Top 6 Best Cat Litters in the Philippines: A Comprehensive Review

Finding the ideal cat litter is a vital task, albeit often underestimated. It’s all about achieving a harmonious blend of comfort for your beloved pet and convenience for you, all the while keeping your home pleasant and free from unwanted smells. In the Philippines, you’re spoiled for choice, with a vast array of cat litters competing for your consideration. To help you navigate this crowded landscape, we’ve taken up the task of recognizing which ones truly merit your resources. We’ve meticulously analyzed and reported our findings in this comprehensive review of the “Top 5 Best Cat Litters in the Philippines”. On top of assessing absorption efficiency and odor control effectiveness, we’ve also considered ease-of-use, environmental impact, and cost value. Get ready to explore a carefully curated selection tailored to accommodate the diverse needs of cat owners, ensuring contentment for your feline companion and serenity for you.

What Is a Cat Litter?

Cat Litter is simply indispensable for those who own felines, especially when they dwell primarily indoors. It serves the dual purpose of catering to cats’ instinctual behavior to cover their waste while also maintaining household hygiene. The litter material itself is varied, transitioning from the traditional sand and ashes to advanced compositions that ensure not just cleanliness but also ease of use and feline comfort.

Diverse Varieties of Cat Litter

Market shelves today exhibit a diverse range of cat litters, each boasting distinct benefits:

  • Bentonite-Based Clumping Litter: Armed with the ability to form solid lumps upon moisture contact, this variant of litter drawn from bentonite clay offers effortless scoopability and straightforward maintenance.
  • Non-Clump Clay Litter: Utilizing various absorbent minerals such as zeolite and diatomite, this litter soaks up wetness without clumping, which may demand more frequent replacement but often at a more economical price point.
  • Silica Gel Litter: This highly effective option, filled with tiny silica beads, provides stellar absorption and odor management. It’s also praised for being virtually dust-free and reducing mess but does come with a higher cost compared to clay alternatives.
  • Eco-Conscious Biodegradable Litter: Crafted from renewable materials like paper, wood, and even grains like corn or wheat, this litter type not only supports an ethical stance on the environment but is also a boon for those prone to allergies, despite varying in terms of odor control and solid waste clustering.

Benefits of Opting for Cat Litter

Sanitation and Odor Reduction: Modern litters are engineered to soak up liquids and sequester feces, thereby significantly curbing unwanted smells and contributing to a sanitary space for both the cat and its owner.

Homebound Convenience: Cat litter provides household pets with an easily accessible indoor spot for relief, thereby negating the constant outdoor excursions. Cleaning is quite undemanding, necessitating only periodic scooping and litter replacement.

Vital Health Insights: Monitoring your cat’s restroom behavior or waste can offer crucial insights into their health. Cat litter simplifies this monitoring process, allowing owners to more easily spot potential health concerns.

Friendliness to the Environment: Biodegradable litters break down much more swiftly than their traditional counterparts, promoting environmental sustainability by decreasing the volume of waste sent to landfills.

Catering to Feline Preferences: With an array of textures and olfactory cues that mirror natural environments, many litter forms keep cats cozy and encourage proper litter box usage, aligning with their natural preferences.

The Top 6 Best Cat Litters in the Philippines

  1. NUMBER 1 Ultra-Premium Bentonite Cat Litter: 21 Days Odor Terminator 8.6L – Check the price on Shopee, Check the price on Tiktok
  2. FOLOPETS 10L Bentonite Cat Litter – Check price on Shopee
  3. CHUBBY CHARLIE 10L Ultra Clumping Cat Litter – Check price on Shopee
  4. Emily Pets PREMIUM WOOD PELLETS Cat Litter 10L – Check price on Shopee
  5. Meowtech Ultra Premium Cat Litter Lavender Scent 12.18L – Check price on Shopee
  6. Kit Cat Soya Clump 7L Cat Litter – Check price on Shopee

NUMBER 1 Ultra-Premium Bentonite Cat Litter: 21 Days Odor Terminator 8.6L

NUMBER 1 cat litter is formulated to provide the ultimate odor control, extra hard clumping and dustless experience. It is made of all-natural, high-quality clay and minerals, gentle on your cat’s paws and safe for their health. Additionally, the fragrance added is food-grade fragrance, that is totally safe when accidentally consumed.


21 Days Odor Terminator: Number 1 Cat Litter can keep litter tray fresh and odorless for up to 21 days*! 

This is important for both the cat and the owner’s comfort, as well as for maintaining a clean and hygienic home environment. Number 1 Cat Litter 3X Odor Control Technology that helps to absorb and neutralize odors, ammonia and keep air around the litter tray clean and fresh. 

* Different amounts of litter in the tray and number of cats using this tray may result in a slightly different product performance. 

3X Odor Control Effect: Bio Deodorant + Activated Charcoal + Zeolite 

Bio Deodorant: Number 1 cat litter has the natural ability to remove all bad smells from urine and feces. It helps you to keep the home environment fresh and pleasant. 

