Top 5 Best Body Creams in the Philippines: Ultimate Skincare Guide

Hey there, beauty enthusiast! Are you ready to step up your skincare game even in the sultry heat of the Philippines? Look no further because we’ve got the top 5 best body creams in the Philippines right here and ready to transform your skin to its highest potential!

We’ve carefully curated these phenomenal selections for their exemplary performance in nourishing, hydrating, and imparting that irresistible glow on your skin. It’s time to redefine your skincare routine and discover your skin’s BFF in our exclusive list, carefully chosen to please even the most discerning skin-care aficionado.

So, let’s dive into this exciting skin-care journey together and reveal the sought-after secrets behind supple, well-hydrated, and glowing skin with our top 5 best body creams in the Philippines. Stay with us and let’s embark on this adventure, tailored just for you and your radiant confidence!

A Quick Look: The Best Body Creams in the Philippines

  1. Bath and Body Works Body Cream – Check Lazada, Check Shopee
  2. Sol de Janeiro Body Cream – Check Lazada, Check Shopee
  3. Victoria’s Secret Tease Body Cream – Check Lazada, Check Shopee
  4. AR Advance Retinol Face & Body Cream- Check Lazada, Check Shopee
  5. Luxe Organix Niacinamide + Alpha Arbutin Velvet Body Cream – Check Lazada, Check Shopee

Bath and Body Works Body Cream

Never compromise with the dryness and roughness of your skin again! We present you the lavishing Bath and Body Works Body Cream, a secret weapon for skin hydration imported directly from the US. This ultra-nourishing body cream serves you with 24 hours of deep moisture to soften even the driest skin. Caress your senses with a body cream that’s rich, velvety and absorbs swiftly. The non-greasy formula is designed to give you a beautiful fragrance, keeping you refreshed and hydrated all day, all night.

Key Features:

  • 24 Hours Moisture: Provides long-lasting moisture that leaves your skin soft, smooth, and pampered for up to 24 hours.
  • Non-Greasy Formula: Melts right into the skin, providing deep hydration without the greasy after feel.
  • Rich and Velvety Texture: The body cream is rich and velvety, providing intense hydration to the skin.
  • Quantity: This product comes in a handy size of 226g, making it perfect for lasting usage.
  • Imported from the US: The authenticity and quality of this product directly reflect the high-quality standards of Bath and Body Works, USA.

Pros and Cons:

  • All-Day, All-Night Hydration: This body cream locks in moisture, keeping your skin hydrated around the clock.
  • Lovely Fragrance: Delivers a beautiful fragrance that leaves you feeling fresh and invigorated.
  • Non-Greasy Feel: Despite its intense hydration, the cream melts into your skin effectively, leaving no greasy residue.
  • Imported Quality: Being sourced directly from the US ensures the highest quality of the product.
  • Quantity: Some people might find the 226g quantity less for the price, especially the ones who prefer to use body creams liberally.
  • Fragrance Preferences: Fragrance strength can be subjective. Some might find it perfect, while others may perceive it as too strong.

Indulge yourself in the opulence of soft petal-touched skin with the Bath and Body Works body cream. It’s more than just a skin care product. It’s your path to experiencing luxury on everyday basis. Your skin will thank you!

Sol de Janeiro Body Cream

Get ready to experience the Brazilian secret to glamorous skin! Introducing the Sol de Janeiro Body Cream, the ultimate answer to your skin’s moisture and texture needs. It’s not just a body cream, it’s a transformative journey to silky, soft, visibly tightened skin. Enriched with potent, caffeine-rich Guaraná Extract, this luxurious cream smoothens the appearance of your skin to perfection.

The antioxidant-powered ingredients like Guaraná Extract and Açaí Oil ward off environmental damages, while the Brazil Nut Oil gives you that enviably radiant glow. Infused with the addictive scent of pistachio, salted caramel, and vanilla, this body cream takes your body-care routine to the next level.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Skin Tightening: Enriched with caffeine-rich Guaraná Extract to visibly smooth and tighten your skin.
  • Deep Hydration: Fast-absorbing Cupuaçu Butter delivers deep hydration and essential fatty-acids into the skin.
  • Antioxidant-Rich: Packed with antioxidants from Guaraná Extract and Açaí Oil to help prevent environmental damage on your skin.
  • Natural Glow: Infused with Brazil Nut Oil, a selenium-rich ingredient that supports the skin’s natural protection and imparts a healthy glow.
  • Delightful Fragrance: Addictively scented with our Cheirosa ’62 fragrance with notes of pistachio, salted caramel and vanilla.

Pros and Cons:

  • Effective Skin Tightening: Its potent guarana extract helps in visibly tightening your skin.
  • Profound Hydration: The cream’s swift absorption leaves your skin deeply hydrated.
  • Antioxidant Protection: It provides excellent defense against environmental damages thanks to its antioxidant-rich ingredients.
  • Glowy Skin: Brazil Nut oil imparts a radiant and healthy glow to your skin.
  • Charming Fragrance: This cream’s delicious fragrance makes applying it a more enjoyable experience.
  • Potent Fragrance: For individuals sensitive to strong scents, the rich fragrance may be overwhelming.
  • Price: The product’s high-quality ingredients and luxurious formulation may make it more expensive than other body creams on the market.

