Top 5 Best Canned Dog Foods in the Philippines: A Comprehensive Guide

Welcome, pet parents and dog enthusiasts to this comprehensive guide, exclusively designed to make your beloved four-legged family member’s meal times tasty, nourishing and absolutely tail-wagging! This journey ventures into exploring and unearthing the best of what the world of canned dog food in the Philippines has to offer.

Our pooches aren’t just pets — they are cherished family members who deserve only the best when it comes to nourishment and taste. As dog lovers ourselves, we understand your desire to provide your furry friends with food that is not only enjoyable to their sensitive palates but also meets their essential dietary requirements.

In this comprehensive guide, we will venture into the vibrant world of the top 5 canned dog foods readily available in the Philippines, eat one critically selected for their nutritional value, ingredient quality, taste, and customer feedback.

As we navigate through this elaborate gastronomical journey, we’ll be unpacking the pivotal elements that make these brands stand out, thereby helping you identify the one brand that curtails to your pup’s taste and nourishment needs.

Ready to hop on this culinary adventure? Join us, as we discover the hidden treasures in the canned dog food aisle and ensure that our loyal companions get the top-quality fare they rightfully deserve!

Best Canned Dog Foods in the Philippines


FOLOPETS Dog Food Can, a pure, natural, and organic dog food choice that packs a punch in terms of balanced nutrition.

At its core, FOLOPETS focuses on three key principles: no preservatives, no artificial flavors, and no coloring. This ensures your pet’s meal is as close to nature as possible, paving the way for a healthier, happier pet. But that’s not all, the FOLOPETS Dog Food Can is also GMO-free, ultimately minimising your pet’s exposure to potentially harmful substances.

One of the standout features of the FOLOPETS blend is its “Bright Eyes Nourishing Recipe”. While most dog food options focus primarily on boosting strength and energy, FOLOPETS takes it a step further by nourishing your pet’s eyes, an often ignored but incredibly crucial aspect of their overall health.

But a good meal isn’t just about health, it’s also about taste! And, the FOLOPETS Dog Can doesn’t disappoint. With real fresh meat included in every can, it’s a feast for the taste buds that your dog will relish. The texture adds another exciting dimension to this gastronomical experience. Whether it’s the velvety mousse type or the tender shredded strips variant, your pet is bound to love mealtime a lot more!

The FOLOPETS Dog Food Can, with its shelf life of 3 years and an array of nutrient-rich ingredients, is a compelling option for pet parents looking for a natural, organic, and tasty choice that doesn’t compromise on health. Opt for FOLOPETS, and elevate your canine companion’s dining experience to the next level.

Pedigree Canned For Dogs

Pedigree canned dog food is a perfect balance of essential nutrients designed to champion your furry friend’s health, ensuring they’re as happy and hearty as can be.

Healthy Skin and Shiny Coat: Formulated with Omega 6 and Zinc, Pedigree promotes healthier and shinier skin and coat. This canine nutrition has been scientifically proven to dramatically enhance your dog’s coat in just six weeks!

Strong Bones and Teeth: Pedigree ensures a healthy dose of Calcium and Phosphorus, aiding in the proper maintenance and development of strong bones and teeth. With this nutrient-packed wet dog food, you can rest assured your dog is getting the necessary minerals they require.

Effective Body Systems: Pedigree’s blend harnesses the power of vitamins and minerals to support your dog’s body systems, guaranteeing peak performance and robust health.

Digestive Health: A healthy digestive process is vital for your dog’s comfort and wellbeing. With Pedigree’s dietary fiber content, your dog’s digestive system will operate as efficiently as nature intended.

Strong Muscles: Pedigree wet dog food is enriched with an impressive 18% protein. This substantial protein inclusion aids in developing strong and healthy muscles, ensuring your dog is adventure-ready at all times.

Sharp Eyesight and Reflexes: The choice, high-quality ingredients in Pedigree wet dog food help keep your dog’s eyesight and reflexes razor-sharp. This means your canine companion is always prepared for their exciting tail-wagging adventures and loving interactions.

