Top 5 Best Digital Locks in Singapore: Secure Your Home with the Best in the Market

In a bustling metropolis such as Singapore, no price can be put on the security and peace of mind homeowners will enjoy with top-of-the-line digital locks. The importance of home security is paramount, and increasingly, Singaporeans are choosing to upgrade their conventional locks to modern and sophisticated digital ones. A thriving hub of modern living, Singapore offers a broad variety of digital locks, making it challenging to discern which ones truly stand out.

Digital locks bring a unique level of convenience, security, and sleekness that traditional locks just cannot compare to. Picture arriving home with bags of groceries and unlocking your door simply with a quick scan of your fingerprint or a four-digit pin. No more fumbling for keys, just seamless access. The modernity of Singapore merges with the technological advances in digital locks to create a synergy of safety and efficiency right at your doorstep.

In this list, we intend to cut through the noise and bring you the top five best digital locks in Singapore. After sifting through countless products, analysing user reliability factors, and identifying key features, we have narrowed down the market’s vast options to the ones that provide an exceptional blend of security, ease-of-use, aesthetics, and affordability. So sit back, and allow us to guide you through the superb world of digital locks, where safety and convenience meet.

Quick Look: Best Digital Locks in Singapore

  1. SINGGATE HDB BTO Smart Digital Lock – Check the latest price on Shopee
  2.  ATLAS Ultra Slim WiFi Digital Door Lock – Check the latest price on Shopee
  3. Schlage S480 Digital Lock – Check the latest price on Shopee
  4. Yale YDR323 RFID Digital Door Lock – Check the latest price on Shopee
  5. Gateman J20DM Digital Door Lock – Check the latest price on Shopee

SINGGATE HDB BTO Smart Digital Lock

Introducing the SINGGATE HDB BTO Smart Digital Lock, a highly sophisticated and reliable solution for your home security needs. This isn’t your generic digital lock, but a product crafted specifically for the unique requirements of Singapore’s metal gates, offering an array of attractive features:

Key Features:

  • Multiple Methods of Authentication. This includes fingerprints (stores up to 100 fingerprints), RFID Card/Tag/Sticker (2 cards included), Wi-Fi Mobile App, Touch pad (passcode), and an emergency Mechanical Override Key (2 keys included).
  • Dual Side Fingerprint Authentication. Enhances security further by requiring fingerprint confirmation from both sides of the lock. No need for additional remote controller!
  • Remotely Unlocking Control. Allows for remote access and the ability to view the unlock record via a mobile app.
  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery. After a 3 to 4 hour charge, the battery can last for 3 to 4 months.


  • The robust design is water-resistant with an IP64 rating and an emergency power bank jump-start feature, ensuring continued functionality during power outages.
  • Local support is available since it is a local brand. Plus, it includes free installation with a 2-year on-site warranty.
  • The digital lock comes with a Digital User Manual and YouTube Guide Video for easy setup and usage.


  • The lock requires Wi-Fi for remote unlocking and viewing unlock records, which could be inconvenient in areas with weak Wi-Fi signals.
  • Regular charging is necessary to ensure optimal performance of the lithium battery.

To make sure customer experience is seamless and satisfactory, SINGGATE goes the extra mile by offering a Video Call Guide Service – getting help when having trouble understanding the video guide or manual is just a call away!

 ATLAS Ultra Slim WiFi Digital Door Lock

The ATLAS Ultra Slim WiFi Digital Door Lock, an innovation in home security. This product redefines the balance between slim aesthetics and robust features, offering an elegant yet secure solution for your home’s safety.

Key Features:

  • Ultra-Thin Panel: The svelte design of this lock gives your door a sleek and modern look.
  • Built-In Lithium Battery: Offers long-lasting power and ensures the lock’s functionality throughout its life.
  • Patented Design: An exclusive design that stands out for its uniqueness and efficiency.
  • Anti-Theft Functionality: Keeps your home secure with its advanced anti-theft features.
  • Voice Navigation: Provides ease of use with vocal cues and guidance.
  • Semiconductor Fingerprint Scanner: Offers accurate and quick fingerprint recognition.
  • Smartphone App: Lets you control and monitor the lock remotely.
  • RFID Card, Number PIN, Mechanical Key: Multiple access methods offer flexibility and contingencies.


  • The Automatic Relock feature ensures the door is always secured.
  • The Security Intrusion Prevention system provides an additional layer of safety against potential breaches.
  • It comes with a 24-month warranty, offering you peace of mind.