Embrace the confidence of beautifully radiant and tightened skin with the Sol de Janeiro Body Cream. It’s not just a body cream – it’s a pass to body euphoria that lasts all day and well into the night.

Victoria’s Secret Tease Body Cream

Revel in the lusciousness of your favorite fragrance with Victoria’s Secret Tease Body Cream! This airy, luxe cream is whipped to perfection, leaving your skin feeling silky soft with a teasing fragrance that lasts all day. Playful and feminine, Tease is an irresistible blend of petally florals wrapped in the warmth of white gardenia, anjou pear, and black vanilla. Amp up your long-lasting fragrance experience by pairing this delectable cream with the matching Eau de Parfum or Fine Fragrance Mist.

Key Features:

  • Nourishing Formula: Treat your skin to a nourishing cream that gently hydrates and leaves a soothing touch.
  • Fragrance Type: Tease boasts a warm gourmand fragrance, making it perfect for those who adore sweet, feminine scents.
  • Delightful Notes: The body cream features notes of white gardenia, anjou pear, and black vanilla, offering a unique and captivating fragrance.
  • Silky Softness: Enjoy fragrant softness with the sensuously smooth texture of this luxurious body cream.
  • Sizable Quantity: The cream comes in a handy 182g (6.4 oz.) size, ensuring it lasts longer and provides ample coverage for your body.

Pros and Cons:

  • Indulgent Fragrance: This body cream offers a rich and unique warm gourmand fragrance that envelops you in luxury.
  • Irresistible Scent Profile: With notes of white gardenia, anjou pear, and black vanilla, this body cream stands out from other fragrances on the market.
  • Nourishing and Hydrating: The whipped formula provides a soothing and moisturizing experience for your skin.
  • Amplifies Fragrance: Use it alongside matching Victoria’s Secret Eau de Parfum or Fine Fragrance Mist for a more intensified scent.
  • Fragrance Subjectivity: The warm, gourmand scent may not be to everyone’s liking, and scent preferences may vary.
  • Scent Strength: The fragrance strength, while lasting, might be too subtle for those who seek a more prominent and lingering scent.

Spoil yourself with Victoria’s Secret Tease Body Cream, a sensual exploration of scent and texture that leaves your skin with a lasting fragrance and that coveted silky finish. Elevate your beauty ritual now and fall in love with the Tease experience.

AR Advance Retinol Face & Body Cream

Revolutionize your skincare routine with the AR Advance Retinol Face & Body Cream! Crafted in Thailand and with FDA approval, this retinol cream is specially formulated to deliver dramatic results, retexturizing your skin, and maintaining 24-hour hydration. It’s a decadent concoction of active ingredients that amaze you with their sheer efficacy – letting you wake up every morning with hydrated, younger-looking skin. Specifically designed to diminish fine lines, prevent wrinkles, and enhance overall skin texture, this cream is your secret weapon to ravishing beauty.

Key Features:

  • Multifaceted Benefits: Battles acne, refines skin texture, diminishes fine lines, eradicates blackheads and whiteheads, and brightens skin tone.
  • Potent Formulation: The cream contains 0.5% of Retinol and a blend of other active ingredients that give you a rejuvenated skin.
  • Promote Youthful Skin: Stimulates collagen and elastin production, key components for youthful skin.
  • Comprehensive Hydration: Provides your skin with 24-hour hydration, ensuring plump, radiant skin.
  • Skin-Friendly: FDA registered, making it a trusted and approved skin care product.

Pros and Cons:

  • Addresses Multiple Skin Issues: Aims to treat acne, skin ageing, hyperpigmentation and more, reducing the need for separate products.
  • Potent Ingredients: Contains a proven ingredient – Retinol – known for its effective anti-ageing and skin-enhancing properties.
  • Hydration: Offers 24-hour hydration, resulting in fresh, plumper and healthier-looking skin.
  • Quality Assurance: FDA approved, ensuring its reliability and safety.
  • Initial Skin Irritation: Potential initial use might cause skin irritation that eventually subsides.
  • Retinol Concentration: Might not be suitable for those with a sensitivity to retinol.
  • Usage Frequency: Initial use is restricted to twice a week which might slow down the visible improvement in skin condition.

To witness the magic, apply a pea size amount to your clean dry skin every night and let the AR Advance Retinol Face & Body Cream work through the night. Remember, beauty comes with consistency, so keep at it, increase the frequency as tolerated and celebrate your glowing, vibrant skin!

Luxe Organix Niacinamide + Alpha Arbutin Velvet Body Cream

Elevate your skin-care game with Luxe Organix Niacinamide + Alpha Arbutin Velvet Body Cream with SPF15. This lightweight, non-sticky cream works miracles by nourishing your skin and protecting it from harmful UV radiations. Its quick-absorption ensures your skin feels and stays hydrated and smooth all day. Formulated with a synergistic blend of Niacinamide and Alpha Arbutin, it brings out your skin’s natural radiance and keeps it glowing.

