The Top 5 Best Cat Scratching Posts in the Philippines

Are you in search of the best cat-scratching posts in the Philippines? Look no further, as this article will serve as your ultimate guide to finding the perfect one for your lovable feline friend.

Before we proceed to our well-researched top picks, let’s shed light on what cat scratching posts are and their numerous benefits. Cat scratching posts are specially designed devices that aid cats in satisfying their natural urge to scratch. They come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, all offering a secure and convenient way for cats to indulge in their scratching behavior.

The advantages of possessing a cat scratching post are manifold. Firstly, they aid in keeping the cat’s claws healthy and well-maintained. Moreover, they ensure that indoor cats have an opportunity to exercise and promote mental stimulation. Most importantly, they prevent cats from scratching household items, safeguarding your home from any destructive claw marks.

Without further ado, here is our comprehensive list of the top 5 best cat-scratching posts in the Philippines:

Best Cat Scratching Posts in the Philippines

Sisal Scratching Post

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If you’re a cat owner, you understand the absolute necessity of satisfying your cat’s instinctual necessity to scratch. The Sisal Scratching Post cat scratching post, complete with a self-groomer, is an excellent addition to your cat’s playtime and grooming routine.

Compact Size, Optimum Usage

Just because your cat’s scratching post is an essential piece of their leisure gear, it doesn’t mean it has to occupy a lot of space in your living room. With a length of just 33 cm, this scratching post is compact and designed to accommodate even a small apartment setting. Despite its diminutive size, it gracefully combines the functionality of a scratching post and a self-groomer, providing an amazing experience for your cat without eating up your space.

Quick and Hassle-Free Set-Up

One of the most engaging features of this product is its incredibly easy installation. It’s designed to be user-friendly, even for those who aren’t too handy. The fixing mechanism is so simple that even first-time cat owners can set it up in a matter of minutes without any professional help.

Sturdy and Natural Hemp Rope

The scratching post is wrapped in a layer of sturdy hemp rope. The strength and texture of the hemp rope are ideal for your cat’s claws, making it a durable choice. Additionally, the natural material assures the safety of your cat, eliminating any concerns you may have regarding synthetic materials.

Exceptionally Durable

Durability is a prime concern when choosing a scratching post. The Sisal Scratching Post is made to last. Your cat will get endless hours of play and grooming time from this product. The hemp rope encasing doesn’t wear off easily, so you can rest assured it won’t need to be replaced in a hurry.

In-Built Self-Groomer

Perhaps the most distinctive aspect of this scratching post is its in-built self-groomer. This feature allows your cat to comb its fur whilst indulging in its scratching sessions. Your cat can scratch, play, and groom, keeping its fur neat and clean without any additional grooming tools.

The Sisal Scratching Post offers the perfect blend of fun and functionality. As compared to other scratching posts on the market, it’s compact, easy to install, sturdy, durable, and includes a self-groomer. It ensures your beloved feline gets the best possible care without requiring a lot of space or maintenance from you.

Wikidog Non-Slip Pet Cats Sisal Scratcher Mat Cushion

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Scratching is more than just a pastime for cats; it’s an instinctive action that gives them immense satisfaction. That’s why it’s crucial to find a product that does more than just attract their attention, a product that also meets their comfort and safety needs. Enter the Wikidog Non-Slip Pet Cats Sisal Scratcher Mat Cushion, a multi-purpose, durable mat designed specifically to cater to your favorite feline’s unique needs.

Made from Durable Sisal Material

The Sisal Scratcher Mat Cushion is crafted with top-grade sisal material, renowned for its inherent toughness and durability. This ensures that it can easily withstand the persistent scratching of your cats, offering them an outlet to express their natural scratching instincts without wearing out prematurely.

Protects Furniture

Owners often deal with the misfortune of their cherished furniture falling victim to cat scratching. The Wikidog Sisal Scratcher Mat offers a convenient solution. As it provides an enticing alternative for your cats, they’ll be less likely to turn to your furniture, ensuring its longevity.

Satisfactory Scratching Experience

With its natural sisal texture, this scratching mat delivers the physical relief and satisfaction that cats crave when they scratch. Your feline friend can now stretch, scratch, and declaw as much as it pleases without causing any damage around the house.

Large Sizes for Maximum Comfort

One of the engrossing features of this product is its versatile size options (S for 30cmx40cm, M for 40cmx60cm, L for 50cmx80cm, and XL for 60cmx90cm). Regardless of your cat’s size or scratching habits, you’ll find a size that perfectly suits your cat’s preferences. The larger sizes are especially ideal for cats who enjoy stretching their claws or lounging lazily on a comfortable mat.

Non-Slip Design for Safety

With the non-slip design, the Wikidog Non-Slip Pet Cats Sisal Scratcher Mat Cushion guarantees your cat’s safety. It firmly stays in place, providing a secure scratching surface, even during the most vigorous scratching sessions.

