The Best Rabbit Food in the Philippines: Nutritious Options for Happy Bunnies

Feeding your rabbit a balanced diet is crucial to its well-being and health. In the Philippines, rabbit owners are fortunate to have a good selection of rabbit food products that provide essential nutrients for their furry friends. From locally sourced options to imported brands, the Philippines offers a wide variety of rabbit food to cater to different preferences and budgets. In this article, we will explore some of the best rabbit food choices available in the Philippines, ensuring your rabbit stays nourished, happy, and healthy.

A Nutritious Rabbit Diet

Before delving into the list of rabbit food options, let’s highlight what constitutes a balanced and nutritious rabbit diet. In general, a healthy diet for rabbits should include:

  • 70% hay or grass
  • 25% fresh vegetables and herbs
  • 5% pellet food
  • Access to clean water

This balanced diet is essential for maintaining your rabbit’s health, digestive system, and dental hygiene. Now, let’s delve into the best rabbit food options available in the Philippines:

Best Rabbit Food in the Philippines

Nutribunn Premium Rabbit Pellet 

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When it comes to rabbits, a balanced diet is key to promoting long-term health and wellness. Nutribunn Premium Rabbit Pellet is expertly crafted to fulfill the nutritional needs of your furry friends, helping to ensure they lead a vibrant and healthy life.

Infused with a blend of essential nutrients, Nutribunn Premium Rabbit Pellet is created with both taste and health in mind. Here’s why Nutribunn stands out:

Quality Ingredients

Nutribunn Premium Rabbit Pellet is made with only the highest-quality ingredients that provide the vital nutrients your rabbit needs. The blend contains an optimal balance of proteins, fiber, and carbohydrates, along with essential vitamins and minerals.

Balanced Nutrition

This pellet formula offers a well-rounded diet for your rabbit. Rich in fibers essential for keeping a rabbit’s digestive track healthy, it also contains proteins necessary for growth and development. Vitamins and minerals are added for their benefits in promoting overall health and vitality.

Perfect for All Ages

Designed to cater to rabbits of all ages, Nutribunn Premium Rabbit Pellet is the right choice whether you have a young bunny or a mature one. Its nutrient-rich composition supports the growth of young rabbits and meets the dietary needs of mature ones.

Dental Health

By promoting a healthy chewing mechanism, Nutribunn Premium Rabbit Pellet aids in maintaining your rabbit’s dental health. Regular munching on these crunchy pellets can prevent overgrown teeth, a common issue in pet rabbits.

Easy to Digest

The high fiber content in Nutribunn Premium Rabbit Pellet ensures easy digestion, reducing the risk of gastrointestinal problems. Plus, the moisture content of the pellets is just right to avoid a too dry or too soggy feeding experience.

Nutribunn Premium Rabbit Pellet is more than just sustenance—it’s a commitment to providing your beloved pet rabbits with a delicious, nutritionally balanced diet that promotes overall health and happiness. Whether your pet rabbits are young, old, or somewhere in between, Nutribunn can satisfy their dietary requirements. So go ahead, let your bunnies nibble on Nutribunn and thrive in nutritional delight!

Jolly FullVit Rabbit Food

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When it comes to feeding your pet rabbit, raising the bar of overall wellness is as crucial as meeting their craving for tasty nibbles. The Jolly FullVit Rabbit Food is a dietary supplement specifically designed to boost your rabbit’s health at every munch.

Who Can Benefit?

Whether you have a young, energetic bunny or a gracefully maturing rabbit, the Jolly FullVit Rabbit Food caters to the nutritional requirements of adult rabbits. It provides a balanced diet that is essential for their growth and overall well-being.

What Does It Offer?

  • Intestinal Health: Jolly FullVit Rabbit Food is designed to support and strengthen the digestion process. Its formula is enriched with prebiotics that regulate the intestinal microbial balance, maintaining gut health.
  • Vitamin Optimization: The food is fortified with plentiful vitamins and micro-elements to meet your rabbit’s daily nutrient needs. Optimal intake of these nutrients bolsters the body’s defenses, reducing the possibility of illness and promoting overall vitality.
  • Immune System Support: A regular diet of Jolly FullVit Rabbit Food works wonders for your rabbit’s immune system. The carefully considered blend of nutrients supports a strong immune response, making for a healthier, happier rabbit.

Why Choose Jolly FullVit Rabbit Food?

Jolly FullVit Rabbit Food is much more than just a meal—it’s a commitment to your rabbit’s long-term well-being. By incorporating Jolly FullVit into your rabbit’s feeding regime, you’re not only enhancing their diet with thoroughly enjoyed nibbles but also providing them with the nourishment they need to thrive. So give your rabbit a jolly good treat that enhances their health and vitality with Jolly FullVit Rabbit Food!

Happy Rabbit Food Pellet

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Offering a remarkable blend of essential nutrients, Happy Rabbit Food Pellet is the optimal choice for maintaining the health and happiness of your rabbits. With its complete and balanced formula, this product successfully combines dietary necessities with taste, ensuring a joyously satisfied bunny every feeding time.

