Laptop keyboard (US ANSI), it’s constructed with premium-grade durable non-toxic silicone. Sporting an ultra-thin design, the cover ensures smooth typing and screen safety.

Key Features

  • Optimized Protection: Provides full coverage against dust, liquid spills like coffee, beer, milk, as well as general key wear and other contaminates, safeguarding your laptop keyboard.
  • Precise Fit: Custom engineered to fit precisely to your MacBook Air M2 A2681 keyboard (US ANSI), for complete coverage and protection.
  • Premium Construction: Made with engineering-grade non-toxic silicone, ensuring it is both durable and safe to use.
  • Ultra-Thin Design: With a thickness of only 0.3mm, it won’t interfere with the laptop screen when closed and allows for easier typing.
  • Easy Application and Cleaning: The cover is easy to apply, remove, and wash, making it reusable and easy to keep clean.

With its precise fit, robust construction, and easy application, the Compatible Macbook Air M2 A2681 Silicone Keyboard Cover is the ideal safeguard for your laptop keyboard, providing both protection and a comfortable typing experience. Enjoy peace of mind, knowing your keyboard is secured from everyday risks.

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Solar Life Logitech K380 Cover Thin Silicone Keyboard Cover

Bring home the combination of quality and comfort with the Solar Life Logitech K380 Cover Thin Silicone Keyboard Cover. Perfectly molded for each key, it minimizes the noise of typing while providing a snug fit. Made from non-toxic silicone, it uses static cling instead of glue to stay firmly in place. With this cover, everyday spills, dust, and even pet accidents won’t stand a chance against your keyboard.

Key Features

  • Perfect Fit: Each cover is perfectly molded for each key, ensuring a precise fit.
  • High-Quality Silicone: Made from non-toxic, safe silicone, ensuring longevity and safety.
  • Static Cling: Uses static cling instead of glue, maintaining a residue-free surface.
  • Protection: Offers waterproof and dustproof protection. It effectively shields your keyboard against everyday spills (coffee/beer/milk), dust (crumbs/powder), and even unfortunate pet accidents.
  • Easy Maintenance: The cover is flexible and washable, making it easy to fix, remove, and clean.
  • Silent Typing: The silicone material reduces typing noise, providing a quieter typing experience.

In essence, the Solar Life Logitech K380 Cover Thin Silicone Keyboard Cover promises not just protection, but also convenience and a peaceful, quiet typing experience. Crafted from safe and high-quality silicone, it’s the perfect companion for your Logitech K380 keyboard.

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Omnpak Universal Keyboard Protector Cover 

Introducing the Omnpak Universal Keyboard Protector Cover – a product designed by a brand renowned for catering to business people with convenience and storage needs. Tailored for those who use computer products frequently, this protector ensures complete protection for your computer keyboard. Made of high-quality silicone, it’s ultra-thin, highly transparent, and a pleasure to touch. Ease of use and cleaning coupled with waterproof, dustproof, and anti-bacterial properties make it an ideal choice for protecting your keyboard from daily wear and tear.

Key Features

  • High-Quality Material: Made of high-quality silicone that is soft, flexible, ultra-thin (about 0.25mm), highly transparent, and offers excellent touch.
  • Easy Installation: Can be positioned directly on the keyboard without the need for adhesive.
  • Ease of Use: Fits closely on the keyboard surface without hindering any keyboard operations.
  • Comprehensive Protection: Waterproof, dustproof, and anti-bacterial. It prevents water, cola, coffee, dust, ash, biscuit crumbs and other objects from entering and causing damage to the computer keyboard.
  • Easy to Clean and Durable: Ensures a new and very hygienic keyboard due to its easy-to-clean nature and anti-wear properties.
  • Convenient Design: The protector features a convenient, free-winding design that doesn’t deform.
  • Size Options: Comes in different sizes to fit laptop keyboard sizes: 12-inch, 13-14-inch, and 15-17-inch.

The Omnpak Universal Keyboard Protector Cover serves as a comprehensive solution for protecting your keyboard from daily dangers, ensuring it stays clean and new while providing a comfortable typing experience. A stress-free mobile office environment is just one step away with this protector cover.