Activated Charcoal: Activated charcoal will effectively seal ammonia that is released from cat’s urine, preventing developing health complications from inhaling it. 

Zeolite: Zeolite crystals will provide an additional smell neutralizing effect, so even after days cat litter tray will not smell badly and it will not scare your cat from using it again.

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FOLOPETS 10L Bentonite Cat Litter

The FOLOPETS 10L Bentonite Cat Litter is a matchless option for cat owners seeking high-quality, efficient solutions to common litter box concerns. This superior product delivers fantastic absorbency and unparalleled odor control, offering a more hygienic, fresh-smelling home for you and your pet. Its clumping qualities and low dust level make cleanup effortless and mess-free. Here are its impressive features:

  • Food Grade Composition: Made from food-grade bentonite, ensuring your cat’s safety and health are prioritized.
  • Excellent Odour Control: Owns supreme odor control capabilities, trapping and neutralizing unpleasant smells for a fresher home environment.
  • Clumping & Highly Absorbent: Demonstrates exceptional absorbency, forming solid clumps that can easily be scooped out, speeding up maintenance and cleanup.
  • Bacteria Growth Prevention: Effectively prevents bacteria growth, reducing health risks and promoting a more sanitary litter box condition for your pets.
  • Low Dust Level: Produces minimal dust, reducing respiratory issues for sensitive cats and minimizing mess, thus ensuring a healthier environment for all inhabitants.

Undoubtedly, the FOLOPETS 10L Bentonite Cat Litter provides an outstanding combination of all the essential qualities cat owners are searching for in their ideal cat litter. It isn’t just a choice; it’s the best decision for both human and feline household members.

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CHUBBY CHARLIE 10L Ultra Clumping Cat Litter

Designed expressly with your cat’s needs in mind. This product transcends ordinary pet care items, boasting 100% natural ingredients and ultimate clumping properties for exceptional odor control. Beyond being safe for your pets, it also promises a fresher, more pleasant home for the whole family. Here’s why this product stands out:

  • 100% Natural Ingredients: This cat litter is composed entirely of natural ingredients, highlighting commitment to your pet’s health and safety.
  • Ultimate Clumping Ingredient: With its ultra-clumping property, it swiftly forms solid waste clusters, making cleanup quick and hassle-free.
  • Superior Odor Control: Features a powerful odor control feature that locks and neutralizes unpleasant smells, maintaining fresh air within your home.
  • Essentials Safety: It guarantees safety not just for your cats, but for your entire family, contributing to a healthier home environment.
  • Home Freshness: With the unpleasant smell swiftly and effectively handled, you can enjoy a fresh, clean home atmosphere every day.

The CHUBBY CHARLIE 10L Ultra Clumping Cat Litter attests that superior pet care needn’t be complicated. With its natural composition, odor control, and ease of use, it’s the perfect addition to your pet care toolkit, enhancing the overall quality of life of your beloved feline and your household.

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Emily Pets PREMIUM WOOD PELLETS Cat Litter 10L

Perfectly suited for all cat types, this 10L product is made from natural pinewood, boasting strong clumping consistency and impressive deodorization abilities. With this product, you can enjoy a fresh, clean, and safe environment for your beloved pet.

  • Natural Pinewood: Made from 100% natural pinewood, providing a safe and authentic habitat for your cat.
  • Safe for Cat & Kitten: Ensures safety for cats and kittens alike, minimizing health risks associated with some traditional litters.
  • Strong Clumping: Its strong clumping feature ensures efficient waste separation, making it easier for you to maintain the litter box.
  • Efficient Deodorization: Implements efficient deodorization that effectively neutralizes unpleasant odors, ensuring a fresh atmosphere in your home.
  • Effective Antibacterial: The cat litter contains antibacterial properties protecting both the pet owner and the cat from potential infections.
  • 100% Natural & Biodegradable: The natural and biodegradable composition reduces environmental impact, making it a great option for eco-conscious pet owners.
  • Toilet Flushable: This litter is easily flushable, enhancing convenience while reducing waste disposal issues.
  • Cost-Effective: Despite its premium features, the product is cost-effective, providing maximum value with its long-lasting use.
  • Chemical Free: The absence of harsh chemicals makes it safe for both your pets and family.
  • Eco-Friendly: Its eco-friendly nature extends beyond the ingredients, contributing to a more sustainable future for our planet.

Emily Pets PREMIUM WOOD PELLETS Cat Litter is evidently more than a typical pet item. It’s an investment in your pet’s wellness and happiness and towards sustainable living.

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Meowtech Ultra Premium Cat Litter Lavender Scent 12.18L

Meowtech presents an ultra-premium solution with their Lavender Scented Cat Litter, specifically designed to address the everyday challenges of cat maintenance. Formulated from 100% natural bentonite, this environmentally friendly product contains highly absorbent granules that effectively trap moisture and odor, guaranteeing freshness all day, every day. The subtle Lavender scent offers a unique charm, making this product a must-have for every cat owner.

