Top 5 Best Heavy Creams in the Philippines 2024 Review

Whether you’re a culinary enthusiast, a professional chef, or simply someone who enjoys rich and luscious flavors at home, the choice of heavy cream can greatly influence your dish. The Philippines boasts a variety of incredibly diverse and top-quality heavy creams that could be your next secret ingredient. From making your soups creamier, whipping up a delightful dessert, to adding a silky finish to your sauces; our list of top 5 best heavy creams available in the Philippines will help you subtly enhance your dishes, elevating them to completely new levels of deliciousness. Let’s dive in and explore these top picks!

Top Picks: Best Heavy Creams in the Philippines

  1. Arla Whipping Cream – Check the latest price on Shopee
  2. ACC Whipping Cream – Check the latest price on Shopee
  3. Vivo Whipped Cream – Check the latest price on Shopee
  4. Baker’s Delite Whip Cream – Check the latest price on Shopee
  5. Magic Whizk Instant Whipping Cream – Check the latest price on Shopee

Arla Whipping Cream

Arla Whipping Cream brings you the luxury of a robust 36% fat content that’s ready to bring out the full, rich flavor in your cooking and baking. With an impressive three-month shelf life, you can indulge in its creamy goodness whenever the mood strikes. Whipping it up is a breeze, whether it’s topping off a moist slice of cake or swirling into your favorite dessert for that added touch of decadence. But it’s not all about sweets; this cream stands its ground and thickens beautifully even when mingled with tart sauces and dressings. Elevate your culinary creations with the reliable quality of Arla Whipping Cream, and let every dish be an occasion in itself.

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ACC Whipping Cream

ACC Whipping Cream is your versatile partner in creating delightful sweets and treats. Its rich, delicious taste and exceptional stability make it an ideal choice for a myriad of decorative applications, from cake frostings to tantalizing toppings. Whether you’re crafting a complex border for your cakes, adding a finishing touch to a plated dessert, or piping delicate designs, this cream holds its shape beautifully. With ACC Whipping Cream, every baking project becomes an exercise in creativity while maintaining the fantastic flavor and consistency that enhances all your culinary creations. Experience the joy of delicious, design-perfect desserts with ACC Whipping Cream.

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Vivo Whipped Cream

Vivo Whipped Cream is a plant-based, non-dairy delight offering versatility and a delightful sweet vanilla flavor. With an impressive shelf life of 12 months, this cream gives you the freedom to delight in its creamy goodness all year round. Refrigerating it 1-2 hours before use ensures it reaches its optimal consistency, making it superbly stable and excellently efficient when whipped, providing a remarkable volume. Its fabulous white color beautifully highlights the art of your desserts. The standout feature of Vivo’s whipped cream is its heat stability, ensuring it stands up well no matter the culinary application. Enhance your bakery and dessert creations with the delightful texture and taste of Vivo Whipped Cream.

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Baker’s Delite Whip Cream

Delight in the ease and efficiency of Baker’s Delite Whip Cream, a ready-to-whip paste transforming into smooth, firm, and creamy goodness at your command. The flavor profile is a blend of sweet indulgence with a pleasing hint of vanilla, setting the stage for truly delectable treats. It’s incredibly easy to prepare; just add cold water or milk and whip until you achieve your desired texture. This cream’s impressive shelf-stability means it can be conveniently stored at room temperature, removing the need for refrigerator space. With Baker’s Delite Whip Cream, a whirl of the whisk delivers effortlessly luscious, perfectly sweetened whip cream, making every dessert an instant classic.

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Magic Whizk Instant Whipping Cream

Magic Whizk Instant Whipping Cream is your one-step solution to luscious, sumptuously creamy toppings. This non-dairy cream stands out for its extreme stability and richness, without the need for additional sugar or a greasy aftertaste. Its versatility is truly magical, accommodating the addition of flavors, colors, fruits, and other ingredients right into the mix. What’s more, it’s presented in a reusable container that prioritizes both practicality and eco-friendliness, allowing you to clean and repurpose it as you desire. Add a sparkling touch to your desserts with the superior taste and texture of Magic Whizk Instant Whipping Cream, your partner in culinary creativity.

