Top 5 Best Dog Cages in the Philippines: Comfort and Protection for Your Canine Companions

Providing a safe and comfortable space for our furry friends is essential, especially in the Philippines, where the weather conditions can significantly impact their well-being. As responsible pet owners, we must find the perfect dog cage that can accommodate our pets’ needs and keep them secure and relaxed. In this article, we’ve handpicked the 5 best dog cages available in the Philippines, taking into consideration factors such as the local climate, budget, and durability.

When looking for the perfect dog cage, we must keep important factors in mind, such as environmentally friendly materials, sufficient ventilation, and adequate space for our pets. Navigating through the immense array of choices in the market can be daunting, but worry not! We’ve picked the best dog cages in the Philippines based on users’ feedback, essential features, and value for money. Our list includes cages suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, offering a great mix of options to cater to specific needs and requirements.

A top-quality dog cage should not only act as a secure home for your pet but also serve as a valuable tool in teaching discipline and encouraging responsible pet ownership. Keep reading to learn about the exceptional features that make our top picks stand out from the crowd. A happy and healthy dog starts with the right home, and these carefully chosen dog cages will ensure that your furry friend feels safe and comfortable throughout their stay in the Philippines. Let’s dive into the world of the top 5 dog cages available in the Philippines and make a well-informed decision for the benefit of your beloved canine companion.

Quick Look: Best Dog Cages in the Philippines

  1. Pet Accessories Dog Cage with Poop Tray – Check the price on Shopee
  2. BestPet Dog Cage – Check the price on Galleon
  3. Puppy and Kitty Foldable Dog Cage – Check the price on Shopee
  4. New World Dog Cage – Check the price on Galleon
  5. Miss King’s Square Tube Dog Cage – Check the price on Shopee

Pet Accessories Dog Cage with Poop Tray

The Pet Accessories Dog Cage with Poop Tray is a high-quality product designed to provide a safe, comfortable space for your beloved pet. This pet accessory is not just your ordinary dog cage; it effortlessly combines robust construction with ease of use, making it an excellent pick for any pet owner.

Key Features:

  • Brand-new, 100% high-quality material, crafted for durability and longevity.
  • Constructed from sturdy, rust-resistant metal, allowing it to be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • Available in three sizes to suit different pet sizes.
  • Foldable design for easy portability.
  • Features a two-door design – a front door for easy entry and exit, and a top door for quick access.
  • Equipped with a heavy-duty lock system supported by dual latches for a secure environment.
  • Comes with a poop tray, ensuring a clean environment in and around the cage.


  • The rust-resistant, robust metal construction makes this cage suitable for active pets and outdoor elements.
  • The foldable feature is a plus for pet owners on-the-go or those with limited storage space.
  • Multiple size options mean that this cage can provide a comfortable environment for any pet, no matter the size.
  • The unique two-door design can prove beneficial for quick access to pets.
  • The lock system guarantees the best possible security for your companion, preventing accidental escapes.
  • The included poop tray is an excellent convenience feature that will help maintain cleanliness in the cage and your home.


  • As the cage is constructed of heavy-duty metal, it might be a bit heavy for some pet owners to move around.
  • The foldable design, while convenient for traveling or storing, may compromise a bit on the stability of the cage.
  • The locking mechanism, despite being secure, could be somewhat challenging to handle in haste or in emergencies.

The Pet Accessories Dog Cage with Poop Tray is an appealing blend of functionality, durability, and thoughtful features. By aiming to make both your pet’s and your life easier, this dog cage equates true value for your money.

BestPet Dog Cage

The BestPet Dog Cage, an excellent choice for pet owners who value convenience and their pet’s security. This cage is expertly designed to ensure it suits your pet’s needs, giving them a safe, comfortable space.

Key Features:

  • Available in five different sizes: 24 inches, 30 inches, 36 inches, 42 inches, and 48 inches.
  • Double-door design, with one door at the front and another on the side, equipped with two heavy-duty slide-bolt latches for extra security.
  • Makes a secure home with rounded corners for your pet’s safety.
  • Easy to set up with no need for tools and can be flattened for storage when not in use.
  • Includes a leak-proof ABS composite tray that is durable and easy to clean.
  • Foldable and portable design, ideal for travel and camping, folding into a package less than three inches thick.
  • A removable carrying handle can be mounted on any side, for comfortable transportation.


  • The cage’s secure build protects your pet, reducing the risk of accidents.
  • The size options accommodate dogs of various sizes, ensuring a comfortable fit.
  • The tool-free setup and foldable design make it extremely user-friendly and portable.
  • The removable tray simplifies cleaning and enhances hygiene.
  • Excellent after-sale service provides professional technical support and solutions.


  • Bigger versions might be bulkier and heavy to move around.
  • The foldable design, while convenient, may affect the cage’s stability over time.
  • While the ABS tray is easy to clean, it may be scratched or damaged by aggressive pets.

