Top 5 Best Cooler Boxes in the Philippines: Keep Your Refreshments Cool Anywhere, Anytime

With the tropical climate of the Philippines often proving challenging for preserving food and drinks during outings, a solution is necessary for keeping your refreshments cool and safe. Cooler boxes are perfectly equipped to tackle this issue, providing reliably cool storage for your traveling needs. This list features the Top 5 Best Cooler Boxes in the Philippines, each handpicked based on their cooling capability, durability, and consumer reviews. Invest in these cooler boxes to enjoy fresh food and cold beverages, all while experiencing the tropical beauty of the Philippines.

The Top 5 Best Cooler Boxes in the Philippines

  1. BLACKDOG Premium Insulated Box Cooler – Check Lazada, Check Shopee
  2. Mr.Dolphin Orocan Ice Box Chest Insulated Cooler – Check Lazada, Check Shopee
  3. ZOOEY Insulated Cooler Box – Check Lazada, Check Shopee
  4. ICEFLOWER Caser Plastic Cooler Box – Check Lazada, Check Shopee
  5. MOBI GARDEN Camping Cooler Box – Check Lazada, Check Shopee

BLACKDOG Premium Insulated Box Cooler

Make the Blackdog Premium Insulated Box Cooler your reliable companion for camping trips, outdoor parties, or weekend getaways. With an impressive capacity of 26L, and refrigeration time of up to 108 hours depending on location and ambient temperature, this cooler box delivers solid performance when it comes to keeping your items refreshingly chilled. Rendered in a stealthy black shade, it combines practicality with a touch of style.

Key Features

  • Premium Construction: The cooler box features a PE top cover, a PU insulation layer, and a PP inner liner, which come together to ensure durability and excellent insulation.
  • 26L Capacity: Offers enough space to store your food and drinks for your camping trips or outdoor gatherings.
  • Extended Refrigeration Time: Capable of keeping your contents cool for up to 108 hours, depending on the location and ambient temperature, ensuring fresh meals and cold drinks throughout your trip.
  • Lightweight: Has a weight of about 4.9kg, making it easy for transportation to and from your outdoor events.
  • Practical Size: The dimensions (56.5x36x43cm) ensure that the cooler box is easy to carry and store, without sacrificing capacity.
  • Stylish Appearance: Comes in a sleek black color, adding a touch of elegance to your outdoor activities.

Stay fresh and chilled during your outdoor escapades with the Blackdog Premium Insulated Box Cooler— your perfect outdoor serving solution.

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Mr.Dolphin Orocan Ice Box Chest Insulated Cooler 

Turn your everyday outings into exciting picnics with the Mr.Dolphin Orocan Ice Box Chest Insulated Cooler. With a capacity of 15 liters, this cooler box promises long-lasting freshness for your food and beverages. Its features are specially designed for convenience and performance, making it a must-have accessory for your outdoor activities.

Key Features

  • 15-Liter Capacity: Offers ample space for storing your food and drinks, perfect for small to medium-sized gatherings.
  • Insulated Chest: The efficiency of the insulation ensures your items stay cool for longer periods.
  • Durable Construction: Demonstrates durability and resilience to rugged outdoor conditions, providing a long-lasting solution for your cooling needs.
  • Portable Design: Its compact and lightweight design encourages ease of transport and storage.
  • Easy Clean-Up: The design allows for easy cleaning, ensuring hygienic storage of your food and beverages.

Explore great outdoor moments with the Mr.Dolphin Orocan Ice Box Chest Insulated Cooler, ensuring fresh food and drinks for you and your companions at all times.

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ZOOEY Insulated Cooler Box

Get ready to discover a world of convenience with the Zooey Insulated Cooler Box. With a generous capacity of 52 liters and flexible organizing options like a detachable tray, this cooler box delivers impressive functionality, making picnics and outdoor gatherings simple yet delightful. Please note that the top covers of the new and old models are different, and the model you receive will be random and non-selectable. The available colors are Blue and Red.

Key Features

  • Large Capacity: Boasts a vast 52 liter storage capacity, making it an ideal choice for large gatherings or long trips.
  • Detachable Tray: Comes with a convenient tray for customizable organization. This feature allows you to segregate different types of items – from fruits to drinks, ensuring optimal use of storage space. The tray can be easily removed according to your needs.
  • Durable Construction: Built to last, the cooler box offers durability for long-term use, regardless of the outdoor conditions.
  • Practical Design: The dimensions (LxWxH = 654145cm) make it easy for transportation and storage without sacrificing its large capacity.
  • Color Options: Comes in two vibrant color choices – Blue and Red, adding a fun pop of color to your outdoor events.

The Zooey Insulated Cooler Box combines simplicity, practicality and style, so why wait? Make your outdoor events more enjoyable with Zooey now!