In summary, the Wikidog Non-Slip Pet Cats Sisal Scratcher Mat Cushion is more than just a scratching mat; it’s a multi-functional solution that provides both entertainment and comfort for your feline friends. Its robust design, combined with its versatility and safety, makes it a must-have accessory for every cat owner.

Guard Cat Scratch Board

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Wondering how to simplify your cat’s indoor playtime activities? Maintaining sharp claws, satisfying the desire to play, and the need for cozy rest. These seemingly contrasting needs can all be met with a single solution – the Guard Cat Scratch Board. This comprehensive cat accessory exudes innovative design, resilience, and commitment to the environment while being strikingly multi-functional.

Offering Multiple Uses – from Scratching to Sleeping

The Guard Cat Scratch Board is so much more than a scratch-resistant claw. By enabling your cat to grind its claws on it, it serves as a hygienic grooming tool to keep its claws in fine form. The board’s large and comfortable dimensions also present it as an enticing spot for your cat to nap. This dual functionality perfectly combines your cat’s desires, making it the ideal accessory for indoor cats.

Amplifying Entertainment Value with Built-in Toys

To enhance your cat’s playtime and engagement, the scratchboard comes with two toy bell balls. The toys are securely lodged within the grooves of the board, capturing your cat’s attention and encouraging more interactive play sessions.

Uncompromising on Durability and Safety

Constructed from non-toxic, high-density corrugated cardboard, the Guard Cat Scratch board ensures durability without compromising your cat’s safety. The sturdy material withstands rigorous scratching, reducing crumbs and resisting dirt, making it longer-lasting and easy to clean. More so, the high-density material guarantees that the cat’s claws won’t get hurt during their engaging claw sessions.

Eco-friendly with Easy Maintenance

The product showcases a firm commitment to environmental sustainability as it utilizes 100% recycled eco-friendly corrugated cardboard. Additionally, the non-toxic glue used in the assembly underscores the product’s safety measures. The shell of the scratchboard is recyclable, and the inner core can be conveniently disassembled and replaced, contributing yet again to its eco-friendly aspect and ease of maintenance.

Protecting Your Furniture

One common issue cat owners face is their little felines causing claw damage on furniture. By providing an appealing solution for your cat’s scratching instincts, the Guard Cat Scratch Board protects your furniture, preventing destructive scratching and potentially saving you considerable repair costs.

In essence, the Guard Cat Scratch Board is an all-in-one solution for your pet cat. It serves not just as a place for claw grinding but also as a rest spot, a toy, and an indispensable protector of your cherished furniture. Its eco-friendly and durable design ensures a guilt-free purchase, durability, and harmless fun for your furry friend. With ease of maintenance, repairing the scratchboard offers a cost-effective, enduring solution for your cat’s indoor activities.

Magic Organ Cat Scratch Board

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Offering your cat an ideal place to sleep, scratch, and play is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity. One product that proficiently caters to these needs is the Magic Organ Cat Scratch Board. This innovative product combines a honeycomb grid design, a built-in bell, a cat-friendly encrypted corrugated paper material, and a specialized ball-in-a-channel design to keep your cat entertained and satisfied.

Unique Honeycomb Grid Design

The magic begins with the distinctive honeycomb grid design, which provides an attractive and engaging texture for your cat to scratch. This design supports various combinations – you can place the built-in bell inside or outside – offering your cat multiple ways to explore and have fun.

Durable Encrypted Corrugated Paper

The longevity of this cat scratch board lies in the material used: encrypted and thickened corrugated paper. This strong and durable material can easily handle daily scratching and does not hurt your cat’s claws, ensuring your pet’s safety while enjoying its scratching sessions.

Interactive Toy-Included Design

The Magic Organ Cat Scratch Board is more than just a scratchboard; it includes a small ball embedded in a channel designed for your cat’s entertainment. Your cat can nudge it with its nose or shove it with its paw. The ball is carefully designed not to pull out easily, it will simply roll around, keeping your cat occupied for hours.

Furniture-Safe Solution

Cats love to scratch, we know that. Giving them a product that mesmerizes them, such as this cat scratch board, means diverting their attention from your furniture, preserving it from any undesirable claw damage.

Multi-Purpose Utility

This scratchboard isn’t just a play tool; it can also be used as a bed for your cat to rest on. By offering a place for both play and rest, it gives this product a dual-purpose function that’s great for your cat’s overall well-being.

The Magic Organ Cat Scratch Board is more than just a play accessory for your cat. It’s an ingenious product designed to intrigue your cat, preserve your furniture, and offer comfort to your pet. Its multi-faceted design and user-friendly approach make it an ideal choice for every feline friend.