In summary, with Pedigree Canned Dog Food, you’re feeding your dog a carefully curated feast that provides comprehensive nutritional support, promoting their overall wellbeing and ensuring they’re always ready for their next exhilarating adventure.

Aozi Wet Dog Food in Can

Aozi Wet Dog Food delivers a wholesome and organic meal experience that prioritizes your pet’s overall well-being. Crafted with the finest ingredients, this dog food focuses on balanced nutrition and avoids any detrimental additives.

Natural Balanced Nutrition: Aozi Wet Dog Food is designed to provide perfectly balanced nutrition, ensuring that your dog receives all the necessary nutrients for a healthy, happy life.

No Preservatives, Artificial Flavoring, Coloring, or GMOs: By avoiding harmful preservatives, artificial flavors, colors, and GMOs, Aozi provides only the highest-quality ingredients that are safe and beneficial for your pet.

Bright Eyes Nourishing Recipe: Not only does Aozi Wet Dog Food deliver essential nutrition, but it also enhances your dog’s eye health with the unique “Bright Eyes Nourishing Recipe,” giving your furry friend the best of both worlds.

Real Fresh Meat: Packed with real, fresh meat, Aozi’s wet dog food offers a delicious and protein-rich meal that your dog won’t be able to resist, ensuring satisfied taste buds and a well-nourished body.

Mousse Type and Shredded Strips Variants: Aozi’s wet dog food comes in two distinct textures—the smooth, velvety mousse type and the tender shredded strips variant—offering your pet variety and keeping mealtime exciting.

Aozi Wet Dog Food in Can presents a naturally balanced, pure, and organic meal option for your beloved pet. By prioritizing your dog’s health and delighting their taste buds in equal measure, Aozi ensures that both you and your furry companion will be thrilled with what’s on the menu.

Special Dog Can Pate

Special Dog Can Pate is a premium wet dog food that caters to the taste buds of even the fussiest adult dogs across all breeds. With a tantalizing combination of high-quality ingredients, this steam-cooked pate comes without any harmful preservatives or added sugars. Moreover, it boasts an impressive 24-month shelf life, ensuring that your pet can indulge in its delicious goodness for a considerable amount of time.

Ideal for All Breeds: This delectable pate-style wet dog food is suitable for adult dogs of any breed, making it a versatile and convenient option for a daily diet.

Steam-Cooked Goodness: The pate is carefully steam-cooked to lock in the nutrients and provide an appetizing texture that will have your dog relishing every bite.

Quality Ingredients: Special Dog Can Pate is composed of 80% meat and meat by-products, minerals, and vitamins, delivering a well-rounded meal that supports your pet’s health.

Balanced Nutritional Content: With a moisture content of 80%, raw proteins at 8%, raw fats at 6.5%, raw fibers at 0.3%, and raw ashes at 1.5%, this pate offers a balanced nutritional profile that benefits your pet’s overall well-being.

Nutritional Additives Benefits: The addition of Vit.A (2500 U.I./Kg), Vit.D3 (250 U.I./Kg), and Vit.E (alpha-tocopherol 91%, 10 mg/Kg) ensures your pet receives a generous dose of essential vitamins, promoting long-term health.

The Special Dog Can Pate is an irresistible and nutritionally dense option for fussy adult dogs, regardless of their breed. With quality ingredients and a balanced nutritional profile, this pate provides the foundations for your pet’s daily diet, supporting their health and happiness with every bite.

Morando Professional Pate Lamb Adult Dog Food

Morando Professional Pate Lamb Adult Dog Food offers a complete and balanced pet food for the satisfaction and nutrition of your adult dog. Combining flavorsome lamb with easily digestible ingredients and beneficial vitamins and minerals, this wholesome dog food is both tasty and nutritious.

Complete and Balanced Pet Food: Morando Professional Pate with Lamb is a well-rounded option, providing all the essential nutrients your adult dog requires for a healthy diet.