  • Despite its sophisticated design, the ultra-thin panel might raise concerns over durability.
  • As it relies heavily on electronic features like the smartphone app and the semiconductor fingerprint scanner, they might not work optimally in case of a power outage.

The ATLAS Ultra Slim WiFi Digital Door Lock is, indeed, a blend of attractive design and superb functionality. With this lock on your door, safety and style go hand-in-hand.

Schlage S480 Digital Lock

Schlage S480 Digital Lock is a product from Schlage, the renowned brand that has set standards in security and innovation for a century. This digital lock harmoniously fuses the company’s legacy with modern developments to offer an outstanding solution for your security needs.

Key Features:

  • Wide RFID Card and PIN Code Range: It supports up to 50 RFID Cards and up to 10 PIN Codes (6-12 Digits) providing convenience for multiple-user situations.
  • One-Time PIN: This feature allows you to share access temporarily with visitors or service personnel ensuring security isn’t compromised.
  • Manager Code and Cards: It allows up to 3 Manager Cards and a Manager Code enabling control and access to who can manage the lock.
  • Volume Sound and Mute Control: This provides the freedom to control the noise level of the lock, including a mute setting for quieter environments.
  • Weather Resistant: Tested to IP54, it can endure extreme weather conditions.


  • 24 Hours Emergency Support: Round-the-clock support offers peace of mind in case of any unexpected issues.
  • Free Installation: Hassle-free setup, as the installation is included in the purchase.
  • 2 Year Warranty: Guarantees the reliability of the product.
  • Made In Korea: Ensures premium quality and craftsmanship.


  • Despite its robust features, the Schlage S480 Digital Lock might come off as intimidating for those less tech-savvy.
  • As most features are electronic, they might be prone to issues in the event of a power outage.

With the Schlage S480 Digital Lock, security is no longer a mere lock and key affair, but a sophisticated, reliable system tailored for the modern-day user. Experience a century’s worth of innovation at your fingertips.

Yale YDR323 RFID Digital Door Lock

Take a look at the Yale YDR323 RFID Digital Door Lock, a system that brings the security of the historical lock and key into modern times. It embeds cutting-edge technology into a sleek design to provide a secure and smart lock solution.

Key Features:

  • Various Access Methods: You can unlock your door through a PIN code, RF card key, or an optional remote control.
  • Magic Mirror: A modern touch screen panel that activates upon touch – a feature made to blend in with any home decor.
  • Safe Thumb-Turn: Guarantees security when manually locking/unlocking from the inside.
  • High Temperature Alarm: Alerts you if the lock detects an unusually high temperature – a potential sign of a fire hazard.
  • Fake PIN Code: Allows entering arbitrary numbers before or after the real PIN to prevent your PIN from being exposed.
  • Visitor Code: Use this unique one-time visitor code that expires after a single use.


  • Advanced Mode for those needing higher security features.
  • Providing a mirror finish, the lock adds a touch of elegance to your door.
  • Dimensions are just right, allowing for a snug fit onto most doors.


  • Remote control access is optional and not included in the base purchase.
  • Depending on your home’s decor, the mirror finish might come off as too flashy or may gather fingerprints.

Upgrade to the Yale YDR323 RFID Digital Door Lock for a perfect blending of tradition and modernity, offering you a secure home with the convenience of today’s technology.

Gateman J20DM Digital Door Lock

Introduce your home to the Gateman J20DM Digital Door Lock, a meticulously designed product that can redefine your home’s security. Offering convenient access methods and featuring a modern design, this digital door lock is designed to meet the needs of any contemporary household.

Key Features:

  • Type – Rim Lock: A style of lock installed on the surface of the door, it adds an extra layer of security combined with ease of installation.
  • RFID Card Access: Allows quick, touch-free access, ideal when your hands are full or for kids who might forget a PIN.
  • PIN Code Access: Offers secure access by setting a unique PIN code, ensuring the security of your door.
  • Support Remote Control: Includes the possibility to be operated remotely via a remote control device (available for optional purchase).


  • The convenience of access methods: Choose from RFID card, PIN code, or optional remote control usage to match your preference and lifestyle.
  • The lock comes with a 1-year warranty, offering you peace of mind concerning its quality and functionality.


  • The Gateman J20DM Digital Door Lock does not support fingerprint recognition, which may be a downside for those looking for biometric access.
  • The remote control is not included in the basic package and must be purchased separately.

With the Gateman J20DM Digital Door Lock, you can have an efficient security system that is not just practical in usage but also provides peace of mind.