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What is Heavy Creams?

For those who love full-bodied flavor and thick, sumptuous textures in their cooking, heavy cream is a godsend. Known too as heavy whipping cream, this indulgent dairy essential showcases a high fat level, typically in the 36-40% range. It’s sourced from the rich, fatty portion of milk, which naturally separates and rises to the top due to its lower density. In modern dairy production, this creamy layer is efficiently separated to give us the heavy cream we find on grocery shelves.

Heavy cream is the culinary artist’s dream for its opulent texture. Whether it’s being whipped into a light and airy topping for cakes and pies, or stirred into soups and gravies for added depth and smoothness, its uses are as vast as they are delicious. The magic it works on desserts and savory dishes alike is well-known – it whips into peaks that hold their shape and turns simple ingredients into butter with a bit of elbow grease.

In the kitchen, heavy cream is akin to liquid gold. Its unparalleled taste and creamy quality are essential in dishes that hinge on a high-fat element to achieve their memorable consistency and indulgent flavors. From transforming a basic pasta dish with a rich Alfredo sauce to creating the perfect glaze for a decadent chocolate cake, heavy cream is a key ingredient that elevates the ordinary to extraordinary.

How to Choose the Best Heavy Creams in the Philippines

Selecting the perfect heavy cream for your culinary creations in the Philippines isn’t just a matter of grabbing the first carton you see. It’s about being thoughtful with your choice to ensure your dishes come out superbly. Follow these tips to make sure you end up with the cream of the crop:

  1. Fat is Flavor: Aim for heavy cream varieties that contain a high fat percentage, ideally between 36% and 40%. This isn’t just about indulgence – a higher fat content usually means the cream will whip better and infuse your dishes with a richer taste.
  2. Calorie Consideration: If you’re keeping an eye on your dietary intake, scan the nutritional information. But remember, if you’re after that luxurious texture for your desserts, a higher calorie count can often be a sign of quality (since it usually equates to higher fat content).
  3. Whipping Qualities: Have a dessert in mind that needs a dollop of whipped cream? Your heavy cream should be up to the task – meaning when you whip it, it should stand tall and proud with stiff peaks, perfect for holding up in a beautifully piped design.
  4. Usage Matters: Think about how you’ll use the heavy cream. Cooking a rich stew? Most heavy creams will do. But if you’re planning a smooth buttercream frosting or homemade ice cream, you’ll want a cream known for its silky texture and stability.
  5. Longevity on the Shelf: Not using your cream right away? Look for longer-lasting options like UHT (Ultra-High Temperature) processed creams or consider cream powders which can be a great alternative if you’re not using them immediately.
  6. Brand Availability: Popular local brands such as Magnolia and Alaska are widely available and have a reputation for quality. International names like Arla are also making a splash in local markets. Scope out your nearest supermarket or online platforms like Lazada or Shopee for a good selection.
  7. Trust Your Taste: Much like any ingredient, not all heavy creams are created equal in terms of taste. You might find some brands taste fresher, or have a slightly different flavor that can bring something special to your dishes. It’s worth trying a few to find the one that best suits your palate.

Remember, the best heavy cream will bring out the best in your foods, so it’s worth taking the time to choose wisely. Once you’ve found your ideal match, keep it chilled and follow the best-before date to enjoy its full flavor and whipping potential.


To sum up, selecting the perfect heavy cream can make all the difference in the world when it comes to adding richness, flavor, and a velvety finish to your culinary creations. Our comprehensive review of the Top 5 Best Heavy Creams in the Philippines for 2024 provides you with an excellent starting point to elevate your dishes with minimal fuss. Each of the top picks showcases delicious taste, smooth texture, and incredible versatility across various recipes. So, don’t hesitate to experiment and find the heavy cream that best suits your personal style, allowing you to impress your family, friends, or even customers with culinary delights. Happy cooking!

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