In overview, the BestPet Dog Cage distinguishes itself as more than just a cage. It is a thoughtfully designed pet accessory that combines convenience, safety, and versatility. Whether you are in search of a regular use cage or a portable solution for your travels, this cage fits the bill. It’s not just a purchase; it’s an investment into your pet’s happiness and your peace of mind.

Puppy and Kitty Foldable Dog Cage

The Puppy and Kitty Foldable Dog Cage, a high-quality accessory that ensures your pet’s comfort, safety, and your peace of mind. This product delivers both functionality and reliability, giving you a versatile solution for your pet’s containment needs.

Key Features:

  • Made of sturdy, rust-resistant metal for enhanced durability and longevity.
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use due to its robust construction.
  • Available in three different sizes to cater to diverse pet sizes.
  • The foldable design generates easy portability.
  • The inclusion of two doors (one front door and one top door) offers multiple access points.
  • Secure lock system with dual latches ensures a safe environment for your pet.
  • Equipped with a poop tray at the bottom of the cage for convenient cleaning.


  • The rust-resistant, robust construction makes it ideal for active pets and suitable for outdoor use in varying weather conditions.
  • The selection of different sizes ensures a comfortable environment for pets of various sizes.
  • The practical two-door design allows simple, quick, and varied access.
  • The secure lock system prevents accidental escapes, providing you peace of mind.
  • The included poop tray helps maintain cleanliness and hygiene within the cage and your room.


  • The heavy-duty metal construction might make the cage comparatively heavy to transport.
  • Even though it’s convenient, the foldable construction could potentially compromise the cage’s stability over time.
  • The heavy-duty lock, while secure, might be hard to handle quickly during emergencies.

The Puppy and Kitty Foldable Dog Cage is an exemplary blend of convenience and durability that promises to make both your pet’s and your life easier. It goes beyond just being a cage and becomes a safe home for your pet where they feel secure, comfortable, and loved. It truly offers a pet care solution that is as practical as it is reliable.

New World Dog Cage

The New World Dog Crate, specifically engineered with added security features and functionality, maintaining an emphasis on your beloved pet’s safety. This dog crate effectively blends quality construction with modern design to provide the ultimate experience for your pet.

Key Features:

  • Equippped with a durable and leak-proof plastic pan.
  • Convenient assembly process, sets up in seconds without any need for tools and folds flat for easy travel.
  • Enhances the pet safety with slide-bolt door latches, now featuring patented Paw Block and locking tips.
  • Measures 36L x 23 x 25 inches, appropriate for intermediate dog breeds with an average adult weight of 40 to 70 pounds.
  • Constructed strongly for secure use, suitable for your dog to express their natural instinct to den, ensuring proper ventilation and the inclusion of large door openings with low thresholds.
  • The inclusion of rounded corner clips enhance safety, creating a safer crate experience.
  • Comprehensive customer and product support operated from headquarters in Indiana.


  • The crate offers enhanced safety with the new patented features, giving pet owners peace of mind.
  • The quick assembly and portability make it convenient for varying use cases.
  • Presents a secure, sturdy space that respects dogs’ natural instincts, offering a more comfortable environment.
  • Suitable for intermediate size dog breeds, taking into account their weight and size for a perfect fit.
  • Exceptional customer and product support ensure any queries or issues are quickly addressed.


  • The plastic tray, though leak-proof, may be prone to scratches or breakage by aggressive dogs.
  • While the cage accommodates intermediate size breeds, larger or more active dogs may require a bigger size for comfort.
  • Assembly and safety instructions must be read and followed properly for successful setup and use.

New World Dog Cage is far more than just an ordinary crate. By putting your pet’s safety and comfort at the forefront, this cage assures your pet’s well-being while providing you with a convenient, easy-to-manage solution. With this dog crate, you are not just buying a product; you are investing in an experience designed around your pet’s needs.

Miss King’s Square Tube Dog Cage

Miss King’s Square Tube Dog Cage, designed to provide a comfortable, stylish, and highly functional home for your furry friend. The cage features innovative elements integrated with high-quality materials that cater to both your pet’s personal needs and your convenience.

Key Features:

  • Simple yet stylish design, featuring a front door for easy access and enhanced pet safety.
  • Constructed with high-quality carbon steel cold-drawn wire, ensuring durability and a non-toxic surface created with high-temperature baking paint, resistant to exposure.
  • The cage is designed using rigid buckles between the layers to enable reliable connection, easy assembly and disassembly.
  • Equipped with four bottom wheels to considerably enhance mobility, making it easy to move the cage when necessary.
  • Comes with a PVC tray that exhibits high strength, excellent weather resistance, and outstanding geometric stability, proving resistant to oxidizing agents, reducing agents, and strong acids.
  • The internal structure is firm and sturdy, conveniently enabling your dog to play freely within the space.


  • The stylish design makes it an attractive fit in various environments.
  • The front door creates easy access to the pet and promotes a safe space for them.
  • The cage’s robust construction ensures its durability and longevity.
  • The bottom wheels add mobility, making it easy to rearrange or move the cage when needed.
  • The PVC tray guarantees simple cleaning, excellent hygiene, and weather resistance.


