The 5 Best Cling Wraps in the Philippines: A Detailed Review

Storing leftovers or protecting food from air and moisture can be quite a hassle without the right tools. Enter cling wraps, the unsung heroes of kitchens that offer a practical solution. This article brings forth a meticulously curated list of the Top 5 Best Cling Wraps available in the Philippines. Given their durability, adherence, and quality, these selections set themselves apart from the rest. With these recommendations at your disposal, you are sure to find the perfect cling wrap for your household, enhancing your food storage and preservation seamlessly.

The Top 5 Best Cling Wraps in the Philippines

  1. Glad Press ‘N Seal – Check Lazada, Check Shopee
  2. Formosa Food Cling Wrap – Check Lazada, Check Shopee
  3. Kirkland Signature Stretch-tite Plastic Food Wrap – Check Lazada, Check Shopee
  4. CROCO Food Cling Wrap – Check Lazada, Check Shopee
  5. Reynolds Sure Seal Cling Wrap – Check Lazada, Check Shopee

Glad Press ‘N Seal

Discover the superior quality and convenience of Glad Press ‘N Seal, a durable and easy-to-use sealing wrap designed for multi-purpose use. Whether you’re looking to keep your food fresh or safeguard various items from contamination, this versatile wrap has got you covered.

Key Features:

  • Sealing Wrap in One Packaging: A single roll includes 13m² (42.4m x 30cm) of sealing wrap, perfect for all your sealing needs.
  • Multi-Purpose: Enjoy a leakproof, airtight, and multisurface wrap, excellent for preserving food freshness and protecting other items.
  • Microwave Safe & BPA Free: Ensure safety and convenience in your kitchen with a wrap that is both microwave safe and free of harmful BPA.
  • Easy to Use: Just roll out the desired size, cut with scissors, and wrap your items with ease, creating an impenetrable seal against contaminants.

Upgrade your kitchen essentials and experience the unmatched quality of Glad Press ‘N Seal. Available now at S&R Membership Shopping!

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Formosa Food Cling Wrap

Step into the world of efficient food preservation with Formosa Food Cling Wrap, much more than your standard plastic wrap. Renowned as cling film, food wrap, or saran wrap, this product distinguishes itself through its extraordinary ability to seal food securely, thus preserving its freshness over extended periods. This wrap is crafted to fulfill diverse needs, making it perfect for enclosing large food trays and pans, hence guaranteeing sustained freshness.

Key Features:

  • Big Size: An impressive dimension of 18″ x 500m allows for substantial coverage, making it suitable for covering trays and large food containers.
  • Food Grade Material: Made from food-grade plastic material, this wrap excellently seals food in containers, prolonging their freshness and taste.
  • Transparent: The clear, transparent design allows easy visibility of food content, convenient for storage and organization.
  • Convenient Length and Width: With a length of 500m and width of 18″ (457.2mm), the wrap easily accommodates various container sizes and food items.

Bring forth a revolution in your food storage and preservation with the Formosa Food Cling Wrap, wherein freshness, durability, and convenience are all wrapped up in one ideal package.

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Kirkland Signature Stretch-tite Plastic Food Wrap

Introducing Kirkland Signature Stretch-Tite Plastic Food Wrap, the USA-made wrapping solution transforming how you store food. This premium food wrap stands out with its multitude of features designed to enhance your food storage in refrigerators and freezers. Manufactured by Polyvinyl Films, the creators of stretch-tite and freeze-tite plastic wraps, this product is widely recognized for its quality and efficiency in both homes and businesses.

Key Features:

  • High Quality: Authentic and made in the USA, ensuring superior quality and reliability.
  • Size Advantage: With a generous size of 3000 sq. ft., it caters to extensive wrapping needs.
  • Optional Slide Cutter: An optional slide cutter is included for easy and precise cutting.
  • Multipurpose: Perfect for covering and storing food in the refrigerator or freezer.
  • BPA-free: Safety assured with a BPA-free material.
  • Enhanced Qualities: Provides more stretch, strength, and cling for optimal food preservation.
  • Unique Dispenser Box: Comes in a unique dispenser box for easy access and storage.
  • Recognized: Acknowledged and used by leading chefs for its premium quality.

