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Bane, the Lord of the Seven Seas in Mobile Legends, is a versatile hero with a unique ability to dish out both physical and magic damage. In the hands of a skilled player, Bane dominates the late game and shines in team fights with his healing potential, AOE damage, and crowd control (CC). However, every sea monster has its weakness, and Bane is no different. Here is your thorough guide to charting the course against Bane and dominating the Mobile Legends’ high seas.

Understanding Bane’s Capabilities

Bane’s trait, Shark Bite, and his skills Crab Claw Cannon, Ale, and Deadly Catch, combining burst damage, healing, and exceptional CC give him strong pushing, dueling, and team-fighting potential.

Bane’s Strengths:

  • Late-game prowess: Bane scales well and can be a formidable force in the later stages of a match.
  • Crowd Control: His ultimate has the potential to knock enemies into the air.
  • Pushing Potential: His ultimate also happens to damage turrets.
  • Healing Capabilities: Bane’s Ale skill provides a potent source of self-healing.

Bane’s Weaknesses:

  • Predictable Skills: His abilities have a tell or an animation that can be easily avoided.
  • High Mana Consumption: Bane struggles with mana efficiency, especially early on.
  • Early-game Weakness: He needs time and items to scale, making him weaker in early skirmishes.
  • Lack of Mobility: Without any blink or dash abilities, Bane can be easily kited.

Heroes That Counter Bane

Bane Is Weak Against:

  • Chou: Can quickly close the gap and continually disrupt Bane’s abilities with his knock-up and crowd control.
  • Bruno: His range and mobility make it hard for Bane to land any direct hits.
  • Fanny: Her superior mobility and damage potential allow her to dart in and out before Bane can react.
  • Alucard: His life steal, burst damage, and gap-closing abilities pose a significant threat to Bane.
  • Alpha: Brings strong crowd control and sustain, making it hard for Bane to trade blows effectively.

Bane Is Strong Against:

  • Miya: Bane’s burst and crowd control can easily overwhelm this immobile marksman.
  • Layla: Her lack of mobility makes it hard for her to dodge Bane’s abilities.
  • Nana: Bane can shrug off her control abilities with his healing and continue to deal AOE damage.
  • Rafaela: Struggles to heal through Bane’s AOE and burst damage.
  • Sun: Bane’s AOE abilities make it impossible for Sun to use clones for survivability.

Itemization Against Bane

Making strategic item choices is key to countering Bane:

  • Sea Halberd / Necklace of Durance: These items cut life steal and healing effects substantially, reducing Bane’s survival capability.
  • Dominance Ice: Stifles Bane’s physical attack power and reduces his attack speed.
  • Corrosion Scythe / Ice Queen Wand / Thunder Belt: Items that reduce movement speed can help to control and kite Bane.
  • Twilight Armor / Blade Armor / Antique Cuirass: If Bane opts for a physical damage build, beef up physical defense with these options.
  • Athena’s Shield: Necessary if Bane goes for a magic damage build, reducing the impact of his abilities.

Tactical Tips to Counter Bane

To effectively outmaneuver Bane, employ these tactics:

  • Try to shut him down early in the game and prevent a long drawn-out battle.
  • Poke and harass Bane from a distance, and go in for the kill when his health is low.
  • Be prepared to dodge his ultimate, Deadly Catch, using flicker or mobile heroes.
  • Bane is heavily reliant on mana; seize the chance to attack when his reserves are low.
  • Avoid grouping tightly during fights; this will make it harder for Bane to land his significant AOE damage.

Understanding Bane’s strengths and weaknesses is a vital part of plotting your course to victory in Mobile Legends. Outfit yourself and your team with the right items, select heroes who excel against Bane, and adopt tactical prowess in dealing with his abilities. Your goal is to remove his threat on the high seas and set sail towards victory.

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