Osti 4in1 Solid Wood Cat Scratching Post

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Not just any cat scratcher but a cat haven that leverages space, design, and interactive elements. The Osti 4in1 Solid Wood Cat Scratching Post comes with an interactive track toy and ball, making it a must-have for every feline friend.

Compact Design for Versatility

The compact footprint of this scratching post allows it to fit seamlessly into any spot in your home. It allows your cat to continue its scratching adventures, without any territorial constraints.

Interactive Toy for Unlimited Fun

Ignite your feline’s play instinct with a two-level turntable equipped with balls. It provides endless fun, keeping your cat entertained and active while playing. It’s the kind of accessory that keeps your pet excited and always coming back for more.

High-Grade Solid Wood and Sisal Material

Made from the finest pine wood, the Osti 4in1 Solid Wood Cat Scratching Post is a mark of stability and durability. The wooden boards, paper tubes, and sisal are carefully selected to ensure they guarantee endurance against your cat’s most ardent scratching sessions.

The Osti 4in1 Solid Wood Cat Scratching Post is more than a scratching post. It is both a toy and a scratching post, designed to appease the natural urges of your cat while managing their play and rest times. Its compact features, interactive elements, and quality materials all blend perfectly to deliver an ideal solution for your pet cat. Don’t just get a scratching post. Get the Osti 4in1 Solid Wood Cat Scratch Post and offer your cat a premium accessory that elevates their experience.

Buying Guide for the Best Cat Scratching Posts in the Philippines

Choosing the best cat scratching post for your pet is not just about picking the first one you see in a store or online market. You need to assess particular features to ensure you’re providing your furry friend with an accessory that caters not only to their playful nature but also contributes to their overall well-being. This buying guide will provide you with crucial information to make the right decision.

Understanding the Need for a Cat Scratching Post

Scratching is inherent in cats; it’s an activity they instinctively love. It helps them shed their claw’s outer layers, stretch their muscles, mark their territory, and express excitement or distress. A good scratching post will keep them from directing these natural urges towards your precious furniture.


Two common materials used for scratching posts are carpet and sisal. Carpet may seem attractive as it matches your home decor and appears soft, but it can easily be shredded by your cat’s nails. Sisal, on the other hand, is more durable and encourages more scratching due to its texture. Wooden posts, often seen in high-end models like the Osti 4in1 Solid Wood Scratching Post, provide great resilience and eco-friendly attributes.

Size and Stability

Cats prefer tall scratching posts as they allow full stretch and robust scratching. The post also needs to be sturdy. A cat won’t use a post that wobbles or tips over easily. Ensure its base is broad and heavy enough to handle your feline friend’s weight.

Number of Surfaces

Cats enjoy having multiple surfaces to scratch on. Some posts include both horizontal and vertical surfaces, like ramps or multi-tier structures. Others integrate toys to provide more stimulation, as seen in the Magic Organ Cat Scratch Board with its interactive ball-and-channel feature.

Location Specificity

Think about your available space and where you plan to place the scratcher in your home. Some models are compact and can fit in any corner, but larger models with multiple tiers will require more room.


As conscious consumers, we strive to choose products that negatively impact our environment as little as possible. Some scratching posts, like the Guard Cat Scratch Board, have eco-friendly credentials, being made from 100% recycled corrugated cardboard.


Prices can vary widely depending on the aforementioned features. While your budget is an essential factor, remember that cheap can often lead to compromised quality and shorter lifespan. Balanced consideration should be given to both the price and the features that a scratching post offers.

Longevity and Replaceable Parts

A well-constructed post can last years, even with heavy use. Look for durability and the possibility of replacing parts like the sisal rope or cardboard scratch pads. This feature extends the product’s lifespan and offers a cost-effective solution in the long run.

Reviews and Recommendations

Look at product reviews online or seek recommendations from fellow cat owners. Real-life experiences from customers can provide valuable insights into a product.

In Conclusion

The well-being and satisfaction of our feline friends are paramount. The right cat scratching post can significantly influence their health, happiness, and overall activity levels. The top 5 cat scratching posts in the Philippines offer a blend of exceptional durability, engagement, and value for pet owners.

From products like the Guard Cat Scratch Board, with its multi-functional design, to the Magic Organ Cat Scratch Board, known for its interactive ball-and-channel feature, or the Osti 4in1 Solid Wood Cat Scratching Post, renowned for its high-grade materials and interactive toys, we are spoilt for choice. Each choice distinctively caters to the varying needs of our feline friends, guaranteeing entertainment, rest, and personal space, all without compromising on our furniture’s safety.

Choosing any of these cat scratching posts connects you and your pet to quality, innovative design, and an eco-friendly product built to last. The decision is not just centered around buying a scratching post; it’s about ensuring your beloved pet has a product that contributes to their happiness, health, and well-being. The best-scratching posts in the Philippines have been fashioned to achieve just that. Choose wisely and let your cat enjoy the fun, comfort, and satisfaction they deserve.

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