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ICEFLOWER Caser Plastic Cooler Box

Meet the Iceflower Caser Plastic Cooler Box, which boasts a stunning capacity of 100 liters, and is designed to keep your perishables and beverages at the perfect temperature for up to 72 hours. Ideal for large gatherings, picnics, and camping trips, this cooler box will cater to all your outdoor needs while ensuring the highest standards of food safety and durability.

Key Features

  • Generous Capacity: Equipped with a 100-liter storage capacity that ensures ample room for your food and beverages, making it a perfect choice for sizable parties and extended trips.
  • Drain System: Features an efficient drain system that facilitates smooth removal of excess water from melted ice, keeping the cooler box clean and hygienic.
  • Extended Insulation Time: Designed to maintain temperature for up to 72 hours, guaranteeing freshness for your items throughout your adventures.
  • UV Resistant: Crafted with a UV resistant material that combats the harsh effects of the sun and sustains the cooler box’s durability and aesthetics.
  • Impact Resistant: Created with impact-resistant materials for enhanced resilience and longevity despite rough handling or unfavorable outdoor conditions.
  • Food Grade: Adheres to food-grade standards, assuring a safe and hygienic storage solution for all your perishables.
  • Dimensions: L-64 x W-48 x H-52cm

Make your outdoor experience an unforgettable one with the Iceflower Caser Plastic Cooler Box— a dependable and food-safe solution for all your outdoor cooling requirements.

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MOBI GARDEN Camping Cooler Box

Introducing the Mobi Garden Camping Cooler Box, your ultimate cooling solution for outdoor getaways, car trips, and picnics. This versatile and portable cooler box is designed for long-term heat preservation, ensuring your food and beverages remain fresh and crisp throughout your escapades. Its smart design and locking system deliver ultimate convenience, making it a must-have accessory for enthusiasts of camping, fishing, BBQs, and more.

Key Features

  • Long-term Heat Preservation: Expertly designed to maintain temperature and freshness of your items for extended periods, allowing you to enjoy warm meals and refreshing drinks anytime.
  • Rotary Handle Lock: Features a rotary handle that locks the lid securely in place, preventing spills and accidents while keeping your items fresh and intact.
  • Suitable for Various Outdoor Activities: A perfect companion for camping, fishing, car travel, BBQs, picnics, or any other outdoor adventures.
  • Extendable Rod Design: Comes with an extendable rod and labor-saving features, ensuring carrying your cooler box is convenient and effortless.
  • Multifunctional Storage: Great for keeping warm meals, soups, sandwiches, as well as fresh fruits, cakes, and bread, catering to all your outdoor dining needs.

Make the most of your outdoor experiences with the Mobi Garden Camping Cooler Box, and enjoy the convenience of well-preserved food and drinks at your fingertips.

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How to Choose the Best Cooler Boxes in the Philippines

In the Philippines, where tropical temperatures can quickly raise the temperature of your stored food and beverages, it’s essential to choose the best cooler box to suit your needs. To guarantee optimal results, you must identify the factors that differentiate one cooler box from another. The following list of factors will help you navigate your choices and ensure that your selected cooler box will meet your expectations.

Factors to Consider

  1. Size and Capacity: Consider the volume of items you will frequently store in the cooler box. Choose a capacity that will comfortably accommodate the amount of food and drinks you plan to transport regularly.
  2. Insulation Quality: Look for a cooler box that offers excellent insulation, as it directly affects the performance and duration of the temperature preservation. High-quality insulation materials like polyurethane foam will help maintain the desired temperature.
  3. Portability: Assess the overall weight and design of the cooler box. Features like durable handles and wheels can significantly improve the ease of transportation, especially when carrying a heavy load.
  4. Durability: Opt for a cooler box made from premium materials that can withstand rough usage and various outdoor conditions. Sturdy materials like UV-resistant plastics and reinforced hinges or latches contribute to enhanced durability.
  5. Drainage System: A well-designed drainage system will help remove excess water that accumulates from melted ice, making the cleaning process more straightforward and hassle-free.
  6. Additional Features: Look out for bonus features like cup holders, separate compartments, built-in cutting boards, or cushioned lid seating, which can add extra functionality to your cooler box.
  7. Price: Determine your budget and compare features and quality among cooler boxes at different price points. Ensure that you find the perfect balance between affordability and performance.

By considering these factors when selecting the perfect cooler box for your needs, you can be confident that your chosen product will serve you well during your outdoor adventures in the Philippines.


Choosing among the top 5 best cooler boxes in the Philippines can greatly enhance your outdoor dining experience, whether it be a beach trip, a family picnic, or a camping adventure. By considering essential aspects such as capacity, insulation quality, portability, durability, the drainage system, and price, you’re sure to find a cooler box that perfectly fits your requirements and budget. Remember, the right cooler box not only keeps your food and beverages refreshing but also overcomes the challenges of the tropical climate, making every outing more enjoyable and worry-free.

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