Best Gas Range Ovens in the Philippines, According to Experts

Embarking on a culinary journey can be exciting, but the quality of that journey is heavily determined by the tools at your disposal. Amongst these tools, a reliable gas range oven can be the cornerstone of creating delicious meals at home. However, with a wide array of brands, models, and features available in the Philippines, pinpointing the perfect oven can become quite the challenge.

Navigating this challenge is where we step in. Leveraging insights from seasoned culinary professionals and thorough analysis, we’ve curated a definitive list of the finest gas range ovens you can get in the Philippines. Examining aspects like durability, ease of use, technologically advanced features, style, and value for money, our evaluation leaves no stone unturned.Whether you’re a home cook looking for an efficient and stylish upgrade, or an ardent cooking lover ready to delve into professional cooking standards, this guide will aid you in making the right choice. With the top-notch gas range ovens herein listed, be prepared to transform your kitchen into a culinary haven, enhancing the quality and enjoyment of your cooking endeavors. Let’s venture ahead into this culinary exploration!

Top 5 Best Gas Range Ovens in the Philippines

  1. Xtreme Home Gas Range – Check Lazada, Check Shopee
  2. Fujidenzo Gas Burner Cooking Range – Check Lazada, Check Shopee
  3. Haier Gas Range – Check Lazada, Check Shopee
  4. La Germania Table Oven – Check Lazada, Check Shopee
  5. Union Gas Range – Check Lazada, Check Shopee

Xtreme Home Gas Range – Best Overall

If you’re looking for a gas range that’s big enough to cook for the whole family, but small enough to fit in your kitchen, this is the one for you! This Xtreme Home Gas Range has 4 burners and a 55L oven capacity. It also electric ignition, so you can start cooking as soon as you plug it in.

The timer means that you can set a time for when your food will be ready—instead of having to keep an eye on it the whole time. And with the oven lamp, you’ll be able to see what’s going on inside your oven—and take action if something goes wrong!

If you’re looking for a gas range that fits all of your cooking needs, this is definitely the one for you!

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Fujidenzo Gas Burner Cooking Range

The Fujidenzo Gas Burner Cooking Range is a great choice for your kitchen. With three gas burners and a thermostat-controlled oven, it’s easy to cook everything from roasts to cakes in this range. The oven also has a minute minder so you can set the timer without worrying about forgetting your food in the oven!

The oven is extra large and easy to clean, with a metal hinge and powerful burners. It comes with a gas oven, safety valve, stainless steel cooktop, and comfortable move oven door hinges. The double glass door features a mirror glass finish and tempered glass cover as well as adjustable leveling feet and a matte black finish.

Check the latest price on Lazada, Check the latest price on Shopee

Haier Gas Range

The Haier Gas Range is the perfect choice for your kitchen. With 4 burners and a 63L oven, you can bake anything you want—and the double oven glass door makes it easy to keep an eye on your food as it cooks. Plus, with the tempered glass cover and cast iron pan support, this range has all the features you need to make delicious meals every time.

The Haier Gas Range’s 63L capacity means there’s room for even the biggest casserole dishes and roasting pans. And with its quick electric igniter (burners), you don’t have to worry about lighting the stove—just turn on the knob, and your burner will ignite! The flexible control / multi-function settings/flame balance distribution / quick electric igniter (burners) mean that you can cook any dish on this range—from simple recipes to complex ones that take longer than an hour or two.

With its 1 year parts & labor warranty, this gas range is sure to be one of your favorite appliances in your kitchen!

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La Germania Table Oven

With La Germania Table Oven, you can cook like a pro in your own home. This gas-powered oven has a thermostat control and two large burners with automatic piezo ignition that make it easy to get the heat just right for whatever you’re cooking. The 100% porcelain enameled body of this oven ensures that it will look great for years to come. The oven also comes with multiple accessories, including an oven net and tray to help you keep track of what’s going on inside your oven as well as keep your food safe while it cooks.

The La Germania Table Oven is perfect for any home cook looking to take their skills up a notch or two!

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Union Gas Range

The Union Gas Range is the perfect addition to your kitchen. With its easy functionality and stylish design, this range will fit seamlessly into your home.

The Union Gas Range features a 50x49CM cooking surface with 3 gas burners and 1 hot plate. The oven has an easy-to-clean stainless steel cooktop and glass top cover with a metal hinge (removable). The oven has a 63L gross capacity, a gas oven with rotisserie, a thermostat-controlled oven, an oven lamp, and an anti-slam system oven door.

Check the latest price on Lazada, Check the latest price on Shopee

How to Choose the Best Gas Range Ovens in the Philippines

Cooking can be a more pleasurable and rewarding experience when you have the right tools by your side. One such essential kitchen companion is your gas range oven – a core tool that can make or break your culinary creations. But with a myriad of options available in the Philippines, which one should you choose? This guide provides practical tips on what to consider when choosing the best gas range oven for your home in the Philippines.

Understand Your Cooking Needs

Your cooking habits should be the main influencer of your decision. If you frequently cook for numerous people or love hosting gatherings, opt for a gas range with a more substantial oven capacity and more burners. Avid bakers might want to consider an oven with convection capabilities for even heat distribution.

Measure Your Space

How much space can you allocate for your gas range oven? Remember, an overly large appliance can overwhelm your kitchen whereas one too small could lack in functionality. So measure your kitchen space precisely before starting your search.

Check the Oven’s Features

Functionality goes beyond oven size. Does it come equipped with a grill? Does it have a fan for more uniform heat distribution? How about programmable settings or a digital display? Make sure to consider these features as they can make cooking more efficient and enjoyable.

Review Heat Output

The heat output, or BTU (British Thermal Units), indicates the maximum heat a burner can produce. Higher BTUs allow for faster boiling and searing, but lower ones are suitable for simmering or delicate heating.

Price and Budget

Gas range ovens can be an investment, so settling on a budget is key. Be clear about the range you’re comfortable with while considering longevity, performance, and efficiency.

Safety Features

Safety should be paramount when choosing a gas range oven. Look for models that have automatic ignition, safety valves, and cool-to-touch surfaces.

Style and Design

Even though functionality is critical, you’d also want your gas range oven to fit seamlessly into your kitchen’s design. Be it vintage-inspired or modern sleek design – make sure it complements the aesthetics of your kitchen.

Check Product Reviews and Ratings

Get insight from those who’ve already used the product. Read reviews and check ratings to better understand the product’s pros and cons from actual users.


In conclusion, choosing the perfect gas range oven is a key decision that can enhance not just your cooking efficiency but also your overall culinary experience. As we’ve seen, the Philippines offers an extensive selection of gas range ovens catering to a diverse range of needs and budgets.

The right gas range oven can truly elevate the taste, look, and feel of your homemade dishes, making every meal a delightful culinary journey. So go ahead, make your choice, and ignite your passion for cooking with your shiny new gas range oven! Happy cooking!

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