Top 5 Best Keyboards for iPads in the Philippines: A Comprehensive Review for Filipino Buyers

If you’re struggling to fully utilize your iPad due to the limitations of the on-screen keyboard, it’s time to upgrade to a physical one. This addition can significantly enhance your productivity and provide a more comfortable and fluid typing experience. Our curated list of the top 5 best keyboards for iPads in the Philippines is handpicked considering factors like compatibility, functionality, resilience, and local user reviews. Made just for you, this comprehensive guide will undoubtedly lead you towards a keyboard that delivers improved performance while being a perfect match for your iPad.

The Top 5 Best Keyboards for iPads in the Philippines

  1. GOOJODOQ Magic Keyboard – Check Lazada, Check Shopee
  2. Xumu Magic Magnetic Wireless Bluetooth Touchpad Keyboard Case – Check Lazada, Check Shopee
  3. NIXXOS 10th Gen Round Keycaps Keyboard Case – Check Lazada, Check Shopee
  4. Logitech Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard – Check Lazada, Check Shopee
  5. Meewoo Magic Keyboard Case – Check Lazada, Check Shopee

GOOJODOQ Magic Keyboard

Embrace the future of productivity with the ultra-versatile GOOJODOQ Magic Keyboard. This sleek device transforms your tablet into a lightweight, portable workstation, enabling you to work efficiently from any location.

Key Features:

  • Ultimate Productivity Accessory: Enhances your tablet’s capabilities and transforms it into a highly efficient workstation.
  • Detachable Keyboard and Holder for iPad Pencil: Allows the keyboard and case to detach for different uses and environments. The holder ensures the iPad pencil or any other stylus is easily accessible whenever inspiration strikes.
  • Laptop-Style Keys: New pro keyframe design ensures optimal key travel for clean, precise keystrokes, providing a comfortable typing experience.
  • Reliable Protection with a Lightweight Design: The durable polycarbonate case comes with a rigid core, rubberized edges and button covers, and corner bumpers for effective drop protection. Combined with a light design, it fits easily in your bag.
  • Long-lasting Battery Management: Integrated with a system where the keyboard automatically turns off when folded backwards against the tablet. A sleep/wake function aids in preserving battery life when the keyboard is not in use.

Reimagine how you work on your iPad with the GOOJODOQ Magic Keyboard. It effortlessly combines functionality and style, offering the best of both worlds.

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Xumu Magic Magnetic Wireless Bluetooth Touchpad Keyboard Case

Experience magnified usability and protection with Xumu’s Magic Magnetic Wireless Bluetooth Touchpad Keyboard Case. Characterized by an innovative magnetically detachable wireless keyboard design, premium build, and energy-saving capabilities, it assures you an interactive iPad experience that stands a class apart.

Key Features:

  • Magnetic Detachment and Versatile Stand: The cutting-edge design allows easy removal of the keyboard whenever you want, while the versatile adjustable stand provides optimal angles for reading, typing, or watching.
  • Premium Lithium-ion Battery: Incorporating a high-quality Li-ion battery, the keyboard case boasts an energy-saving mode. (Don’t forget to charge the keyboard for about 2-3 hours before first use.)
  • Precision Cutting: With precise cutouts, access to all features, such as buttons, speakers, cameras, is not compromised, ensuring a seamless user experience.
  • Protective and Ultra-Thin Design: Crafted from soft and durable PU (synthetic) leather, the case lends superior protection against dirt, scratches, stains, splashes, or dents. Its ultra-thin design with a multi-angle adjustable stand supports landscape mode without adding bulk.
  • High-Quality Laptop-Style Keyboard: The keyboard mimics a real “hard” laptop style, featuring high-end ABS material, fostering a tactile response with every keystroke — a significant step-up from the conventional silicone keyboard. This design helps in typing faster and with more precision than on a touch screen.
  • All-In-One Design & Full Protection: The case packs a Protective Case Cover and a Built-in Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard, making it extremely handy for office and travel use. Its auto sleep/wake function helps preserve battery life, while the premium synthetic leather case keeps your iPad safe from knocks, dust, and scratches.

With the Xumu Magic Magnetic Wireless Bluetooth Touchpad Keyboard Case, your iPad interaction attains new heights, aligning with your dynamic lifestyle and productivity demands.

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NIXXOS 10th Gen Round Keycaps Keyboard Case

Unlock a world of enhanced productivity with the NIXXOS 10th Gen Round Keycaps Keyboard Case. Devotedly crafted with features like a built-in touchpad and universal Bluetooth wireless keyboard, this robust accessory is designed to redefine your interaction with your iPad.

