Top 5 Best Dual Battery Isolator Kits: Power Your Adventures

For many outdoor enthusiasts, overlanders, and van-lifers, ensuring a consistent power supply has always posed a major problem. Whether it’s powering gadgets, carrying out winching operations, or maintaining a comfortable RV, having a reliable power system is vital. Operating on a single battery supply is often insufficient and can potentially leave you stranded in the middle of an adventure. This is where a dual battery isolator kit becomes indispensable.

A dual battery isolator kit allows you to run multiple electronic devices without the risk of draining your car’s primary starting battery. It efficiently separates the electrical load between two batteries, providing a practical solution to avoid uncomfortable power cuts or failures with the starter. But, with so many options available, finding the right kit for your specific needs can be challenging. This article lists the top 5 best dual battery isolator kits based on customer reviews, product features, and manufacturer reputation. It’s a comprehensive guide to reliable, efficient, and convenient options for maintaining a continuous power supply during your adventures. It’s time to equip yourself with the right gear to ensure power sustainability, no matter the situation or environment.

The Top 5 Best Dual Battery Isolator Kit

KeyLine Chargers Dual Battery Isolator Kit

The KeyLine Chargers Dual Battery Isolator Kit is a 140Amp battery isolator designed to expertly power your 12V electrical systems while protecting your starting battery from being drained. This versatile kit offers an ideal solution for cars, RVs, UTVs, ATVs, and marine applications. Imbued with the impeccable KeyLine Chargers reputation for quality, efficiency, and smart design, this isolator kit simplifies your power management and maximizes the longevity of your batteries.

Key Features

  • Dual Battery Management: With its advanced voltage-sensing technology, this isolator smartly charges and separates the electrical load between two batteries, preventing drainage issues in the starting battery.
  • Optimal Capacity: The 140Amp isolator ensures that even larger power requirements are met with ease, providing consistent and reliable energy to various devices.
  • Universal Compatibility: The KeyLine Chargers Dual Battery Isolator Kit is compatible with all types of 12V electrical systems in cars, RVs, boats, ATVs, UTVs, and more.
  • Efficient Design: The compact, durable, and weather-resistant design ensures that the isolator kit fits into tight spaces while withstanding harsh environments.
  • Ease of Installation: The isolator kit comes with detailed installation instructions, making it simple for users to set up. Plus, it requires no additional components during installation.
  • Safety: The battery disconnect switch, included in the kit, adds another layer of safety, allowing you to easily disconnect the secondary battery when not in use.

Choose the KeyLine Chargers Dual Battery Isolator Kit for a dependable, efficient, and safe power management solution that adapts to a wide range of applications and environments.

Blue Sea Systems 7650 Add-A-Battery Kit

The Blue Sea Systems 7650 Add-A-Battery Kit represents a leap forward in the management of dual battery systems. Operating the system is as simple as flipping an ON-OFF switch, but it simplifies the complex process of switching and charging two batteries from a single charge source. The kit involves a Dual Circuit Plus Battery Switch and an Automatic Charging Relay that automate the entire system, ensuring you a seamless and efficient power solution.

Key Features

  • Dual Circuit Plus Battery Switch: The switch simplifies the process of swapping between batteries and isolates engine and house circuits. It can also combine batteries for emergency starting.
  • Tin-Plated Copper Studs: For maximum conductivity and corrosion resistance, the switch and the automatic relay are equipped with tin-plated copper studs, promoting efficient power transfer and longevity.
  • ACR Automatic Charging Relay: This automatically combines batteries during the charging process and isolates them when the vehicle is being started or when not charging.
  • Efficient Battery Management: This system allows for more efficient dual battery charging than a traditional battery isolator. It adeptly shares the charge between two batteries, eliminating the need for regulator adjustment or additional rewiring.
  • Simplified Operation: With the inclusion of these components, the Add-A-Battery kit remarkably simplifies the process of switching and charging, making battery management a breeze.

The Blue Sea Systems 7650 Add-A-Battery Kit is an essential component for those seeking a high-performing, efficient, and easy-to-use dual battery system. It ensures your adventures are never hampered by power issues, providing reliable battery management when you need it the most.

UCkasayfy Dual Battery Isolator Kit

The UCkasayfy Dual Battery Isolator Kit is a 12V, 140Amp advanced battery management device with both manual and auto modes. This Voltage Sensitive Relay (VSR) is compatible with RVs, marine vehicles, cars, trucks, caravans, campers, yachts, ATVs, and UTV boats. Boasting superior functionality and a convenient automatic state function, this dual battery isolator kit is designed to ensure your vehicle never suffers from battery drainage whilst on an adventure, although it isn’t suitable for lithium batteries.

Key Features

  • Manual State Use Function: A blue indicator light simplifies manual operation — press the button to connect or disconnect the circuit. With a red indicator for circuit activation and a voltmeter that echoes circuit state, managing your power has never been easier.
  • Automatic State Use Function: The unit is equipped with an automatic connection function. It connects the circuit when the input voltage exceeds 13.3V and disconnects it when the voltage drops to 12.7V. This is indicated by red LED indicators and a voltmeter.
  • Voltmeter Display: If two batteries are connected, the voltmeter displays the higher voltage. To test a specific battery’s voltage, simply disconnect the other battery.
  • High & Low Pressure Protection: The unit automatically disconnects the circuit if the input voltage dips below 11V or spikes above 17V to protect the main battery from over discharging and the secondary battery from high voltage impact.
  • 12-Month Warranty: A testament to its craftsmanship, strict quality control, and excellent after-sales service, the isolator kit comes with a full year’s warranty.