How to Choose the Best Digital Locks in Singapore

1. Type of Digital Lock

There are various kinds of digital locks to choose from, and selecting the most suitable one depends on your preferences and requirements. Some common types include:

  • Fingerprint recognition: Allows access through biometric verification. It’s user-friendly and highly secure since fingerprints are unique to each individual.
  • Keypad locks: Enable access through a security code or PIN that needs to be entered on a number pad. They’re convenient and typically can store multiple passcodes, which is handy if you need to grant access to multiple people.
  • RFID/tap card access: These digital locks work with cards or key tags that use radiofrequency identification (RFID) technology. Place a card or key tag close to the lock, and voila, your door is unlocked.

2. Security Features

The level of security provided by a digital lock is vital in determining its suitability for your home. A few security features to look out for include:

  • Multiple authentication methods: Digital locks that offer multiple ways to unlock the door, such as through biometrics, access codes, and RFID, provide an extra layer of security and convenience.
  • Anti-tamper alarms: A lock with a built-in alarm that sounds when a forced entry or tampering is detected can be helpful in deterring potential intruders.
  • Auto-lock features: A digital lock that automatically locks when the door is closed ensures you never forget to lock your door again.

3. Battery Life and Emergency Power Backup

Digital locks are powered by batteries, making it crucial to look for a model with a long battery life. Additionally, ensure that the lock has an emergency power backup, such as attaching a 9V battery in case the internal batteries are drained, to avoid getting locked out.

4. Connectivity and Smart Home Integration

In this age of smart homes, it’s important to choose a digital lock that can seamlessly integrate with your home automation system, allowing you to control the lock remotely via your smartphone or a web platform. Some digital locks offer connectivity via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or Z-Wave, enabling you to monitor access to your home even when you’re away.

5. Installation and Compatibility

Before purchasing a digital lock, ensure it is compatible with your door in terms of dimensions, material, and design. Neglecting this factor might lead to additional modifications and expenses. Opting for a professional installer is highly recommended to avoid any trouble during the installation process.

6. Warranty and After-Sales Support

A digital lock is an investment, and having strong after-sales support and an extensive warranty period can provide peace of mind. Choose a reputed brand that offers a comprehensive warranty covering all components, along with reliable customer support to handle any issues that may arise later.

7. Budget

Lastly, take your budget into account when selecting a digital lock. Singapore offers a wide range of locks at varying prices, which means there’s something for every price point. Prioritize the features most important to you while staying within your allocated budget.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Digital Locks in Singapore

1. Are digital locks more secure than traditional locks?

Digital locks tend to offer higher security levels than traditional locks due to their advanced technology and features. These include fingerprint or biometric authentication, multiple PIN codes, RFID tags, alarms, and auto-lock mechanisms. Unlike conventional locks, digital locks eliminate the risk of losing keys or keys falling into the wrong hands.

2. Can digital locks be hacked?

While hacking is always a potential risk when dealing with any technology, reputable digital lock manufacturers use advanced security protocols and encryption methods to reduce the likelihood of hacking. Opting for a digital lock from a trusted brand with robust security measures will ensure your lock is as secure as possible.

3. What do I do if the battery runs out in my digital lock?

Most digital locks on the market have a low battery warning to remind you to replace the batteries in time to prevent lock-outs. Should the battery run out, some digital locks offer an emergency power backup where you can connect a 9V external battery to power up and unlock the door.

4. How often do I need to replace the batteries?

Battery life can vary depending on the lock’s usage and the quality of the batteries. Most digital locks require battery replacement every 6 months to 2 years. To ensure uninterrupted use, always pay attention to your lock’s low battery indicator and replace the batteries promptly.

5. Can I install a digital lock on any type of door?

In most cases, digital locks can be installed on a variety of door types, including wooden, metal, and uPVC doors. However, always verify the compatibility of the lock’s specifications with your door’s dimensions, material, and design before purchasing to avoid any installation complications.

6. Can digital locks be integrated with smart home systems?

Many modern digital locks offer compatibility with smart home systems through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or Z-Wave connectivity. This integration enables you to monitor and manage your home’s access remotely and receive real-time notification alerts on your smartphone or other connected devices.

7. Are digital locks weatherproof?

Quality digital locks are generally designed to withstand various weather conditions such as rain, humidity, and temperature fluctuations. When shopping for a digital lock, look for models with IP ratings (Ingress Protection) to ensure they are resistant to dust and water intrusion.

8. What if I need to grant temporary access to someone?

Digital locks, especially those with keypad or RFID functionality, allow you to create temporary access codes or provide RFID key tags to grant access to guests, service providers, or caregivers for a limited period. Once the need for access has passed, you can delete these codes or revoke permissions, maintaining your home’s security.

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