Key Features:

  • Built-In Touchpad: Implementing SMART GESTURE and MULTI-TOUCH support, it allows your iPad to function as a laptop without a mouse, striving to boost your work efficiency.
  • Universal Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard: Integrated with a wireless keyboard that connects via Bluetooth, it boasts a connection range of up to 10 meters. Remarkable compatibility with three systems (IOS/ANDROID/WINDOWS) extends its functionality beyond the iPad to major brands of laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Pencil Holder Included: Features an inbuilt convenient pencil holder, ensuring your Apple Pencil is stored securely, preventing scratches. The pencil can be taken out effortlessly whenever required. (Please note: PEN IS NOT INCLUDED).
  • Detachability: The case is equipped with a magnetically detachable keyboard, allowing for easy adjustments to keyboard placement as per your needs.
  • Auto Sleep/Wake Function: Incorporated with an automatic sleep/wake function to save your iPad’s power and prolong battery life.

The NIXXOS 10th Gen Round Keycaps Keyboard Case is the embodiment of convenience and productivity, ensuring a flexible and comprehensive iPad usage experience.

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Logitech Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard

Actuating impeccable control across your devices, the Logitech Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard transforms the realm of digital interaction. With the capability to regulate any Bluetooth-enabled device and the flexibility to effortlessly switch between connected devices, this keyboard holds the key to unparalleled convenience and efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Multiple Devices Control: A truly universal keyboard, poised to command any Bluetooth-enabled computer or mobile device.
  • Easy Switching Mechanism: Incorporating a user-friendly dial, the keyboard enables easy switching between three connected wireless Bluetooth devices, boosting your multitasking capabilities.
  • Familiar Keyboard Layout: The keyboard layout maintains familiarity with all the usual shortcuts, promoting a seamless transition and immediate productivity boost.
  • Integrated Stand: Thoughtfully designed with an integrated stand, it provides robust support for your smartphone or tablet while you type.
  • Multiple OS Compatibility: Harnessing the power of universal compatibility, the keyboard works seamlessly with Windows, Mac OS, IOS, Android, and Chrome OS.

The Logitech Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard is a true embodiment of effective control and streamlined usability, rendering it a quintessential accessory for today’s digital environment.

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Meewoo Magic Keyboard Case

Introducing the Meewoo Magic Keyboard Case, meticulously designed to metamorphose your tablet into a light, mobile workstation. Integrated with user-friendly accessories that amplify your tablet’s efficiency, this case is all about convenience, adaptability, and enhanced productivity.

Key Features:

  • Transformative Accessory: Engineered to convert your tablet into a portable workstation, promoting productivity wherever you are.
  • Detachable Keyboard and Pencil Holder: Features detachable keyboard and case adapting to various uses and environments. The in-built pencil holder secures your stylus in easy reach, ready for when inspiration calls.
  • Laptop-Style Keys: The new Pro keyframe design ensures optimal key travel, enabling clean, precise keystrokes and providing a comfortable typing experience.
  • Reliable Protection: Built from durable polycarbonate, the case offers comprehensive protection with a rigid core, rubberized edges, and button covers, plus corner bumpers. These features combine to provide robust drop protection.
  • Lightweight Design: Its light design effortlessly fits into your bag, ensuring carry-on convenience.
  • Long-Lasting Battery: The case features a smart energy-saving design. The keyboard automatically turns off when folded backwards against the tablet, and the sleep/wake function helps preserve battery life when the keyboard is not in use.

The Meewoo Magic Keyboard Case reimagines productivity, merging sleek design and advanced features to offer an accessory truly worthy of the modern-day user.

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How to Choose the Best Keyboards for iPads in the Philippines

Embarking on the journey to find your ideal iPad keyboard may seem overwhelming due to the multitude of choices available. Nevertheless, by taking into account some crucial factors, it becomes easier to pinpoint the perfect iPad keyboard for you. This comprehensive breakdown of the essential factors will give users in the Philippines an insight into what to assess to find their ideal keyboard.

Factors to Consider:

  1. Compatibility: Before exploring further options, make sure the keyboard is compatible with your specific iPad model, as not all are universally suited.
  2. Connectivity: Evaluate whether a Bluetooth or Apple Smart Connector keyboard aligns with your preferences and requirements.
  3. Key Layout and Spacing: Look for a keyboard that boasts an easy-to-use layout and appropriately spaced keys for a relaxed typing experience.
  4. Battery Life: For Bluetooth keyboards, factor in their battery life— the longer, the better, as it reduces the frequency of recharging.
  5. Portability and Protection: When you’re on the go, having a lightweight and compact keyboard is beneficial. Consider ones that offer protection to your iPad, adding value to your purchase.

By keeping these factors in mind, finding the perfect iPad keyboard in the Philippines becomes an effortless endeavor, ensuring a device that enhances your productivity and suits your preferences.


The world of iPad keyboards can be quite broad and diverse, but armed with the right information, making an informed decision becomes easier. The top 5 keyboards for iPads we’ve handpicked for you based on compatibility, connectivity, key layout, battery life, and portability should guide you seamlessly through your buying journey in the Philippines. These keyboards are not only top-of-the-line but have been reviewed and well received by local users. Ultimately, your choice should embody a balance of utility and aesthetic, making every tap, swipe, and typing experience a joy. Happy keyboard hunting!

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