  • Environmentally Friendly: Committed to sustainability, this product is developed from 100% natural bentonite, making it an eco-responsive choice.
  • Highly Absorbent Granules: Its remarkable absorbency ensures that moisture is effectively trapped, maintaining a dry and comfortable litter box for your cat.
  • Superb Odor Control: It effectively locks in unpleasant smells, providing a clean and fresh home environment.
  • Special Lavender Scent: The addition of a special lavender scent makes for an aromatic experience, leaving your house smelling fresh and pleasing all day.
  • Effective Freshness Solution: The powerful combo of absorbency, odor control, and a special lavender scent keeps your home fresh and odor-free.
  • Natural Product: Made from natural bentonite ensures that it’s safe for your pet and gentle on the environment.
  • Unique Formulation: Its unique formulation creates robust clumps that are easy to scoop, allowing for a hassle-free cleaning experience.

With Meowtech Ultra Premium Cat Litter Lavender Scent 12.18L, cat ownership is a breeze. It combines effective odor control and appealing scents, offering an exciting alternative to traditional cat litters.

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Kit Cat Soya Clump 7L Cat Litter

Kit Cat Soya Clump Cat Litter presents a unique and eco-conscious alternative to conventional cat litter products. Produced from the insoluble parts of soybean used in soymilk production, it can absorb up to 3 times more moisture than traditional clay and crystal litters. Designed with an innovative approach to create a waste-free solution, this cat litter is flushable, lightweight, non-toxic, and highly effective at odor control.

  • Eco-Friendly and Innovative: Made from ‘wasted’ soybean materials usually destined for landfill sites, thereby contributing to a more sustainable world.
  • Excellent Absorbency: Capable of absorbing up to 3 times more moisture than standard cat litters, ensuring a drier and cleaner environment for your pet.
  • Non-Toxic and 100% Safe: Free of synthetic chemicals or dyes, making it an ideal choice for kittens, cats, and humans alike.
  • Odor Control: Rapidly eliminates odor within just 5 minutes, enhancing the freshness of your living space.
  • Suitable for All Life Stages: Can be used for kittens, adults, senior cats, and even as bedding for small animals.
  • Soft and Gentle on Paws: Provides a comfortable and gentle surface for cats with sensitive paws.
  • Minimum Tracking: Reduces mess and is paw-friendly, keeping your space clean and tidy.
  • Quick Clumping: Forms easily scooped, non-sticky clumps after use, facilitating stress-free litter box cleaning.
  • Biodegradable Material: Constructed from natural, biodegradable soybean, promoting environmental responsibility.
  • Scoop and Flush: Safe to flush in small quantities, allowing for effortless waste disposal.
  • Virtually 99.9% Dust-Free: Minimizes the risk of breathing in or cleaning up dust, ensuring a healthier environment.

The Kit Cat Soya Clump 7L Cat Litter is an example of innovation for the greater good. With its numerous advantages, such as enhanced absorption, odor control, and eco-friendliness, it stands out as a top choice for responsible and discerning cat owners.

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How to Choose the Best Cat Litters in the Philippines

Selecting the best cat litter, tailored to the preferences of both you and your feline friend, can be a daunting task in the Philippines. The right choice can significantly improve the cleanliness and atmosphere of your home. To make the decision process easier, here are some essential factors to consider:

  1. Absorbency and Odor Control
    • Opt for a cat litter with excellent absorbency capacity and odor control to minimize unpleasant smells.
    • Materials such as clumping clay, wood, or corn can be exceptional choices for efficient odor neutralization.
  2. Clumping vs Non-Clumping
    • Clumping litter makes it easy to scoop out waste, while non-clumping options might require more frequent replacements.
    • Evaluate your preferred balance between convenience and cost, keeping in mind that clumping litters may require less frequent overall replacement.
  3. Dust and Tracking
    • Choose a low-dust cat litter to prevent respiratory issues in sensitive cats and to reduce messes around the litter box.
    • Non-tracking options are also available to minimize the spread of litter throughout your home.
  4. Environment and Health
    • Environmentally-friendly cat litters made from biodegradable materials like wood, paper, or corn are great alternatives to traditional clay litter.
    • Keep your cat’s health in mind by considering their age, potential allergies, and any health issues that might affect their response to the litter.
  5. Budget
    • Prices for cat litter can vary, so ensure you select one that fits your budget without compromising quality.

By evaluating these factors and referring to our list of the Top 5 Best Cat Litters in the Philippines, you’re sure to find the best option for your feline friend, ensuring both their happiness and yours.


In conclusion, finding the right cat litter in the Philippines isn’t simply about enhancing your convenience; it’s also about providing the best comfort and hygiene for your beloved feline companion. Our carefully curated list of the Top 5 Best Cat Litters strike the perfect balance between odor control, easy cleanup, cat comfort, and budget consideration. Whether you prefer clumping litter for easy scooping or an environmentally conscious choice, these bestsellers in the Philippines deliver on all fronts. Make an informed decision that suits both you and your pet’s needs, enhancing your shared environment and strengthening the bond you share with your pet.

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