  • The stylish design may not appeal to all pet owners.
  • The cage may not be suitable for larger dog breeds or pets with high mobility needs.
  • The paint or coating may eventually wear off with time or due to excessive scratching.

Miss King’s Square Tube Dog Cage proves to be more than just a cage for your pet. With its stylish design, durability, and incorporation of essential and convenient features, this dog cage creates a safe and comfortable space for your pet. When you invest in this product, you’re not only choosing a high-quality cage for your dog, but you’re also prioritizing their happiness and well-being.

How to Choose the Best Dog Cages in the Philippines

Choosing the best dog cage is a significant decision for pet owners in the Philippines. The right cage can contribute to your pet’s comfort, happiness, and overall health.

When shopping for a dog cage, the first factor to consider is the size. It must be spacious enough for your pet to comfortably move around, sit, stand, and sleep. It’s better to err on the side of a larger cage if you’re unsure. If your dog is a puppy, consider their adult size, not their current one. Many cages come with dividers, allowing you to adjust the cage size as your puppy grows.

While considering size, it’s also important to consider the cage’s location. Is it for indoor or outdoor use? If it’s for outdoor use, ensure the cage offers protection from sun and rain. Likewise, indoor cages should provide enough ventilation and shouldn’t obstruct views.

Material is another crucial aspect. Consider dog cages made from durable, non-toxic materials that can withstand your pet’s behaviors and the Philippine weather conditions. Metal cages are popular due to their durability, but plastic cages are lightweight and portable. Avoid cages with sharp edges or poor construction that may harm your pet.

Look for a cage that’s easy to clean. Removable trays and waterproof materials are beneficial features. Cleaning should be a simple task to ensure your pet’s health and happiness.

A cage’s design should also cater to your pet’s needs. If your pet likes to observe their surroundings, opt for a cage with more wire sides. For nervous dogs, a cozy and enclosed cage would be better. Some cages come with extra features such as wheels, dual doors, or adjustable levels, which could be great add-ons.

The lock on the cage should be secure yet easy-to-use. Safety is primary and a good lock system can prevent accidental escapes.

Lastly, consider your budget. While every owner wants to give their pets the best, it’s crucial to find a cage that fits your financial capability. Expensive doesn’t always mean better. Affordable cages that fulfill the previous points can be a good choice.

Every dog is unique, so every dog cage requirement can vary. Consider your dog’s personality, size, and behaviors, and remember that their comfort is paramount. Invest time in researching, reading reviews, and comparing options to get the best cage for your canine companion.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What types of cages are best for dogs in The Philippines?

In the Philippines, it is advisable to opt for cages crafted with high-quality, sturdy materials that can withstand both indoor and outdoor conditions, such as rust-free metal or strong plastic. Given the country’s hot and humid climate, cages with excellent ventilation are a must. Consider also cages that are easy to clean and offer enough space for your dog to move around comfortably. Different breeds have varying needs, so the choice also greatly depends on the size and nature of your dog.

2. Where can I buy good quality dog cages in The Philippines?

Good quality dog cages can be purchased from various pet stores across the country. Some popular ones include Cartimar Pet Center and Bio Research in Metro Manila. Most department stores, like SM and Robinsons, have dedicated pet sections where you can find dog cages. Alternatively, you can also purchase them online from various e-commerce websites, including Lazada and Shopee, where you can find a wide variety of options and read customer reviews to help you make an informed decision.

3. How often should I clean my dog’s cage?

Generally, the dog’s cage should be cleaned at least once a week. However, this could vary depending on the dog’s age, health, and habits. For instance, puppies or older dogs might have more frequent accidents, requiring more frequent cleanings. Make sure to clean up any visible waste or spills immediately.

4. What size should my dog’s cage be?

Your dog’s cage should be spacious enough for them to stand, turn around, and lie down comfortably. However, it shouldn’t be so large that they could create a distinct toilet area and a separate sleeping area within the cage. For puppies, choose a cage that’s appropriate for their future adult size, and consider models with removable dividers to gradually expand the space as they grow.

5. Is it safe to leave my dog in the cage while I’m away?

Yes, it’s generally safe to leave your dog in the cage for short periods while you’re away, as long as the cage is well-equipped with necessities such as food and water. However, dogs shouldn’t be left alone in a cage for an extended time, as they need regular exercise and social interaction. It’s essential to ensure your dog gets plenty of physical activity and playtime when you’re present. If you need to be away for longer periods during the day, consider hiring a dog walker or sending your dog to a daycare.

In Conclusion

Choosing the best dog cage in the Philippines requires careful consideration of several factors. Size, material, design, ease of cleaning, safety features, and cost are all crucial aspects to take into account. Remember, the end-goal should be your dog’s comfort and security, as well as your convenience as a pet owner. Make your dog’s happiness your priority, and you won’t go wrong.

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