Nutrient-rich Composition

Rich in key nutrients like Protein and Fiber, Happy Rabbit Food Pellet is made to support the overall well-being of your rabbits:

  • Good Source of Protein: Protein is the bedrock of growth and repair in your rabbit’s body. With ingredients like Soybean Meal providing a high-quality protein source, you can ensure your bunny’s essential bodily functions are well-supported.
  • Fiber-Rich: Underpinned by a high fiber content, Happy Rabbit Food Pellet aids in the maintenance of your rabbit’s digestion and dental health. Components like Distilled Dried Grain Solubles and Processed Grain by Products are rich sources of dietary fiber.
  • Ideal for Maintenance Feeds: The balanced formula of this pellet food enables continual support for your rabbit’s ongoing growth and development.

Premium Ingredients

The ingredients of Happy Rabbit Food Pellet are meticulously curated to ensure high nutritional value:

  • Corn, Soybean Meal, Wheat Pollard, and Rice Bran: These primary ingredients are excellent sources of proteins, fiber, and carbohydrates, providing the energy your rabbits need for their daily explorations.
  • Distilled Dried Grain Solubles and Processed Grain by Products: These secondary ingredients contribute significantly to the fiber content, promoting a healthy digestive system and aiding in dental health.
  • Salt, Calcium Carbonate, Molasses, L-Lysine, Vitamins, and Minerals: A carefully chosen mix of vitamins and minerals is essential for strengthening your rabbit’s immune system, supporting bones’ health, and enhancing overall vitality. Molasses adds a touch of sweetness making the food more palatable, while L-Lysine, an essential amino acid, plays a significant role in calcium absorption and protein-building.

Happy Rabbit Food Pellet not only meets but exceeds the nutritional requirements for rabbits, providing an all-encompassing, balanced diet. Feed your bunnies Happy Rabbit Food Pellet for an exciting combination of health, taste, and longevity. A happy rabbit is, after all, a healthy one!

Chexers Rabbit Pellet

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Maintaining the health and wellness of your pet rabbit calls for a diet rich in nutrients and balanced in composition. One of the options to consider is the Chexers Rabbit Maintenance Pellet Feeds, specially formulated to meet the needs of domesticated rabbits in the Philippines.

Chexers Rabbit Pellets provide a nutritionally balanced and complete feed, made with careful consideration of a rabbit’s unique dietary needs. But why should you consider this brand? Let’s delve deeper into its composition and benefits:

Nutrient Composition

Each pellet of Chexers Rabbit Maintenance Feed comes packed with essential nutrients:

  • Crude Protein NLT 16%: Protein serves as a building block for your rabbit’s body, contributing to its overall growth and development. An NLT of 16% protein ensures your rabbit gets the essential amino acids it needs for optimal health.
  • Crude Fat NLT 3%: Fat is a concentrated energy source that helps your bunny stay lively and active. A crude fat NLT of 3% ensures they get their energy without risking obesity.
  • Crude Fiber NLT 10%: Fiber is paramount for a rabbit’s digestive health. It helps keep the gastrointestinal tract functioning smoothly, reduces the risk of digestive problems, and aids in maintaining dental health.
  • Moisture NMT 12%: Moisture helps ensure the feed doesn’t become too dry and aids in digestion.
  • Phosphorus NLT 0.50%: Phosphorus is important for maintaining your rabbit’s skeletal health and energy metabolism.
  • Calcium 1.0-1.30%: Calcium plays a vital role in muscle contraction, nerve function, and maintaining strong teeth and bones in rabbits.

The Benefits of Chexers Rabbit Maintenance Pellet

Feeding your rabbit Chexers Rabbit Maintenance Pellet promises several benefits:

  1. Balanced and Complete Nutrition: The blend offers a well-rounded mix of crucial nutrients, letting your rabbit enjoy a nutritionally complete feed.
  2. Promotes Overall Health: Its high protein and fiber content, along with the right amount of fat, aids in maintaining your rabbit’s active lifestyle, ensuring optimal digestive health, steady growth, and robust immunity.
  3. Supports Bone and Dental Health: With the ideal balance of calcium and phosphorous, Chexers Rabbit Pellets strengthen your rabbit’s bones and teeth, helping to prevent dental and skeletal problems.
  4. Suitable for Domesticated Rabbits: Specifically tailored to meet the dietary needs of domestic rabbits, Chexers Rabbit Pellets form the perfect dietary base to which fresh vegetables and hay can be added.

Chexers Rabbit Maintenance Pellet is an excellent choice for Filipino rabbit owners searching for a domestic rabbit-specific, nutritionally balanced, and complete feed. Remember, when feeding pellets, moderation is key—as recommended by rabbit care experts, pellets should only make up a small percentage of your rabbit’s diet, with the bulk being hay, followed by fresh veggies. With the right diet, your domesticated rabbits can enjoy a long, happy, and healthy life.

Integra 3000 Rabbit Pellet

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If you’re looking for a premium rabbit food that not only meets their nutritional needs but also helps them build muscle and fight against stress and disease, then look no further than Integra 3000 Rabbit Pellet. This specially formulated diet combines everything your rabbit needs to maintain a healthy and vibrant life.

