Top 10 Best Gift Cards from Philippine Banks

Choosing the perfect gift can be a daunting task, but with the rising popularity of bank gift cards in the Philippines, your options just got a whole lot better. Gift cards offer the recipient the luxury of choice, making them ideal for any occasion. Over the years, numerous Philippine banks have jumped on the bandwagon, providing a wide array of gift cards to delight a diverse set of customers. These cards range from those catering to avid online shoppers, to travelers, or simply someone who values convenience and flexible spending. More than just being a quick gift alternative, these cards are a testament to progressing banking convenience and enhancing the consumer payment experience. Today, we provide an overview of the top 10 best gift cards from Philippine banks, considering various parameters like coverage, acceptability, security, and extra benefits that these financial products offer.

What is a Gift Card?

A gift card is a type of prepaid card that is preloaded with a specific amount, allowing the recipient to use it to purchase goods or services. Essentially, a gift card is a monetary substitute, often used when cash or other types of gifts are deemed inappropriate or inconvenient. Gift cards provided by banks are backed by either Visa or MasterCard, giving them wider acceptance.

Advantages of Bank Gift Cards

Bank gift cards offer several advantages over traditional cash gifts and retailer-specific gift cards, including:

1. Flexibility

A bank gift card can be used at various local and international merchants, wherever Visa or MasterCard is accepted. This broadens the range of choices available to the recipient.

2. Security

Since they function similarly to credit cards, bank gift cards offer secure and reliable transactions, making them a safer alternative to cash gifts.

3. Personalization

Many banks offer customizable gift cards, allowing you to add personal messages and designs to make your gift more meaningful.

4. Online Shopping

Most bank gift cards can be utilized for online purchases, providing added convenience and expanding the recipient’s shopping options.

5. Budget Control

With a predetermined amount loaded on the card, bank gift cards help control spending and facilitate better budget management.

Usage of Gift Cards

Gift cards can be used for various purposes, some of which include:

  1. Shopping: Both online and in-store purchases can be made using bank gift cards.
  2. Gifting: Gift cards are suitable for occasions such as birthdays, graduations, and anniversaries, or as corporate incentives for employees.
  3. Travel: Bank gift cards can be utilized for international transactions, making them ideal for people who travel frequently.
  4. Budget Management: Preloading a gift card with a specific amount can help recipients control their spending, making it an excellent tool for those learning to manage their finances.

With a better understanding of gift cards, let’s now explore the 10 best gift cards offered by Philippine banks.

BDO Unibank Gift Card

BDO Unibank offers one of the most versatile prepaid cards in the market. It can be loaded with any amount, giving a lot of flexibility when it comes to budget. Available in the MasterCard variant, it is accepted both locally and abroad.

Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) Prepaid Gift Card

The BPI Prepaid Gift Card is another excellent choice. It is perfect for those special occasions when you want to give your loved ones the gift of choice. This card has no maintaining balance and can be used in all establishments accepting MasterCard.

Security Bank Mastercard eGift Card

This convenient and secure eGift Card by Security Bank allows you to shop online at any MasterCard-accepting online store. It eliminates the risks associated with carrying cash and provides a safe medium for online transactions.

Philippine National Bank (PNB) Prepaid Gift Card

PNB’s Prepaid Gift Card is a great gift idea. The card allows cashless shopping in establishments that accept MasterCard. It also comes with a free personalized greeting card, making it a wonderful present.

Metrobank YAZZ Prepaid Visa Card

The Metrobank YAZZ Prepaid Visa Card is designed for the tech-savvy generation. It functions like a credit card and can be used for online transactions on any Visa-accepting website, providing an excellent gift for online shoppers.

RCBC MyWallet Visa Card

A versatile prepaid card from RCBC, MyWallet, offers the convenience of loadable money which can be spent at any Visa-affiliated establishment. Perfect for those who love to shop at a wide variety of places.

UnionBank EON Prepaid Card

Built for digital natives, the UnionBank EON Prepaid Card offers superior online connectivity and control. It can be used for online transactions and even to withdraw cash at ATMs, making it a perfect fit for the tech-loving recipient.

Landbank Visa Debit Card

Landbank’s Visa Debit card, while not strictly a gift card, can be loaded with any amount and used as a one-time gift for expenses at establishments accepting Visa. One of its key features is being able to tap and go for contactless payments.

EastWest Bank Prepaid Card

This is an ideal gift card for loved ones who frequently travel or shop online. The EastWest Bank Prepaid Card is accepted locally and internationally, wherever MasterCard is accepted.

AUB Gold MasterCard Gift Card

Asia United Bank offers the AUB Gold MasterCard with a premium look and appeal. It offers the luxury of choice to your loved ones and the freedom to shop from establishments accepting MasterCard.


Bank gift cards have revolutionized the way we view gifting. They conveniently bridge the gap between giving personal yet practical presents, offering recipients the ultimate choice – the gift of purchasing what they truly want or need. From the top 10 best gift cards offered by Philippine banks, there is surely one that will fit the lifestyle and needs of your recipients. These cards not only provide vast shopping opportunities but also secure, cashless transactions, making them ideal for anyone in today’s digital age. Furthermore, they underscore the evolving trend of convenience in the Philippine banking sector. As they continue to gain popularity, these cards are elevating the way Filipinos bank and transact—enhancing the consumer payment experience. Whether it’s for birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions, or corporate rewards, bank gift cards are a thoughtful and efficient gift option worth exploring.

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