Easy Digestibility: Formulated for easy digestion, this pate ensures that your pet can comfortably and efficiently absorb and utilize all the vital nutrients it offers.

Great Palatability: With the delightful flavor of lamb, this pate captures your dog’s interest and pleases their taste buds, making mealtimes an enjoyable experience for them.

Excellent Nutritional Content: Through the inclusion of vitamins and minerals, Morando Professional Pate Lamb Adult Dog Food provides essential nutrients that foster your pet’s overall health and development.

Flavor: Lamb

Weight: 400g

Each order of Morando Professional Pate Lamb Adult Dog Food consists of 3 cans, each weighing 400g, for a total of 1200g. This convenient package ensures that your adult dog can enjoy the delightful taste and nutritional benefits of Morando Professional Pate Lamb Adult Dog Food over an extended period.

How to Choose the Best Canned Dog Foods in the Philippines

When it comes to choosing food for our canine companions, we want to pick the best. However, with so many options available, finding the best canned dog food in the Philippines can be a daunting task. This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide for selecting the ideal canned dog food for your furry friend, ensuring they receive a balanced and nutritious diet.

Understanding Your Dog’s Nutritional Needs

Before you head out to buy dog food, you must first understand your pet’s nutritional requirements. Dogs need a balanced diet that includes proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals, similar to human dietary needs. Various factors such as the dog’s breed, age, size, and health status play a significant role in determining their nutritional necessities. For instance, a puppy’s diet should be rich in protein for healthy growth, while older dogs might require food low in calories and higher in fiber.

Ingredient Quality and Source

One of the first steps in choosing a canned dog food is checking the ingredient list. A high-quality dog food will list a specific type of meat as the first ingredient, indicating that it is the main component. Avoid products that use generic terms like ‘meat’ or ‘poultry’, as they are usually a sign of lower-quality ingredients.

Consider the source of the ingredients as well. Dog foods made with ingredients sourced from reputable suppliers, preferably local, are usually of higher quality. Also, the presence of natural preservatives, fruits, and vegetables is a bonus point as they add beneficial nutrients and antioxidants.

Grain-Free Options

Currently, there is an ongoing debate about whether or not grain-free diets are beneficial for dogs. Some dogs might benefit from a grain-free diet due to allergies or intolerances, while others might do perfectly fine with grains in their diet. It’s important to consider your dog’s specific needs and consult with your veterinarian before switching to a grain-free diet.

Checking for Essential Nutrients

Ensure the canned dog food includes essential nutrients like taurine, Omega-3 and Omega-6, and vitamins and minerals. Omega fatty acids are crucial for a shiny coat and healthy skin, while taurine is essential for cardiovascular health.

The Appeal Factor

While nutrition is critical, the food must also appeal to your dog’s palate. Consider your dog’s food preferences when making your choice. Trial and error might be necessary to identify which flavors and textures they enjoy most.

Sustainability and Ethics

Lastly, you might want to look for brands that prioritize sustainability and follow ethical practices. This could include humane treatment of animals, environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes, and responsible sourcing of ingredients.


From evaluating nutritional content to taste and affordability, we believe each product has nurtured our understanding of what makes up a top-quality, satisfying and healthy canine meal. These meticulously selected brands stand testimony to the rich diversity in canine cuisine, affirming that a well-balanced, delicious diet for our dogs can truly come in a can.

While each of these brands has its own unique strengths and exclusive offerings, they collectively uphold the commitment to providing superior quality, balanced nutrition and great taste; key aspects that we all look for as devoted pet parents.

Remember, our canine companions rely on us entirely for their dietary needs and well-being. It’s our responsibility, and indeed, privilege, to serve them food that ensures they stay in the best health, maintain optimal energy levels, and, of course, wag their tails in sheer delight.

We hope this voyage has equipped you with the knowledge and confidence to choose the canned dog food that is just right for your beloved pet. Here’s to a future of tail-wagging meals and nourished, happy pooches. Until then, happy feeding and even happier tails!

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