Alucard Counter Mobile Legends

Alucard, the Demon Hunter in Mobile Legends, is known for his high burst potential and strength in one-on-one battles. However, his prowess doesn’t make him invincible. There are certain heroes, items, and strategies that are effective in neutralizing Alucard’s impact. Let’s explore how to keep Alucard at bay in your games.

Strategic Heroes Against Alucard

Several heroes have proven to be efficient in countering Alucard at a variety of gameplay stages. Their success rates against Alucard make them worthy of consideration:

  1. Eudora
  2. Saber
  3. Fanny
  4. Zhask
  5. Freya

Heroes At a Disadvantage Against Alucard

Equally important, there are heroes that Alucard can easily overpower. When facing Alucard, it might be wise to steer clear of these figures:

  1. Layla
  2. Zilong
  3. Yi Sun-Shin
  4. Sun
  5. Lancelot

Battle Gear to Counteract Alucard

Choosing the proper equipment can drastically affect Alucard’s ability to deal damage. Here are some items worth noting:

  • Twilight Armor and Antique Cuirass: These items work to lessen Alucard’s burst damage.
  • Additional physical defense items: Brute Force Breastplate, Thunder Belt, Blade Armor.
  • Wind of Nature: Grants immunity to Alucard’s physical attacks.
  • Winter Truncheon: Useful for evading Alucard’s abilities.
  • Corrosion Scythe and Ice Queen Wand: Helps limit his signature fast movement.
  • Immortality: Being able to respawn ensures a fighting chance against Alucard.

Tactics to Defeat Alucard

Beyond equipment and hero selection, your approach to battles against Alucard can significantly affect the outcome:

  • Leverage Alucard’s fragile early game. Frequent ganks can prevent him from accumulating power.
  • Maintain a safe distance during face-offs and deal your damage from afar.
  • Alucard is susceptible to crowd control (CC). When he closes in, let loose your CC abilities.
  • Aim for quick matches. Alucard’s power rises as the match progresses.
  • Rob Alucard of jungle bonuses. If he takes on the jungler role, move to control his jungle sector.

Alucard’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Recognizing Alucard’s strengths and weaknesses can facilitate tactical planning:

Strong Points:

  • Potent in chasing down opponents
  • High damaging potential
  • Mastery in solo fights
  • Robust in mid and late game

Weak Points:

  • Suffers in the early match phase
  • Vulnerable to kiting strategies
  • Prone to CC effects

Let’s quickly go through Alucard’s skills as well:

Skill NameEffect
Pursuit (Passive)Buff
Groundsplitter (1)Mobility, AOE
Whirling Smash (2)AOE
Fission Wave (Ultimate)Buff, Burst

With this comprehensive guide, handling Alucard’s threat in Mobile Legends can become a much simpler task.

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