Product Highlights

Here are several features that make Integra 3000 Rabbit Pellet exceptional:

  • Muscle Development: Integra 3000 stands out as a “muscle developer”. Containing essential nutrients specifically geared towards muscular growth, it supports your rabbits in attaining a strong physique.
  • Vitamins C and B-Complex: These vital vitamins help protect your rabbits against stress and disease, ensuring better health and longevity.
  • Probiotics: These nutritional supplements promote good bacteria, bolstering the immune system and helping to combat stress. This not only enhances survivability but also reduces overall medication costs.
  • Organic Selenium: This crucial trace element shields the body cells from stress, bolstering the activity of the immune system’s white blood cells and reducing the risk of inflammation. It also protects the body from harmful free radicals.

Ingredient Information

This high-quality rabbit pellet is packed with protein, fiber, and other essential nutrients:

  • Primary Ingredients: Corn, cassava meal, feed wheat, soybean meal, full fat soya, fish meal, wheat pollard, rice bran, pork meal, and distiller’s dried grains solubles contribute towards the protein and fiber content.
  • Secondary Ingredients: Meat and bone meal, crude coconut oil, palm olein, limestone, inorganic phosphates, iodized salt, lysine sulfate, DL-methionine, L-lysine, and L-threonine provide the necessary fats, minerals, and essential amino acids.
  • Additives: Probiotic, organic selenium, choline chloride, vitamin premix, mineral premix, multiple enzymes (including phytase, protease, cellulase, xylanase), toxin binders, mold inhibitor, and antioxidants further boost the nutritional value of the pellet and enhance digestion and overall health.

Nutritional Analysis:

Ensuring a balanced diet, Integra 3000 provides:

  • 17% minimum crude protein
  • 8% maximum crude fiber
  • 3% minimum crude fat
  • 0.75-0.85% calcium
  • 0.55% minimum phosphorous
  • 12% maximum moisture

Integra 3000 is an exceptional choice if you’re seeking a holistic and premium feed for your rabbit. With its unique formula designed specifically to enhance muscle development and immunity, it contributes to the longevity and vivacity of your rabbit.

How to Choose the Best Rabbit Food in the Philippines

Understand a Rabbit’s Dietary Needs

Rabbits are herbivores and require a diet high in fiber to maintain a healthy digestive system. They have a unique dental structure that necessitates consistent hay chewing to prevent misalignment or overgrown teeth. Thus, a balanced rabbit diet should feature the following components:

  • 70% hay/grass: Serving as a central part of their diet, hay or grass provides rabbits with the much-needed fiber for digestion and dental health. Timothy hay is often recommended due to its balanced fiber content.
  • 25% fresh vegetables and herbs: Fresh vegetables like spinach, lettuce, and carrots enrich the diet with essential vitamins and antioxidants.
  • 5% pellet food: Pellets, fortified with vitamins and minerals, supplement your rabbit’s nutrition but should be offered in limited amounts due to their concentrated nature.
  • Clean water should always be readily available.

Step-by-Step Guide to Choosing Rabbit Food

Selecting the right rabbit food may seem daunting, but it can be simplified with the below step-by-step process:

1. Choose High-Quality Pellets

Pellets are an essential part of a rabbit’s diet. Select a pellet brand that prioritizes nutritional value:

  • Opt for Timothy based pellets, low in fat and protein but high in fiber.
  • Brands like Oxbow Essentials, Vitapol, and Bunny Nature are known for their high-quality pellets.

2. Select the Best Hay/Grass

The majority of a rabbit’s diet should consist of hay. Therefore, the choice of hay is crucial:

  • Purchase hay or grass high in fiber like Timothy, Orchard, or Meadow Hay.
  • Oxbow Hay is a commendable brand offering a variety for your bunny’s diet.
  • You can also procure fresh grass locally. Just ensure it’s free of pesticides.

3. Provide Fresh Vegetables and Herbs

Fresh vegetables and herbs are essential sources of vitamins and minerals for your rabbit:

  • Select leafy vegetables like spinach and lettuce.
  • Intersperse with other rabbit-friendly vegetables like carrots and cucumbers.
  • Incorporate herbs like parsley and cilantro for added variety.
  • All vegetables and herbs should be washed thoroughly to remove any pest remnants or pesticides.

4. Always Provide Fresh Water

Fresh and clean drinking water must be readily available for your rabbits at all times.

5. Consider Your Rabbit’s Age and Health

Not all rabbits have the same nutritional requirements:

  • Young rabbits and nursing mothers may require diets higher in protein, derived from alfalfa-based pellets and hay.
  • Older rabbits may have different nutritional needs or dietary restrictions like low sugar content for those with a risk of obesity or digestive issues.


Choosing the best rabbit food in the Philippines involves understanding your rabbit’s dietary requirements and prioritizing their health needs. While rabbits’ diet primarily consists of hay or grass, well-chosen pellets, and fresh greens play a vital role. A rabbit’s age and health should also influence food choices. Remember to introduce any new food gradually, and consult with a vet if you notice any changes in your rabbit’s eating habits or health. With the right balance of nutrients, your rabbit will not only survive but thrive, making every hop, skip, and jump full of vitality and joy.

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