Key Features:

  • Double Brightening: Packed with Niacinamide and Alpha Arbutin, two powerful brightening agents that give your skin a luminous radiance.
  • SPF 15 Protection: Offers protection from harmful UV rays with SPF15.
  • Infused with Galactomyces and Vitamin E: Formulated with skin-lovin’ Galactomyces and Vitamin E that smoothens and nourishes.
  • Lightweight and Non-Sticky: Light on the skin and won’t leave a sticky or greasy finish.
  • All-Natural Ingredients: Free from alcohol, parabens, and mineral oil.

Pros and Cons:

  1. Double Brightening Effect: Niacinamide and Alpha Arbutin work together to enhance skin brightness and glow.
  2. Sun Protection: Added SPF15 offers protection against harmful UV rays.
  3. Beneficial Ingredients: Enriched with Galactomyces and Vitamin E for smooth, nourished skin.
  4. Easy to Use: The cream is lightweight, non-sticky and can be easily absorbed.
  1. SPF Level: The level of SPF could be higher for better sun protection.
  2. Skin Sensitivity: Those with skin sensitivity might have to do a patch test owing to the presence of Niacinamide.
  3. Brightening Time Frame: The time frame for visible skin brightening results might vary among users.

Just apply the Luxe Organix Niacinamide + Alpha Arbutin Velvet Body Cream daily to your entire body after a bath or shower, then watch as your skin transforms into a radiant canvas that’s ready to take on the world!

Factors to Consider when Choosing the Best Body Creams in the Philippines

Selecting the ideal body cream may seem daunting, but it’s easier than you think. Let’s focus on the essential factors. Here are some key factors to consider when aiming to find the Ultimate Body Cream made just for you!

1. Your Skin Type:

This is the base camp for your skincare journey! Knowing your skin type – be it dry, oily, combination, or sensitive, helps you cater to its specific needs. Your perfect cream should balance and maintain the natural state of your skin, loving it just the way it is!

2. The Ingredients:

Take a look at the labels, search for helpful elements such as hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and natural oils that ensure skin hydration and health. Importantly, avoid products with harsh chemicals that could harm your skin.

3. The Climate:

Living in the Philippines, with its tropical richness, calls for skincare routines that involve lightweight, non-greasy products. You need formulas that won’t congest your pores, yet still deliver enough hydration to keep your skin dewy and revitalized throughout the heat of the day!

4. Sun Protection:

We cannot stress this enough – pick a cream with SPF! Our sunny archipelago demands nothing less. It helps keep sun-related skin problems at bay.

5. The Aroma:

Lastly, don’t forget the scent! Choose a fragrance you love, and it will double as a mood booster, leaving you smelling divine and feeling glorious all day long!

The journey to find the “One” might seem challenging, but trust us, armed with these considerations, you’re all set to unveil your perfect body cream. It’s less about the search and more about the beautiful skin transformation that awaits. So glow ahead, and let’s start this journey to healthy, supple, radiant skin together!

FAQ’s about the Best Body Creams in the Philippines

Q1: What makes a body cream suitable for the Philippines?

Answer: A body cream suitable for the Philippines should have lightweight, non-greasy formulas that won’t clog your pores. It should provide adequate hydration to keep your skin moisturized and refreshed in the country’s tropical climate.

Q2: What ingredients should I look for in a body cream?

Answer: Your skin craves good stuff like hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and natural oils. They keep it soft, hydrated, and glowing. But remember – try to avoid any body cream that’s packed with harsh chemicals. Those can be a real bother for your skin.

Q3: Should I choose a different body cream for daytime and nighttime use?

Answer: Yes, it is ideal to select different body creams for daytime and nighttime use. Daytime creams should typically contain ingredients that protect the skin from the sun and pollution; they should feel light and easy to absorb. Nighttime creams, on the other hand, can be thicker and more focused on intense hydration and repair since the skin regenerates while you sleep.

Q4: Are body creams suitable for all skin types?

Answer: Body creams don’t fit all skin types universally. Think about your skin type – whether it’s sensitive, dry, oily, or combination – before you choose a cream. Opt for products made expressly for your skin type and concerns.

Q5: How often should I apply body cream?

Answer: It is generally recommended to apply body cream after bathing, when your skin is still slightly damp. This helps lock in the moisture and promotes better absorption of the cream. However, you can reapply throughout the day as necessary, especially if you have dry skin or are exposed to the sun and other harsh weather conditions.


Well, that’s the round-up folks! The Philippines definitely doesn’t disappoint when it comes to various body creams designed for all skin types. Whether your skin is dry, oily, sensitive, or a mix, you’re sure to find a cream that smoothes, hydrates, and takes good care of your skin.

We’ve explored creams best used during the day, healing night creams, ones targeted for those with sensitive skin, and superior hydrating selections. The beauty of good body cream shouldn’t be overlooked. It can truly transform the feel and look of your skin.

Remember, the secret to choosing the perfect cream isn’t just about its effectiveness, but also about how it meshes with your senses. Take all the time you need to find ‘the one’ – that cream that captures your sense of touch and sense of smell. So, get out there, be kind to your skin, and glow like the star you are!

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