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Silicon BLACK Keyboard Cover for Macbook Pro 13 Air

Accentuate your MacBook Pro 13 Air’s sleek look while protecting it with the Silicon Black Keyboard Cover. This cover features key legends printed directly on it, ensuring easy viewing and quicker typing. It’s crafted to impeccably fit both 11 inch, 12 inch, 13.3″Aluminum or 15.4” MacBook models. Made from soft, durable rubbery silicone, the cover shields your MacBook keyboard from scratches and dirt.

Key Features

  • Key Legends: The keywords are printed on the keyboard cover, offering comfortable viewing and efficient typing.
  • Versatile Fit: Perfectly fits for 11 inch, 12 inch, 13.3″Aluminum or 15.4” MacBook models, making it a versatile keyboard protection solution.
  • US/EU Standard: Available in both US and EU standards. Please choose correctly to fit your keyboard layout.
  • Material: Made from soft, durable rubbery silicone, ensuring longevity and keyboard protection.
  • Color: Presents a sleek black color, enhancing your MacBook’s aesthetics.
  • Protection: Completely protects your MacBook keyboard from scratches, dirt, and minor spillages.

In summary, the Silicon Black Keyboard Cover for Macbook Pro 13 Air not only visually enhances your MacBook but also ensures its keyboard remains in top condition for optimal typing experiences. Its striking aesthetics and robust protection mean you don’t have to compromise style for functionality.

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Guide to Selecting the Ideal Silicone Keyboard Covers in the Philippines

Compatibility: Confirm that the cover is suitable for your keyboard’s layout and dimensions. Pay close attention to the key positions and overall measurements.

Material and Thickness: The cover should be composed of top-quality silicone to guarantee long-lasting use. The thinness is equally relevant; slimmer covers offer a more cozy typing experience, while thicker ones may provide enhanced protection.

Cleanability: Opt for covers that are easy to detach and clean. Ideally, they should be washable to help sustain a hygienic typing environment.

Design and Color: Opt for a color and design that resonate with your style. The options are manifold, ranging from transparent and understated to bright and patterned.

Cost: Take your budget into account. Although pricier covers may offer more utilities or superior quality, there are numerous economical options available that deliver excellent performance.

Selecting the ideal silicone keyboard cover heavily depends on your usage patterns, aesthetic liking, and budget. Take your time to pick the right cover that ensures a balance of functionality and fashion.

Frequently Asked Queries: Top Silicone Keyboard Covers in the Philippines

What’s the necessity of a silicone keyboard cover?

A silicone keyboard cover boasts numerous advantages. Besides shielding your keyboard from dust, spills, and wear, it helps to lessen typing noises. Furthermore, it prolongs your keyboard’s life, boosts cleanliness, and might offer added comfort while typing.

Can all keyboards accommodate silicone keyboard covers?

Silicone keyboard covers are usually tailored to fit particular keyboard models and makes. It’s crucial to validate product descriptions to ascertain the cover you choose aligns with your keyboard’s layout, size, and key arrangement.

Will a silicone keyboard cover impair my typing speed or precision?

Generally, a top-tier silicone keyboard cover should not restrict your typing speed or precision. There might be a short adjustment period, but numerous users note that they swiftly get accustomed to the cover’s feel.

Do silicone keyboard covers resist heat?

Silicone possesses excellent heat-resistance. However, it’s advisable not to subject your keyboard or the cover to extreme temperatures or sustained heat sources, as this might inflict damage.

Where can I source the finest silicone keyboard covers in the Philippines?

Silicone keyboard covers can be found in assorted online stores, electronics shops, and computer accessory outlets throughout the Philippines. Before purchasing, remember to review product feedback and ranks to make sure you buy a high-quality product.

How durable is a silicone keyboard cover?

The longevity of a silicone keyboard cover depends on the material quality and usage. But with proper maintenance, a premium silicone keyboard cover can last a few years.

Wrap Up

In summary, safeguarding your keyboard and improving your typing experience is a breeze with the top 5 silicone keyboard covers in the Philippines. Each choice on our handpicked list offers a combination of sturdiness, style, and comfort, simplifying your decision-making process. Pick the cover that perfectly fits your needs, and relish having a well-kept keyboard free from dust, spills, and wear and tear. With these superior selections at your fingertips, you can extend your laptop keyboard’s life while personalizing your gadget.

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