From its intelligent circuit management and protection features to its easy-to-use interface, the UCkasayfy Dual Battery Isolator Kit is an ideal pick for those who demand both performance and peace of mind from their gear.

MaySpare Dual Battery Isolator Kit

Introducing the MaySpare Dual Battery Isolator Kit, a 12V, 140Amp Voltage Sensitive Relay (VSR) designed to efficiently manage and charge your dual battery setup. This versatile kit is perfect for a variety of applications, such as RVs, boats, trucks, ATVs, and more. With its reliable performance, automatic charging capability, and user-friendly design, the MaySpare Dual Battery Isolator Kit simplifies the process of managing multiple batteries, giving you peace of mind during your adventures.

Key Features

  • 140 Amps Current Rating: The isolator kit’s high current rating ensures that it can handle a wide range of power requirements, providing consistent and dependable energy to your devices.
  • Voltage Sensitive Relay (VSR): The kit features a VSR that smartly manages the charging of two batteries while protecting your starter battery from drainage.
  • Automatic 12V Charging: The double battery automatic charger efficiently charges your batteries, eliminating the need for manual intervention and ensuring that your batteries are always ready for use.
  • Flexible Mounting Options: MaySpare’s isolator kit can be mounted in multiple ways —either as a panel mount or surface mount— giving you the flexibility to choose the best installation option for your specific needs.
  • Reliable Brand: As a product of MaySpare, known for its quality and durable products, the Dual Battery Isolator Kit promises exceptional performance and longevity.

Choose the MaySpare Dual Battery Isolator Kit for an efficient, user-friendly, and reliable power management solution that caters to a plethora of applications. Free yourself from the hassles of manual battery management and enjoy worry-free adventures with this top-notch kit.

Gelessy Dual Battery Isolator Kit

The Gelessy Dual Battery Isolator Kit is a premium, versatile solution for managing your dual battery setup in various applications such as Rhino Polaris Ar/Rv/Marine Car/Vehicles/Truck/Caravan/Off-Road/Camper/Yacht. This state-of-the-art device promises lifelong warranty service and is designed to guarantee customer satisfaction. With its 12V 140 Amp Voltage Sensitive Relay isolator, the kit ensures your main battery remains fully charged and your vehicle is always ready to start.

Key Features

  • Responsive Voltage Sensitive Relay (VSR): The VSR turns on at 13.3V and turns off at 12.8V, allowing your accessories to use a separate battery when the engine is not running, ensuring optimal battery health.
  • Rugged Housing & Waterproof Design: Built to withstand extreme environments, the isolator kit’s housing has an operating temperature range of -30°C to 105°C (-22 to 221°F) and is both waterproof and shockproof.
  • Automatic Charging Detection: The kit easily detects voltage rise when the engine is started, automatically charging your second battery and making it suitable for most 12V 4WD marine, truck, caravan, and camping applications.
  • All-Inclusive Kit: Comes with all the necessary components for easy installation, including cables, shrink tubes, screws, battery terminals, and more.
  • Lifelong Warranty Service: Purchase with confidence as the Gelessy isolator kit is backed by a lifelong warranty service, providing you with the best quality service and ensuring buyer satisfaction.

Upgrade your power management setup with the innovative and reliable Gelessy Dual Battery Isolator Kit. Designed for a wide range of applications, this kit offers meticulous engineering, top-notch performance, and exceptional customer support.

How to Choose the Best Dual Battery Isolator Kit

Choosing the perfect dual battery isolator kit goes beyond picking the one with the most positive reviews or that fits into your budget. A wise choice should factor in diverse aspects that directly relate to your specific needs and usage. It’s imperative to note every potential kit’s key features, considering factors such as design, capacity, ease of installation, and many more.

Here are important factors you should consider while choosing the best dual battery isolator kit:

  • Type of Isolator: There are different types of isolators such as diode-based and relay-based. Diode-based isolators, although expensive, offer better performance with less power loss. Evaluate your needs and pick a type that best suits them.
  • Amp Rating: Your choice should be dependent on your power usage. If you intend to power many devices, you would need an isolator kit with a high amp rating.
  • Design: The design needs to be compact and durable. It should be able to withstand harsh environments while not taking up excessive space.
  • Ease of Installation: The best dual battery isolator kit should offer a hassle-free installation process. Look for kits that come with an installation guide and possibly all required wiring and connectors.
  • Compatibility: Ensure that the isolator kit you choose is compatible with your vehicle’s electrical system and battery type.
  • Price: Consider your budget. While you shouldn’t scrimp on quality, there are excellent options at various price points. It’s all about getting the best value for your money.

Making an informed decision based on these factors will ensure that the kit you choose will serve your needs efficiently and reliably.


Dual battery isolator kits are essential for managing power in vehicles with multiple battery systems. Having dissected various options on the market, it’s evident that the top five battery isolator kits stand out due to their exceptional performance, reliability, and ease of use.

Each of these top choices boasts unique features, from robust construction and automation to high power capacity and comprehensive installation components. Thus, they cater to a broad spectrum of use cases, whether it’s for RVs, boats, trucks, or off-road vehicles.

Determining the best dual battery isolator kit depends primarily on the specific needs of the user. However, one should consider factors like the product’s durability, its current rating, the quality of the components included in the package, and the reliability of the brand. A top-notch warranty service is also a valuable bonus.

In summary, a high-quality dual battery isolator kit is an investment in efficient power management and peace of mind during your adventures. By exploring the top five options, you’re assured to find an isolator kit that perfectly aligns with your requirements, enabling you to enjoy your journey without worrying about battery management.

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