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Best Polaroid Cameras in the Philippines: Top Reviewed!

Instant cameras, also known as Polaroid cameras, have made a significant comeback in recent years. They offer a unique experience of capturing and instantly printing memories, providing a nostalgic and tangible keepsake. In the Philippines, the demand for instant cameras has grown, with various brands and models available. Here are the top 5 best Polaroid cameras you can find in the Philippines.

Top 5 Best Polaroid Cameras in the Philippines

  1. Fujifilm Instax Mini – Check Lazada, Check Shopee
  2. Fujifilm Instax Mini 40 – Check Lazada, Check Shopee
  3. Instax Square SQ1 – Check Lazada, Check Shopee
  4. Kodak Polaroid Film Camera – Check Lazada, Check Shopee
  5. Polaroid Now I-Type Instant Camera – Check Lazada, Check Shopee

Best Overall: Fujifilm Instax Mini


The Fujifilm Instax Mini series, including the Mini 11 and Mini 12, offers a fun and easy way to capture memories instantly. These authentic instant cameras come with a range of features that make them perfect for on-the-go photography and sharing moments with friends and family.


  • Selfie Mode & Automatic Exposure Control: Ensures well-lit and properly exposed photos, regardless of the lighting conditions
  • 62mm x 46mm photo size: Produces compact, credit card-sized prints that are easy to carry and share
  • Real image finder, 0.37×, with target spot: Helps you frame your shots accurately and easily
  • 0.3m and beyond shooting range: Allows for versatile photography, from close-up shots to landscapes
  • Programmed electronic shutter 1/2 to 1/250 sec: Provides a range of shutter speeds for capturing images in various conditions
  • Slow synchro for low light: Enhances image quality in low-light situations by using a slower shutter speed
  • Automatic Film Ejection: Instantly ejects the film after each shot, making it easy to view and share your photos
  • 2 AA alkaline batteries (LR6): Powers the camera, ensuring you can capture memories without worrying about recharging
  • Capacity: Holds approximately 10 Instax Mini film packs of 10 exposures each, allowing you to take up to 100 photos before needing to replace the film

The Fujifilm Instax Mini series, including the Mini 11 and Mini 12, offers an enjoyable instant photography experience with features such as selfie mode, automatic exposure control, and compact photo size. Whether you’re capturing memories with friends or exploring new places, these cameras provide a convenient and fun way to document your experiences.

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Premium Pick: Fujifilm Instax Mini 40

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 40 is a classic mini and retro instant camera that combines a stylish design with user-friendly features. Capture and print memories instantly with this easy-to-use camera that’s perfect for parties, events, and everyday photography.


  • Shutter Speed: Programmed electronic shutter 1/2 to 1/250 sec, catering to various lighting conditions
  • Automatic Exposure: Ensures well-lit and properly exposed photos in different environments
  • Picture Size: 86mm x 54mm with a film size of 62mm x 46mm, producing compact, credit card-sized prints
  • Film Developing Time: Approximately 90 seconds for instant gratification
  • Real image finder, 0.37x, with target spot: Allows for accurate framing of your shots
  • Lens: 2 components, 2 elements, f=60mm, 1:12.7 lens for sharp and clear images
  • Focusing: 0.3m to infinity, providing versatility in capturing various subjects
  • Selfie Mode: 0.3m to 0.5m range for perfect selfies and close-up shots
  • Automatic, LV 5.0 to 14.5 (ISO 800): Adapts to different lighting conditions for optimal exposure
  • Exposure Control: Slow synchro for low light, enhancing image quality in dim environments
  • Constant firing flash: Ensures well-lit photos, with a 6.5 sec or less charging time
  • Power: Two AA-size 1.5V alkaline batteries provide a reliable power source

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 40 is an excellent choice for those looking for a stylish and easy-to-use instant camera. With features like automatic exposure, selfie mode, and a constant firing flash, you can capture and print memories effortlessly, making it a perfect companion for any occasion.

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Instax Square SQ1

The Instax Square SQ1 is a stylish and durable instant camera that offers a unique square format for your photos. With its user-friendly features and creative possibilities, the SQ1 is perfect for capturing memories in a fun and distinctive way.


  • Auto-Exposure: Automatically adjusts the camera settings to suit the lighting conditions, ensuring well-lit and properly exposed photos
  • Bigger Prints: The square format provides larger prints compared to traditional Instax Mini photos, allowing for more detail and a wider frame
  • Brighter Pics: Capture bright photos even in dark spaces, thanks to the camera’s advanced exposure settings
  • Square Selfies: The built-in selfie mirror allows you to take perfectly clear selfies with ease
  • Limitless Creativity: The square format offers endless creative possibilities, from photo collages to unique framing options
  • Wider Frame: The larger print size allows for more expansive and detailed compositions, making your photos stand out
  • Durable: The Instax Square SQ1 is built to last, ensuring you can capture memories for years to come

Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or new to instant cameras, the Instax Square SQ1 offers an enjoyable and creative experience. With features like auto-exposure, bigger prints, and square selfies, you can capture and share memories in a unique and eye-catching format.