Experience the Polyvinyl promise of premium quality wraps, and elevate your food preservation with Kirkland Signature Stretch-Tite Plastic Food Wrap.

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CROCO Food Cling Wrap

Unravel superior food preservation with the CROCO Food Cling Wrap. Made for ensuring food freshness, this 100% food-grade, safe wrap is perfect for restaurants, caterers, takeaway services, food processors, resellers, retailers, and even household kitchens. Enjoy peace of mind and exceptional quality in your food storage endeavors.

Key Features:

  • 100% Food Grade, 100% Safe: A food-safe cling wrap, guaranteed for assured quality.
  • Promises Freshness: Created to keep your food fresh for longer, ensuring the best taste and quality.
  • Versatile Usage: Ideal for wrapping overnight and frozen food, fruits, and vegetables.
  • Non-Toxic and Crystal Clear: The wrap is non-toxic and offers a crystal-clear view of its contents.
  • Clings Best: Has the clingiest stretch to ensure secure wrapping and sealing.
  • Microwave Safe: The safety continues with microwave suitability, offering convenience in food warming.
  • Sold per Roll: Each roll is sold individually. Choose your preferred size/length from the options provided.
  • Best Price Guarantee: Satisfaction not only in quality but also in price, with the lowest prices guaranteed.

Embrace enhanced food preservation and storage with CROCO Food Cling Wrap, the prime selection for maintaining freshness and safety in food storage.

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Reynolds Sure Seal Cling Wrap

Get acquainted with Reynolds Sure Seal Cling Wrap, a standout in its league, revered for its outstanding sealing capacities. This wrap exhibits an elasticity that guarantees a more secure seal than any other leading wraps in the market. Boasting an impressive length of 30 meters (100 feet), this wrap ensures the optimal preservation of freshness and the genuine taste of your food.

Key Features:

  • Extensive Length: Comes in a roll of 30 meters (or 100 feet), sufficient for numerous wrapping and sealing tasks.
  • Superior Seal: Stretches like elastic and seals tighter than competing wraps, providing an air-tight environment for your food.
  • Maintains Freshness and Flavor: Ensures your food stays fresh and tastes just as it should by protecting it from air and moisture exposure.
  • Ideal Solution: Represents the best way to seal food tightly and maintain its quality over time.

Immerse yourself in a unique sealing experience with the Reynolds Sure Seal Cling Wrap, where freshness and the original flavor remain sealed in with your food.

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How to Choose the Best Cling Wraps in the Philippines

Choosing the ideal cling wrap for your needs can feel challenging given the multitude of brands available in the market. However, armed with the right knowledge about key factors, you can make an informed choice. Here’s what to consider when hunting for the best cling wraps in the Philippines:

Factors to Consider

  • Reliability: Look for cling wraps from trusted, reputable brands to ensure quality.
  • Stickiness: The primary purpose of a cling wrap is to seal food items tightly, so choose a wrap that adheres well.
  • Ease of Use: Go for cling wrap that easily unrolls, clings, and cuts.
  • Thickness: A thicker cling wrap translates to better preservation of food and less chance of tearing.
  • Safety: Ensure that the cling wrap you choose is BPA-free and microwave safe.
  • Size: Depending on the quantity of food you typically need to store, choose a cling wrap size that best suits your needs.

Remember, the most suitable cling wraps facilitate your tasks, preserve your food efficiently, and are safe for your health. Keep these factors under consideration and choose wisely!


In conclusion, investing in one of the Top 5 Best Cling Wraps in the Philippines can make a significant difference in elevating your food preservation and storage practices. Armed with the knowledge of the factors to look for, choosing your ideal cling wrap becomes considerably easier. The options listed in this article boast durability, adherence, safety, and convenience, ensuring that you get the most out of your purchase. So say goodbye to food spoilage, excessive use of plastic, and difficult storage management, and embrace the benefits of these high-quality cling wraps. Happy wrapping!

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