5 Best Dog Training Pads in the Philippines

If you’re at that stage where your new pup seems to be mistaking the lounge rug for a patch of grass, then buckle up. We’re about to jump into the world of dog training pads—your new best friend!

Yep, dog training pads are game-changers for anyone trying to house train their little (or big!) fluffball. Not only do they save your floors from, err… damp surprises, but they also help teach your four-legged friend just where they should be doing their business.

But, let’s be honest, not all puppy pads are born equal. That’s why we’re spilling the deets on the top 5 Best Dog Training Pads you can buy in the Philippines. We’re talking about pads that can handle all the action from a peppy pomeranian to a heavy-duty husky.

From ones that are earth-friendly to the ultra-absorbent heavyweights, we’ve wrangled up the best of the best for you! So grab a coffee, get comfy and let’s explore the top-rated pee pad options to keep your home clean and your puppy training on track!

Quick Look: Best Dog Training Pads in the Philippines

  1. Pet Bamboo Charcoal Training Pads – Check the latest price on Shopee
  2. DONO Carbon Charcoal Fiber Training Pad – Check the latest price on Shopee
  3. Puppy and Kitty Training Pad – Check the latest price on Shopee
  4. Very Much Training Pads – Check the latest price on Shopee
  5. PMT Pet Training Pad – Check the latest price on Shopee

Pet Bamboo Charcoal Training Pads

Upgrade your pet’s potty training journey with Pet Bamboo Charcoal Training Pads! These high-quality pads ensure a fuss-free and clean experience for you and your furry friend.

✅ Super Absorbent: With a 6-layer design, each pad holds up to 9 cups of liquid—more than any other pad on the market! Say goodbye to messy spills and hello to a cleaner home.

✅ Leak-Proof: Waterproof plastic layer guarantees your carpets and floors remain dry. Enjoy an effortlessly clean home knowing this pads have you covered!

✅ Quick Drying: Soft non-woven fabric ensures rapid absorption, while the diamond suit surface prevents overflow and accelerates liquid uptake—keeping your pet’s paws clean and dry.

✅ Premium Material: Made from top-notch materials, these dog mats are ideal for puppy training tables and pet owners who demand excellence.

✅ Odor and Carbon Reduction: Keep your home smelling fresh with activated carbon layer, which eliminates odors when the pad is not replaced after each use.

These versatile pads can be used for:

  • Potty training and housebreaking
  • Non-stop pets
  • Maternity bedding or whelping pads
  • Liners under trash cans
  • Odor control pads

Non-Slip Design & 4 Size Options:
A non-slip urine pads for dogs come in four convenient sizes, catering to pets of all sizes:

  • Size S (33×45 cm): 100pcs/pack
  • Size M (45×60 cm): 50pcs/pack
  • Size L (60×60 cm): 40pcs/pack
  • Size XL (60×90 cm): 20pcs/pack

Give your pets the potty training experience they deserve with Pet Bamboo Charcoal Training Pads and enjoy a cleaner, happier home.

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DONO Carbon Charcoal Fiber Training Pad

Discover the ultimate potty training solution with DONO Carbon Charcoal Fiber Training Pads, meticulously engineered to provide a mess-free experience for your furry friend.

✅ 5-Layer Leak-Proof Protection:

  1. Top Layer: High-quality non-woven fabrics ensure a clean and dry surface
  2. Highly Absorbent Layer: Super Absorptive Polymer layer instantly turns liquid into gel, with high polymer absorbing resin capable of absorbing 150 times its volume
  3. Moisture Locking Layer: Cotton tissue fluff helps retain moisture effectively
  4. Durable Top Layer: Tear-resistant stretch material protects the pad from damage caused by energetic pets
  5. Leak-Proof Layer: High-quality flow casting film paired with a waterproof polyethylene film lining keeps your surroundings dry and clean

✅ Size Options for Every Pet:

  • Small: 33cm x 45cm (100 pcs)
  • Medium: 45cm x 60cm (50 pcs)
  • Large: 60cm x 60cm (40 pcs)
  • Extra Large: 60cm x 90cm (25 pcs)

Invest in DONO Carbon Charcoal Fiber Training Pads and enjoy a cleaner, more efficient potty training experience with your pet.

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Puppy and Kitty Training Pad

Introducing brand-new 100% high-quality Puppy and Kitty Training Pads to lend a helping hand in your pet’s potty training journey. These pads ensure superior performance and trusted convenience, acclimating your cute little Fido to successful potty traditions quickly.

✅ Super-Absorbent Core: The core rapidly turns liquid into gel upon contact, diminishing spills and messes.

✅ Leak-Proof: A plastic lining prevents floor damage, protecting your indoor spaces.

✅ Quick-Dry Surface: The surface is engineered to dry quickly, featuring a built-in attractant to assist in your pet’s training.

✅ Versatile: These pads are suitable for training puppies as well as assisting sick or aging dogs. They also offer a reliable solution for dogs without timely outdoor access and serve as a comfortable choice during transportation.