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Kodak Polaroid Film Camera

The Kodak Polaroid film camera is an excellent option for those who want a simple and convenient way to capture memories without the hassle of dealing with digital files or investing in a more expensive camera. This one-time-use camera is perfect for special events, vacations, or even as a fun gift for friends and family. Here are the key features of the Kodak Polaroid film camera:


  • One-time use only: Designed for capturing memories during a single event or trip, making it an affordable and hassle-free option
  • 27/36 shots: Limited number of shots available, encouraging you to focus on the most memorable moments
  • Batteries included: No need to purchase batteries separately, as they come pre-installed in the camera
  • Built-in flash: Provides adequate lighting for your photos in various conditions
  • Power flash: Offers extra illumination to improve image quality in low-light situations
  • High definition: Ensures clear and sharp images, preserving your memories with great detail
  • Best usage for outdoors: Ideal for capturing well-lit outdoor scenes and landscapes
  • Not recommended for low light environments or macro shots: The camera’s performance may be limited in dimly lit environments or when attempting close-up photography

The Kodak Polaroid film camera is a convenient and affordable option for those who want a one-time-use camera to capture memories during special events or vacations. With its built-in flash, power flash, and high-definition image quality, it’s perfect for outdoor photography, but may not be suitable for low-light environments or macro shots.

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Polaroid Now I-Type Instant Camera

The Polaroid Now I-Type Instant Camera offers a modern take on the classic Polaroid experience. With a range of features designed to enhance your photography and make sharing memories more fun, this camera is perfect for capturing moments in a unique and creative way.


  • Self-timer & built-in selfie mirror: Easily take selfies and group photos with the self-timer and built-in mirror
  • Photobooth mode: Create a series of photos in quick succession, perfect for parties and events
  • Burst mode: Capture multiple images in rapid succession to ensure you don’t miss a moment
  • Filters, borders, and digital stickers: Customize your photos with a variety of creative options
  • Autofocus: Ensures sharp and clear images every time
  • Double exposure: Create artistic and unique photos by overlaying two images in a single print
  • 7 colors of the iconic Polaroid spectrum: Choose from a range of vibrant colors to match your style
  • Compatibility: Compatible with both i-Type and 600 film for versatile shooting options
  • Optical viewfinder: Field of view – 41 degrees vertical, 40 degrees horizontal viewfinder type for accurate framing
  • 3.5″ LCD touchscreen viewfinder: Easily preview and review your photos
  • Bluetooth connectivity: Connect to your smartphone for additional features and sharing options
  • Micro USB port: Conveniently charge your camera and transfer photos
  • MicroSD card slot: Expand your storage capacity and easily transfer photos to your computer

The Polaroid Now I-Type Instant Camera combines the nostalgic charm of Polaroid’s iconic instant cameras with modern features and functionality. With options like photobooth mode, burst mode, and Bluetooth connectivity, this camera offers a fun and engaging way to capture and share memories.

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How to Choose the Best Polaroid Cameras in the Philippines

Choosing the best Polaroid camera in the Philippines involves considering various factors, such as your budget, desired features, and intended use. Here are some tips on how to make the right choice:

  1. Determine your budget: Polaroid cameras come in a wide range of prices, so it’s essential to establish your budget before making a decision[^1^].
  2. Consider the camera’s features: Different Polaroid cameras offer various features, such as automatic exposure, built-in flash, and selfie modes[^1^]. Consider which features are most important to you and look for a camera that meets your needs.
  3. Evaluate the film compatibility: Some Polaroid cameras are compatible with different film types, such as i-Type, 600 films, or Fujifilm Instax Mini film[^1^]. Make sure to choose a camera whose film is easily available and affordable in the Philippines.
  4. Check the image quality: While Polaroid cameras are known for their nostalgic and vintage appeal, some models offer higher image quality than others[^1^]. Consider the camera’s resolution, lens quality, and exposure settings to ensure you get the best possible images.
  5. Read reviews and recommendations: Look for reviews and recommendations from reliable sources, such as Lazada, Shopee, and Yonipnetwork, to get an idea of the best Polaroid cameras available in the Philippines. These sources can provide valuable insights into the pros and cons of various models, helping you make an informed decision.

In conclusion

These are the top 5 best Polaroid cameras available in the Philippines. Each camera offers unique features, catering to different preferences and budgets. Whether you’re a photography enthusiast or simply looking for a fun way to capture memories, these instant cameras are sure to provide a delightful experience.

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