Top 5 Best Monitor Stands in the Philippines: A Must-See List

As we shift into a digital era, more people find themselves spending hours in front of a computer. This routine can lead to discomfort and productivity issues if the monitor isn’t positioned correctly. Monitor stands are the ideal solution for these problems as they allow you to adjust the height and angle of your screen for optimal viewing and ergonomics. This hand-picked list features the top 5 monitor stands in the Philippines, selected for their quality, durability, functionality, and user reviews. Investing in these top-tier stands not only enhances your workspace but also ensures an improved user experience and productivity.

The Top 5 Best Monitor Stands in the Philippines

  1. North Bayou F80 Monitor Desk Mount Stand – Check Lazada, Check Shopee
  2. ORICO HSQ-M1 Monitor Stand – Check Lazada, Check Shopee
  3. DEEPCOOL M-Desk F2 Monitor Stand – Check Lazada, Check Shopee
  4. Loop ALLOY Single Monitor Bracket Mount – Check Lazada, Check Shopee
  5. True Vision Articulating Quad Monitor Stand – Check Lazada, Check Shopee

North Bayou F80 Monitor Desk Mount Stand

Experience pure ergonomic comfort at your workspace with the North Bayou F80 Monitor Desk Mount Stand. Designed with high-quality materials, this stand mounts your monitor to help alleviate eye, neck, and back stress and helps correct bad posture while working.

Key Features

  • Material: Made with sturdy Aluminum Alloy, complemented by a plastic cover, for a sleek finish that promises durability.
  • Compatibility: It fits most monitors sized between 17″ and 30″ with a loading capacity of 2-9kgs (4.4-19.8lbs).
  • Adjustability: The stand offers +85° to -85° tilt, a -180° to +180° swivel, and a full 360° rotation feature. Adjust your monitor to your optimal position for a relaxed and comfortable working experience.
  • VESA Size: The mount stand follows VESA dimension standards, fitting 7575mm or 100100mm.
  • Installation methods: It comes with both Clamping or Grommet methods of installation and is suitable for table thicknesses from 10-90mm, with clamping width of >=40mm and grommet hole diameter of 10-50mm.
  • Space-saving Design: The strong arm of the mount stand, equipped with a sturdy clamp, maximizes your desktop space.
  • Built-in Cable Management: The desk mount also features an integrated cable management system, providing a clean and tidy appearance to your workspace.
  • Easy Installation: Equipped with all necessary tools, setting up the desk mount stand is a simple process.

With NB’s North Bayou monitor desk mount, you are not just purchasing a stand, but investing in a healthier and more efficient workspace.

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ORICO HSQ-M1 Monitor Stand

Upgrade your workspace with the ORICO HSQ-M1 Monitor Stand – a versatile solution designed to provide ergonomic comfort and organization for daily tasks. This monitor stand elevates your monitor to the optimal eye level, offering a clutter-free workspace. Available in two color options: Black and Wood.

Key Features

  • Comfortable Viewing Position: Raises your monitor by 7.5cm, positioning it at eye level for an ergonomic and comfortable viewing experience.
  • Efficient Organization: The large vacant space at the bottom serves as a convenient storage area for keyboard, mouse, books, and more, effectively reducing desktop clutter.
  • Stable and Durable: Crafted from solid ABS material, the support feet are designed to withstand up to 15 kilograms of weight effortlessly.
  • Easy Setup & Compatibility: Simple yet robust in design, the ORICO HSQ-M1 Monitor Stand is compatible with most monitor sizes.
  • Product Specifications: Dimensions – 56.421.17.5cm, Weight – 1.38kg.
  • Color Options: Choose from Black or Wood finishes to match your workspace aesthetics.

Ensure an enhanced and ergonomic workspace experience with the sleek and organized ORICO HSQ-M1 Monitor Stand.

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DEEPCOOL M-Desk F2 Monitor Stand

Add a touch of convenience and style to your workspace with the DEEPCOOL M-Desk F2 Monitor Stand, an easy-to-use stand for both desktop monitors and laptops. This chic and practical device holds your monitor at the ideal viewing angle while providing additional workspace, streamlining your area for comfortable and organized usage.

Key Features

  • Versatile: Specially designed for both desktop and laptop users, it offers an improved viewing angle for comfortable use.
  • High-quality Construction: The stand features a high-quality MDF panel and Aluminum Alloy legs, strong enough to hold your monitor, laptop, all-in-one computer, printer, and other devices, supporting up to 33 lbs.
  • Workspace Maximization: The M-DESK-F2 not only elevates your computer monitor or laptop for improved ventilation, but also provides additional workspace for tablets, laptops, charging stations, smartphones, office supplies, USB hubs, computer mice and more.
  • Quality Surface: Crafted with a top-grade black surface MDF panel, offering a sleek aesthetic to your workspace.
  • Sturdy Support: Equipped with anodized black aluminum alloy supporting feet, ensuring robust and reliable monitor support.
  • Protective EVA Foam Base: Includes EVA foam base pads to safeguard table surfaces from scratches or damage.
  • Shelf Divider: Can also be used as a shelf divider to maximize your desk space, helping maintain a clutter-free workspace.
  • Easy Assembly: Designed for hassle-free installation, with simple assembly required.
  • Technical Specifications: Overall Dimension 550X260X87mm, Net Weight 1570g.