✅ All Pet Types: These pads are designed to cater to all pet types, enhancing their potty training experience.

✅ Reliable Material: Pads are made from non-woven fabric and absorbent molecules, ensuring a convenient, practical, and multifunctional solution. These can also be used in conjunction with a defecation inducer for smoother training.

Choose Puppy and Kitty Training Pads, the perfect companion for your pet’s potty training journey, contributing to a mess-free and happy experience.

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Very Much Training Pads

Make a smart choice for your pet with VeryMuch Training Pads, designed to cater to all your pet’s bathroom needs diligently while preserving your home’s cleanliness.

Key Features:

Super Absorbent Core: The extraordinary core quickly turns liquid into gel upon contact, avoiding spills.

Built-in Attractant & Odor Neutralizer: The built-in attractant guides your pet to the right spot, while the odor neutralizer mitigates any unpleasant smells, helping maintain a fresh home environment.

Leak Proof: These pads feature a plastic lining which provides a reliable shield for your floors movingly, warding off damage and stains.

Special Scent: The pads are specially scented to prompt your pets to do their business in the right place.

Ultra-Absorbent Polymers & Quick Dry Technology: The exceptional quick-dry technology fused with ultra-absorbent polymers aids in speedy absorption and drying, fulfilling your pet comfort needs.

These versatile pads are the perfect choice for training pups or aiding older dogs. They are incredibly beneficial for stay-at-home pets, senior pets, sick pets, or travel. Conveniently introduce these practical solutions to keep your floors and carpets spotless while bringing the bathroom indoors.

Available Size:

  • Regular: 33cm x 45cm (Pack of 106)

Welcome the VeryMuch Training Pads into your home and ease your pet potty-training journey effectively.

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PMT Pet Training Pad

Experience a breakthrough in pet training with robust PMT Pet Training Pads, designed to provide utmost convenience and practicality.

Material: Made intricately with absorbent molecules+Non-woven fabric, these pads offer a soft yet secure spot for your pet.

Features: These are multi-functional and reliable pads, engineered to be remarkably convenient and practical in application.

Size Details:

  • Small: 33cm x 45cm (100 pcs)
  • Medium: 45cm x 60cm (50 pcs)
  • Large: 60cm x 60cm (40 pcs)
  • Extra Large: 60cm x 90cm (20 pcs)


  • High Quality: These are 100% brand new pads, created with high-quality standards.
  • Leak Proof: The pads are equipped with a plastic lining to hinder any damage to your floors.
  • Super Absorbent Core: The core which instantaneously transforms liquid to gel upon contact ensures a mess-free experience.

Equip your household with the versatile and efficient PMT Pet Training Pads to simplify your pet potty-training regimen.

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Picking the Best Dog Training Pads in the Philippines

Selecting the best dog training pad isn’t just a matter of choosing the first one to cross your path in the pet aisle. Your furry friend deserves the best—and your floors will appreciate it too! So, here’s a crash course on how to make the smartest choice for your pup and your home.

1. Absorbency and Leakage Protection

Pets come in all shapes and sizes, just like their ‘accidents.’ It’s essential to pick a pad that can handle everything your doggo has to offer without any leakage. Look for pads with multiple absorbent layers and leak-proof lining to keep your floors fresh, clean, and dry.

2. Size and Thickness

Consider whether your dog’s a gentle dribbler or a full-on puddle-maker. For small pups, thinner pads will usually do the trick. But, if you’re dealing with a bigger dog or need more extended coverage, thicker pads and larger sizes are your best bet.

3. Odor Control

Say goodbye to nose-scrunching scents! Seek out pads with built-in odor control features like activated charcoal or natural ingredients that neutralize smells. Trust us, your nose (and everyone else’s) will thank you.

4. Design and Attractiveness

Pick a pad with a quick-drying surface to keep your pup’s paws clean and reduce tracking so your home stays spotless. Visual cues like colored patterns on the pad can help teach your smarty-pants where to ‘go,’ making training a breeze.

5. Eco-friendly Options

Conscious of our beautiful Mother Earth? Keep an eye out for biodegradable or washable, reusable pads that minimize waste and lessen your environmental pawprint.

6. Price and Value

Last but never least, consider the cost. Look for quality pads that provide excellent value without breaking the bank. It’s important not to compromise on quality just for a lower price, so always weigh the benefits of the pad against its cost.

With these tips in hand, you’ll be the proud new owner of the perfect dog training pad for your home, your precious pupper, and the environment. Master the art of house training and enjoy a cleaner, happier (and less smelly) household!


Choosing the best training pads for your loyal companion is an essential part of both house training your pet and maintaining the cleanliness of your home. The highlighted products are the best dog training pads available in the Philippines, which boast of top-quality materials, impressive absorbency rates, leak-proof design, and added features like built-in attractants and odor neutralizers.

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