Best Megaphone For Protests [2023 Review]

Megaphones are a great way to get your message heard. Whether you’re protesting a cause in public or just want to be heard outdoors, a megaphone will make sure that everyone can hear you.

But with so many options out there—from the gigantic to the tiny—how do you know which one is right for you? We’ve taken the legwork out of it for you and put together our list of the best megaphones for protest and outdoor use.

Top 8 Best Megaphone For Protests

Pyle PMP21BL Portable Megaphone

This portable megaphone is perfect for any outdoor event, whether you’re trying to get the attention of your team or just want to make sure everyone knows what’s going on. It’s battery operated, so it doesn’t need to be plugged in, and it can be used in two different modes: siren alter mode and regular megaphone mode.

The bullhorn speaker uses 20 watts of power and has a range of up to 400+ yards. It has an exact dimension of 5.40” x 8.60”—so it’s compact enough that you can easily carry it with you wherever you go!

MyMealivos Portable Megaphone

The MyMealivos Portable Megaphone is a bullhorn speaker with 20 watts of power and voice and siren modes. It’s lightweight, portable, and folds up easily for convenient carrying.

With its foldable handle and convenient carrying strap, it’s easy to take the MyMealivos anywhere you need it to go. And with its powerful sound, this portable megaphone will make your voice heard no matter where you are!

MGROLX 50W Professional Bluetooth Megaphone Bullhorn

The MGROLX 50W Professional Bluetooth Megaphone Bullhorn is a powerful and multipurpose megaphone speaker that supports recording for long to 260s, contains two popular music siren and whistle, and has multiple input modes. It adopts modern circuit design and simplifies the internal circuit structure, reducing meaningless power loss while supporting USB/SD/MMD input.

The MGROLX 50W Professional Bluetooth Megaphone Bullhorn Speaker with Detachable Microphone is rechargeable, so it can be used anywhere you go. It also comes with a portable strap-siren, which is useful for outdoor settings.

Croove Megaphone Bullhorn

The Croove Megaphone Bullhorn is the perfect tool for your next outdoor event. It has a range of 800 yards and 30 watts, which makes it loud and powerful.

The Croove Megaphone Bullhorn is made in the USA or imported and can be used for many different purposes.

It has a built-in siren and cheering sound, so you can use it as a megaphone or cheerleader horn.

It is easy to use, with an easy-to-use grip, foldable handle, and convenient carrying strap that makes it ideal for on-the-go use. The lightweight design makes it easily packable as well.

Loudmore 25 Watt Compact Megaphone Speaker

The Loudmore 25 Watt Compact Megaphone Speaker is the perfect PA bullhorn for any situation.

The Loudmore can emit loud and clear sound, which is great for announcements or making speeches to large crowds. You can even use it as a siren! It’s easy to set up, and it’s hands-free, so you can use your hands for other things while you use it—like holding a bullhorn!

This compact speaker is also portable and can be folded up, so you can easily store it away when not in use. The battery life is about 6 hours, so you won’t have to worry about charging this bad boy every time you want to use it. And because of its 800 foot range, no matter where you are standing (or sitting), everyone will be able to hear what you have to say.

HornPro Megaphone Bullhorn

The HornPro Megaphone Bullhorn is a portable, lightweight megaphone with a built-in siren. The megaphone will make your voice heard at a distance of 400 meters and can be played back with a voice recorder that lasts 240 seconds. It has a power output of 35 watts max, so it’s perfect for sporting events, protests or other outdoor events where you need to communicate with people who are far away.

The rechargeable battery makes this megaphone easy to use, no matter where you are. You can also use it as an emergency device if there’s trouble nearby—just press the button on top and let everyone know what’s going on!

Champion Sports Megaphone

The Champion Sports Megaphone is a great tool for anyone who wants to make their voice heard.

This high-quality megaphone is made with a durable siren that’s easy to use and easy to carry around. It can be used for protest, emergency situations, or just for fun. The megaphone offers powerful amplification and has an extended battery life.

The Champion Sports Megaphone is convenient and portable enough to take anywhere you go!

BEMLDY Mini Portable Megaphone

This megaphone bullhorn is the perfect way to get your message out there. It has a fold-down handle and an attached strap, so it’s easy to carry around and use. The BEMLDY Mini Portable Megaphone comes with a voice recorder and adjustable volume control, so you can record your message before playing it back over the megaphone. You also have options for talk and voice recording modes, so you can use this device however you please.

The BEMLDY Mini Portable Megaphone is multi-functional, too—it has a siren that can be turned on or off as needed. It’s the perfect tool for any event where you need to be heard loud and clear!


What is the difference between a bullhorn and a megaphone?

A bullhorn and a megaphone are both portable amplification devices used to project sound over a distance. While they may seem similar, there are some key differences between the two.

A bullhorn is a type of loudspeaker that is typically shaped like a cone or a horn. It is designed to be held up to the user’s mouth and operated by a trigger or switch. When the trigger is pressed, the sound is amplified and projected forward. Bullhorns are often used by law enforcement, sports coaches, and event organizers to make announcements, give directions, or provide crowd control.

On the other hand, a megaphone is a handheld device that is shaped like a cone or a funnel. It is used in a similar way to a bullhorn, but the sound is typically more directed and focused. Megaphones are often used in cheerleading, protest rallies, and other situations where a loud and clear voice is needed to communicate a message.

So, the main difference between a bullhorn and a megaphone is their shape and the way they amplify and project sound. Bullhorns are typically larger and more powerful, while megaphones are smaller and more portable. However, both devices can be useful in a variety of situations where clear and amplified communication is necessary.

How many watts is a good megaphone?

The wattage of a megaphone required will depend on the intended use and the size of the area in which it will be used. Generally, a megaphone with a wattage of at least 10 watts can be considered suitable for small to medium-sized gatherings, such as school events or protests. For larger events or outdoor rallies, a megaphone with a wattage of 25 to 50 may be more appropriate to ensure that the sound can reach a larger audience However, it is important to note that other factors such as the quality of the megaphone’s speakers, the ambient noise in the area, and the distance between the speaker and the audience will also affect the overall volume and clarity of the sound.

Is it illegal to use a bullhorn?

The legality of using a bullhorn can vary depending on the specific circumstances and location. In general, most cities and municipalities have noise ordinances that limit the amount of noise that can be generated in certain areas during certain times. In some cases, the use of a bullhorn may be prohibited entirely in certain areas, such as near hospitals or schools.

Additionally, the use of a bullhorn may be subject to specific permits or licenses in certain situations. For example, if you are using a bullhorn to make announcements at a public event or rally, you may need to obtain a permit from the local government in order to do so legally.

It is important to note that the legality of using a bullhorn may also depend on the specific context in which it is being used. For example, using a bullhorn to amplify your voice during a protest or demonstration may be protected under the First Amendment right to free speech, while using a bullhorn to harass or intimidate someone could be considered illegal.

Ultimately, if you are considering using a bullhorn, it is important to research the local laws and regulations in your area to ensure that you are using it legally and responsibly.

Conclusion, Best Megaphone For Protests

These 8 megaphones are the perfect choice for anyone looking to amplify their voice during a protest or rally. A megaphone can be used to command attention of a large group of people, making sure that your voice gets heard by everyone. They come in many different styles and sizes, as well as with a variety of features, ranging from multiple megaphone modes to weather proofing technology. We hope you find these choices useful and can help you out whether you’re planning a protest yourself or are simply throwing an outdoor party and want to be heard by all of your guests.

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