*Please note: The weight of each product can vary slightly due to MDF’s properties, such as water evaporation, etc. The data is for reference only.

The DEEPCOOL M-Desk F2 Monitor Stand is a must-have for anyone seeking an enhanced and organized workspace experience.

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Loop ALLOY Single Monitor Bracket Mount 

Enhance your work or gaming space with the Loop ALLOY Single Monitor Bracket Mount! This highly adaptable mount offers both Clamp and Grommet options, providing flexibility to suit your personal preference and desk setup.

Key Features

  • VESA Compatibility: Designed to work seamlessly with VESA sizes of 75x75mm and 100x100mm, ensuring compatibility with most standard monitors.
  • Maximum Load Capacity: Each arm of the mount can support an impressive 13kg, providing stability and robust support for your monitor.
  • Universal Monitor Size Adaptability: Accommodates monitors ranging from 18 to 32 inches, catering to a wide array of desktop monitor sizes.
  • Landscape or Portrait Orientation: This mount allows for display flexibility, enabling you to set your monitor in landscape or portrait configuration as per your needs.
  • Adjustable Positioning: Boasting tilt, swivel, and height adjustment capabilities, the Loop ALLOY Single Monitor Bracket Mount offers personalized positioning for optimal viewing comfort.

Invest in the Loop ALLOY Single Monitor Bracket Mount for a versatile, durable, and user-friendly monitor positioning solution. Elevate your viewing experience and workspace efficiency today!

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True Vision Articulating Quad Monitor Stand

Elevate your workspace with the True Vision Articulating Quad Monitor Stand, a versatile and highly adjustable monitor mounting solution designed to organize and maximize productivity. Perfect for professionals, gamers, and multitaskers alike, this stand can hold up to four monitors with ease, providing an unparalleled viewing experience.

Key Features

  • Detachable VESA Plate Design: Allows for easy installation of monitors without hassle.
  • Cable Management: Conceals cables attached to the monitors, maintaining a clean and elegant appearance.
  • 360° Rotary VESA Plate: Enhances viewing experiences, facilitating fluid screen adjustments.
  • Two Mounting Options: Both desk clamp and grommet options are included, catering to various installation preferences.
  • Freely Adjusting Height: Enables ergonomic positioning to optimize viewing comfort and posture.
  • Quad Monitor Capacity: Accommodates four monitors with screen sizes between 13″-32″, streamlining work processes and multitasking efficiency.
  • Weight Capacity: Each screen can securely hold up to 8kg (17.6lbs), ensuring stability and support.
  • VESA Compatibility: Supports standard VESA sizes of 75x75mm and 100x100mm.
  • Flexible Adjustments: Offers a tilt range of +45° to -45°, swivel range of +90° to -90°, and screen rotation of +180° to -180°, adapting to various viewing preferences.
  • Sturdy Materials: Constructed with durable steel and finished with a sleek matte black powder coating.
  • Pole Height: Provides a generous pole height of 883mm (34.8″) for added flexibility.
  • Suggested Desktop Thickness: Compatible with desktop thicknesses of 10-88mm for clamp installation and 10-75mm for grommet installation.

Unleash the zenith of workspace organization and efficiency with True Vision Articulating Quad Monitor Stand, revolutionizing your viewing experience like you’ve never seen before.

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How to Choose the Best Monitor Stands in the Philippines

Whether you are setting up a professional workstation or enhancing your personal desk at home, selecting a high-quality monitor stand is crucial. The right stand can elevate your monitor to a comfortable height, alleviate neck strain, and maximize your work efficiency. However, with numerous options available in the Philippines, making a choice can be overwhelming. Below, we’ve outlined several key factors to consider to guide you in making the best choice.

Factors to Consider

  1. Adjustability: The best monitor stands offer height adjustability to cater to different user preferences. Look for one that allows you to achieve an optimal viewing angle, which can significantly reduce the risk of back, neck, and eye strain.
  2. Build Quality: Given that the stand will be supporting a potentially expensive piece of equipment, the monitor, construction quality is paramount. Choose a stand that’s sturdy and made from durable materials like steel or high-quality plastic.
  3. Size: Choose a stand that can comfortably fit your monitor and has enough space for other desktop items if needed.
  4. Ease of Assembly: Depending on the design, some stands may require assembly. Look for products that are easy to put together and come with clear instructions.
  5. Price: While you shouldn’t skimp on quality for the sake of saving money, it’s crucial to find a stand that offers great value within your budget.
  6. Customer Reviews: These are often a good indicator of the product’s quality and functionality. Check out reviews of monitor stands in the Philippines to gain insights from other users’ experiences.

Choosing the best monitor stand in the Philippines involves careful consideration of several factors like adjustability, build quality, size, ease of assembly, price, and customer reviews. Remember that the aim is to enhance your workspace efficiency and minimize physical discomfort. With the outlined guide, you’re poised to make an informed decision and reap the benefits of a suitable monitor stand. Happy shopping!


Exploring the top 5 monitor stands in the Philippines can dramatically upgrade your workspace or gaming area. These exceptional stands provide ergonomic benefits, boost productivity, and maintain high-quality standards. While each option stands out in the market, it’s crucial to pick a model that aligns with your personal requirements and preferences to maximize its advantages. In the end, investing in the right monitor stand contributes to heightened efficiency and better health. Delight in discovering these first-rate choices as you revamp your digital environment.

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